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  1. This act, like the bigamy of Philip of Hesse, was approved by Protestant divines.

  2. Many theologians, including Erasmus, Luther, and Melanchthon, expressed the opinion that bigamy would be the best way to meet the situation.

  3. Sidenote: Crimes punished] Heresy was not the only crime punished by the Inquisition; it also took charge of blasphemy, bigamy and some forms of vice.

  4. A few years later, she committed bigamy with another English officer, named Heald, who was drowned at Lisbon about the same time that her real husband died.

  5. Still, it is true that the lax opinion broached by Melanchthon in favour of the King of England played a great part later in the matter of the bigamy of the Landgrave of Hesse.

  6. The Landgrave Philip of Hesse, however, referred directly to the proposal of bigamy made to the King of England, when he requested Luther’s consent to his own project of taking a second wife.

  7. The fact is that the instructions given to Bucer clearly conveyed the Prince’s intention of making public the bigamy and the advice by which it was justified.

  8. Prominent amongst those who censured the bigamy was the Landgrave’s violent opponent Duke Henry of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel.

  9. The considered judgment was clear and definite: Rather than countenance the King’s divorce from Queen Catherine, or admit bigamy as lawful, the Roman Church was prepared to see the falling away of the King and larger portion of the realm.

  10. Friends informed the Landgrave that anxiety about the bigamy was the cause of Melanchthon’s serious illness.

  11. As it was, the Hessian aristocracy was bad enough, and many of its members were strongly opposed to the Evangel on earthly grounds; these would become still more hostile were the bigamy to become publicly known.

  12. The Roman Inquisition was less aggressive than the Spanish for, while it claimed jurisdiction, it was willing that bigamy should be regarded as mixti fori between the secular, the spiritual and the inquisitorial tribunals.

  13. Bigamy formed a portion by no means inconsiderable of the current business of the Inquisition.

  14. Under the circumstances bigamy was easily committed, though not always permanently concealed.

  15. The punishment for bigamy helps to bear this out.

  16. Congress has passed a statute declaring bigamy within the territories and places within the exclusive jurisdiction of the United States to be a misdemeanour (U.

  17. A British subject committing bigamy in any country may be tried for the same in the United Kingdom (Earl Russell's case, 1901).

  18. In the United States the law in regard to bigamy is practically founded on the English statute of 1604, with the exception that imprisonment and a fine, varying in the different states, were substituted instead of making the offence a felony.

  19. In most of the states, prosecutions for bigamy are barred after the lapse of a certain number of years.

  20. Bigamy was punished in England until the reign of William III.

  21. Criminal jurisdiction is always regarded as purely territorial, but bigamy (together with homicide and treason) is an exception to this rule.

  22. The marriage wherever solemnized must be a valid marriage according to the law of the place of solemnization; if void there, no prosecution for bigamy can be founded upon it.

  23. On the continent of Europe, bigamy is punishable in most countries with varying terms of imprisonment, with or without hard labour, according to the circumstances of the case.

  24. On fanciful tenets such as these the moral bigamy of Provence returned, with the difference that it enabled a lady to be as intangible to her husband as she had supposedly been to her knight.

  25. Nevertheless, the pastorate, in single cases of the direst need and to prevent worse, may sanction bigamy in a purely exceptional way.

  26. The document sanctioning the bigamy of the landgrave was signed by Martin Bucer, Luther and Melanchthon, and is a humiliating paper.

  27. In proportion to the number of offences committed by women bigamy appears to be more common than it is among the male offenders.

  28. I assure you it is a most charming spot, and it is so quiet and out of the way that I really think one might commit bigamy three times running there in as many weeks, and no one would be any the wiser.

  29. Miss Margaret, do you remember how he started when I remarked how easy it would be for a man to commit bigamy at Sefton?

  30. Here I simply wish to enforce the additional moral that not only the ideas regarding bigamy and polygamy have changed, but the emotions aroused by such actions; execration having taken the place of admiration.

  31. Can we believe that the "Incarnated Father of all" has revealed a new "Most Holy Book" in which bigamy is permitted?

  32. This limitation of the man to bigamy is deemed an improvement on the law of Islam allowing polygamy.

  33. Mrs. Beebe,” said Swiftwater, “the penitentiary will be my fate unless this bigamy charge is withdrawn.

  34. Also this person found that Anne Tyler married a sailor called Jarvey Jessop some years before she committed bigamy with Lemuel Krill in Beechill Church--" "It's a lie!

  35. They were going to see him by Pash's advice, and Mrs. Krill was going to prosecute him for bigamy unless he allowed her a good income.

  36. We are glad to see that at least one of our dumb friends has not been affected by the wave of bigamy that has been sweeping over the country.

  37. Luther had been previously troubled by the question whether bigamy was permissible when asked to give his consent to the double marriage of Henry VIII of England.

  38. Luther was made painfully aware of the unexpected weakening of the League of Schmalkalden which resulted from the bigamy of Landgrave Philip of Hesse.

  39. He also appealed to conscience in another marriage question where he made the lawfulness of bigamy depend entirely on the conscience.

  40. Occasionally, in bigamy cases, involving scourging and the galleys according to rule, the omission of these is justified by the age or weakness of the culprit.

  41. I would go the length of wishing that bigamy could be sanctioned, in certain cases, only that you are quite the wrong man for it.

  42. He couldn't even be convicted of bigamy unless his first marriage was held legal, and that would be rather discourteous to the Royal Assent on Wednesday.

  43. To a man in full possession of his faculties the impossibility of concealing the crime of bigamy would have been apparent, unless he fled the country and married under an assumed name.

  44. Beau" Fielding, who was tried at the Old Bailey in 1706 for committing bigamy with the Duchess of Cleveland, is one of the most remarkable instances of this.

  45. The daughter of a chorister in Canterbury Cathedral, she first married a shoemaker; then, dissatisfied with her lot, ran off to Dover and committed bigamy with a doctor.

  46. But bigamy literally signifies having two wives, and polygamy any number more than one.

  47. What is the difference between bigamy and polygamy?

  48. But wait, wait," the judge would interrupt; "you know bigamy is a very serious offence.

  49. Certainly, the great increase in the offence of bigamy proves at least the hollowness of all the talk about the growing indifference to the marriage tie.

  50. The first wife in one of the bigamy cases went into the witness-box, and I saw what to me was an incredible sight--an Englishwoman of thirty who could neither read nor write.

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