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Example sentences for "artichoke"

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  1. The affair of the artichoke was for ever wiped out.

  2. Edward Henry decided that she was every bit as piquant, challenging and delectable as he had imagined her to be on the day when he ate an artichoke at the next table to hers at Wilkins's.

  3. Among esculent vegetables, the Lettuce, Salsify, Scorzonera, Cardoon, and Artichoke belong to the family.

  4. Steam until tender, or bake with a small piece of nutter on each artichoke until brown.

  5. The Artichoke may likewise be pickled in the following manner.

  6. I grabbed an artichoke stalk and tried to pull it up.

  7. In order to take a near route we decided to climb the fence and go through the artichoke patch.

  8. When I returned from church, I at once turned my hogs into the artichoke patch.

  9. This put me at a further wonder as to the artichoke crop.

  10. I looked around and saw my clover had made a success, the little artichoke patch had turned out wonderfully.

  11. By this time we had gotten to the middle of the artichoke patch.

  12. Artichoke failing signally, my client refers the task to me: his purpose being to advance the interests of the object of his search.

  13. Artichoke professes his readiness so to do, endeavours to do so, but fails.

  14. The globe artichoke might be more frequently grown, as it is really a good vegetable and easily cooked.

  15. The Jerusalem artichoke is not to be confused with the preceding, as it belongs to a different vegetable genus altogether.

  16. It is somewhat curious, too, that the asparagus, and the globe artichoke are the only vegetables which the British race eat as, a single dish.

  17. Proceed exactly as if you were making artichoke soup, only make the puree thicker by using less liquid.

  18. The artichoke bottom is reserved for the finish as a bon bouche, something like a schoolboy who will eat all the pastry round a jam tart, leaving the centre for the finale.

  19. A simple artichoke sauce can be made by boiling down a few Jerusalem artichokes to a pulp, rubbing them through a wire sieve, and flavouring with pepper and salt.

  20. There are many soups we have given in which cream is recommended; for instance, artichoke soup, bean soup, cauliflower soup, and celery soup.

  21. It flowered the whole summer through, and had often flowers and ripe seed at the same time; which is the case also with our artichoke plants.

  22. The fourth name which, with any kind of probability, has been translated by the word artichoke is cactus.

  23. Lister thinks that Apicius speaks of the tops of the young shoots, which, as far as I know, are parts of the artichoke never eaten at present.

  24. It is undoubtedly certain that our artichoke was first known in that country in the fifteenth century.

  25. Besides, I find nothing in the whole description of the scolymus or in the accounts given us by the ancients of the cinara and carduus, that can be applied to our artichoke alone, and not to any other plant.

  26. Were the original country of the artichoke really known, the etymology of the name, perhaps, might be easily explained.

  27. Bending over this ruddy trail with his eye on the lookout and his revolver in his fist, the valiant Tarasconian went from artichoke to artichoke up to a little field of oats.

  28. This is an Italian method, and by following it one may understand why an artichoke need not taste as flat as boiled hay.

  29. Later one should eat an artichoke cold vinaigrette, then some fruit and cheese and two small cups of well made black coffee.

  30. If agreeable to your taste, add artichoke bottoms boiled and quartered.

  31. Take out the lemon-peel and onion, and thicken with a little flour; garnish with hard yolks of eggs; add artichoke bottoms boiled and quartered.

  32. Following this blood-spoor, with watchful eye and revolver in hand, the valiant Tarasconais went from artichoke to artichoke until he arrived at a small field of oats.

  33. Boil some green artichoke heads until tender (about 1 hour) and serve hot.

  34. He states that botanists are now generally agreed that the cardoon and the artichoke are varieties of one plant.

  35. Orbigny volume 1 page 474, says that the cardoon and artichoke are both found wild.

  36. Causing groups of rock resembling an artichoke or rose.

  37. Artichoke bottoms, slowly dried, should be kept in paper bags.

  38. Clear up the artichoke roots, slip off the weakest, and plant them out for a new crop, leaving four on each good root to bear, and on such as are weaker two.

  39. In the same manner you may do a large fowl; and you may add morels, truffles, artichoke bottoms, &c.

  40. Truffles and morels may be added, or artichoke bottoms.

  41. Make a rich gravy with truffles, morels, mushrooms, and artichoke bottoms, and serve it round.

  42. Dried artichoke bottoms may also be used for stewing, but should first be soaked a little while in warm water.

  43. There was nothing beneath them except the Artichokes; and it was seldom, very seldom, an Artichoke was present.

  44. He turned down the Artichoke road and went straight to Uncle Coffin's.

  45. Sieber Cover eight rounds of toast with eight artichoke fonds (cooked or canned).

  46. When recovered the body was taken to the Artichoke Inn at Elstree, and here the coroner's inquest was held.

  47. The artichoke buds are used exclusively for garnishing.

  48. This species of artichoke is more valuable than the common artichoke.

  49. Beat well to mix; now dip artichoke in flour; then shake to loosen excess flour.

  50. Place artichoke in nest of lettuce; pour over dressing.

  51. On the Continent, in Europe, the artichoke is frequently served raw, as a salad, with either French or Parisian dressing.

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