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Example sentences for "benefiting"

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beneficium; benefit; benefite; benefited; benefites; benefits; benefitt; benefitted; benefitting; benes
  1. Perhaps no bill which ever passed through parliament ostensibly for the purpose of benefiting a certain set of people has failed so completely as has this bill to accomplish its end.

  2. I cannot say that I so view it," observed Mr Carnegan; "while benefiting ourselves and lining our own pockets, we are serving the country.

  3. Any development of the islands must be solely with the first object of benefiting the people of the islands.

  4. Such a reduction would directly affect millions of taxpayers, release large sums for investment in new enterprise, stimulating industrial production and agricultural consumption, and indirectly benefiting every family in the whole country.

  5. It was cheering to know that others were benefiting by the change.

  6. One of the great duties of man in this life, and, perhaps, the most neglected, is that of doing good, or benefiting one another.

  7. Aunt Frances, I do feel it deeply; but it is the curse of poverty that one must give up, in some measure, the power of benefiting others.

  8. He must have meant that justice consists in benefiting your friend, assuming him to be a good man: and in hurting your enemy, assuming him to be an evil man.

  9. Who is it that is most efficient in benefiting his friends and injuring his enemies, as to health or disease?

  10. On December 24th I went to the Church Missionary Institution at Islington, in the hope of benefiting the students there, if it were the Lord's will.

  11. On Tuesday evening I preached at Ebenezer Chapel, Teignmouth, the same chapel at the opening of which I became acquainted with the brother, whom the Lord had afterwards used as an instrument of benefiting me so much.

  12. On considering why the Lord delayed my obtaining this permission, I find that one of the reasons may have been, that I might both be profited myself by my stay in Berlin, and that I also might be instrumental in benefiting others.

  13. The midshipmen suspected that Rhymer thought more of his own comfort than of benefiting them.

  14. The Lord has condescended to use me as an instrument in converting many sinners, and, in a measure at least, in benefiting many of His children.

  15. When he called again today, it appeared to me that there was something upon his heart, which, if I could but know, I might be instrumental in benefiting him.

  16. Instead of benefiting his throat and lungs, this abnormal development actually inclines to cramp them.

  17. Whilst benefiting the Sicilian, and encouraging him to industry, it would spur the stolid and stubborn lawgivers of Spain to moderate the absurd tariff which excludes foreign manufactures from that country, save through illicit channels.

  18. Although exports remain the primary engine for Ireland's robust growth, the economy is also benefiting from a rise in consumer spending and recovery in both construction and business investment.

  19. Thailand's 35% domestic savings rate is a key source of capital for the economy, and the country is also benefiting from rising investment from abroad.

  20. Clemence Graystone was both young and enthusiastic, and she thought here was an opportunity of benefiting one of her own sex in a quiet, unassuming way.

  21. From desire of benefiting you, I did not slay him before.

  22. Thus addressed by the gods, Mahadeva thus accepted their request, moved by the desire of benefiting them, and said, 'I will overthrow these Asuras.

  23. Vinda and Anuvinda of Avanti, excited with wrath and desirous of benefiting thy son, struck Virata with ten shafts.

  24. Narada continued, Hearing these words (of Mahadeva) the divine Brahma, from desire of benefiting creatures, held in his own inner self his wrath that had been roused.

  25. Quickly falling down, the Rakshasa with his gigantic and still increasing body, desirous of benefiting the Pandavas, slew a full Akshauhini of thy troops while he himself breathed his last.

  26. I was born to slay him as also the other enemies of the gods, with thy assistance, O tiger among men, from desire of benefiting the world.

  27. That hero fought, desirous of benefiting king Yudhishthira the Just, and of attaining to heaven.

  28. Without engaging in battle, however, do thou, at my command, employ him under thee from desire of benefiting thyself.

  29. The meaning is that such men, that is, the truly good, accomplish their own duties not for benefiting their own selves but for the good of others.

  30. Or, by meeting with death for the sake of benefiting a Brahmana, he may wash off his sin.

  31. O king, nor one that is spoken on an occasion of marriage; nor one spoken for benefiting one's preceptor; nor one spoken for saving one's own life.

  32. One who is desirous of benefiting oneself should never follow, with excess of attachments, earthly possessions represented by the objects of the senses.

  33. Throw down thy weapons, O lord of the universe, from desire of benefiting the universe.

  34. They then told him,--It behoveth thee to cast off thy body for benefiting all the worlds.

  35. That which thou hast said from desire of benefiting us, is certainly advantageous for both of us.

  36. For this reason, a king should act according to the dictates of Dharma for benefiting his subjects.

  37. Listen to me as I disclose the expedient I have hit upon for benefiting both of us.

  38. His uncle having sent for him, he resolved to take a voyage to that place, in the hopes of being of use to his relative, and at the same time of benefiting his own health.

  39. To what nobler purpose could the power and influence of Great Britain be turned, than by putting a stop to such atrocities, and by bringing the blessings of Christianity and civilisation among a people so capable of benefiting by them?

  40. When breakfast was over, and they were all leaving the table, old Culpepper said aside to his nephews: "In founding a hospital for idiots, I still give you an opportunity of benefiting by my bounty.

  41. In hope of benefiting the trade and industry of the town, the Lynn Dock Company was formed, and obtained from Mr. Brunlees, C.

  42. When I see how I am surrounded and how large a gathering is present, I feel sure I shall not call on you in vain in the interest of those whom we are concerned in benefiting on this occasion.

  43. I cannot name a more important means of benefiting young people than encouraging them to commit favorite pieces to memory and recite them often.

  44. Three relief funds and all of them benefiting others.

  45. I know of no better mode of benefiting a youth than joining such a club as this.

  46. The result of moderate exercise in benefiting the nervous system is well known, and the effect of a gentle walk in making the ideas flow through the brain is a matter of common observation.

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