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  1. The botanical fruits of the three years he thus spent in the Southern Seas were the Flora Antarctica, Flora Novae Zelandiae and Flora Tasmanica, which he published on his return.

  2. Under Philip V a botanical garden was projected, and it was founded at Madrid in the reign of Ferdinand VI.

  3. Medicine, too, had the Americas to thank for much of its progress, owing to discoveries of botanical and mineralogical specimens of a medicinal character.

  4. Many of the trees are botanical treasures, known only in this Park region, and of great rarity.

  5. But almost at once they received a far pleasanter reminder of the botanical gardens.

  6. An occasional oasis, as at Maumeen, charms the eye with its verdure and some botanical treasures.

  7. The climbing described in the following pages was chiefly undertaken with the object, or excuse, of botanical discovery.

  8. In search of botanical specimens we have climbed them in all directions.

  9. There are numerous ledges, and it is the best botanical ground in the mountains.

  10. We can only bear witness to the evidently botanical fidelity of execution with which the forms and colours so lavishly spread throughout nature have been mimicked.

  11. It assists botanical studies, and promotes the views of flower painters, either in oil or water colours; even in drawing, wax flowers will be found excellent auxiliaries, far preferable as copies to the even surface of plates.

  12. There is no monotony in this agreeable employment, for new varieties are continually springing up in nature; and a visit to the Botanical Gardens at Kew, or the Regent's Park, will at all seasons afford some fresh specimen.

  13. I have also supplied them as illustrations to botanical lectures.

  14. In the plan provision is made for a library, cabinets, apparatus, galleries of art, botanical gardens, and the like.

  15. Not only in its botanical productions does this island differ from the Chilian coast, but also in its shells: the shell fish being extremely scarce, and dissimilar in character.

  16. It shone in the eyes of the old Professor, who on his botanical tour came past here.

  17. The monument was raised, and a hall built in the botanical garden, under splendid trees.

  18. He published a number of botanical works, including continuations of the Prodromus in collaboration with his son, Anne Casimir Pyrame de Candolle.

  19. The rest of his life was spent in an attempt to elaborate and complete his "natural" system of botanical classification.

  20. Vaucher first inspired him with the determination to make botanical science the chief pursuit of his life.

  21. At the desire of the French government he spent the summers of the following six years in making a botanical and agricultural survey of the whole kingdom, the results of which were published in 1813.

  22. There is also here a fine botanical garden with a collection of choice plants open to the public.

  23. So favorable is the climate that nearly the whole country might be turned into a botanical garden.

  24. The Botanical Gardens are close at hand, forming a pleasant resort for the lovers of floral beauty.

  25. This capital, like the two we have already visited in Australia, has a superb botanical garden covering some forty acres of land.

  26. Among them are an attractive museum, a public library, a Protestant cathedral, a hospital, public schools, and a fine botanical garden.

  27. We also find an excellent botanical garden here, and there are no better school facilities in the United Kingdom than are to be enjoyed in this metropolis of Northern Ireland.

  28. The botanical gardens and the zo├Âlogical exhibition are remarkable for excellence and completeness.

  29. There is also attached a fine botanical garden, exhibiting many rare and beautiful exotics as well as native plants.

  30. Its botanical garden is situated about a mile from the town, and contains among other interesting and finely arranged specimens, a collection of Alpine plants from Spitzbergen and Iceland.

  31. Like its sister cities, it has a botanical garden, the climate here favoring even a more extensive out-door display of tropical and delicate vegetation than at Melbourne or Sydney.

  32. All of these colonial cities have botanical gardens, in the cultivation and arrangement of which much skill and scientific knowledge is displayed.

  33. He had been making a short stay in Li-chiang, and had just left on a botanical expedition to the neighbouring hills.

  34. The Botanical Garden, though all too small, is extremely well arranged and of the highest interest to a naturalist, who finds in it an excellent collection of South American trees and shrubs.

  35. The second ornament of the suburbs is the Botanical Garden.

  36. Though learning and science have not quite kept pace with conquest and prosperity, there is a thriving university, and a fine museum, placed beside the zoological and botanical gardens.

  37. We wish it to be understood, that the professed design of the Botanical Magazine is to exhibit representations of such.

  38. I must, therefore, confine myself to a rapid survey of the principal botanical features of the countries whose general features and physical aspect I have sketched in the preceding chapters.

  39. Mueller, Director of the Botanical Gardens at Melbourne, Sir William Hooker, and Mr. Bentham.

  40. Their botanical interest, however, is trivial, and their vegetation of a meagre and stunted kind.

  41. As far as concerns their botanical composition, the virgin forests of the Tropics are distinguished from those of cold and temperate regions by general characters which it will, perhaps, be useful to indicate.

  42. It will therefore be understood that we owe to them only a few incidental notices of their botanical features.

  43. Sometimes a small unio or anadonta was picked up from the shores; occasionally a plant pulled up, for the botanical press.

  44. After dinner we landed again, and were received by the crowd as before; Mr Forster with his botanical party, and some of the officers and gentlemen, walked into the country.

  45. The 26th afforded nothing remarkable, excepting that Mr Forster, in his botanical excursions, saw a burying-place for dogs, which they called Marai no te Oore.

  46. His father was the first American who conceived and carried into effect the design of a botanical garden, for the cultivation of American plants as well as exotics.

  47. He studied medicine at Edinburgh, and first appeared before the world as a poet in 1781, by the publication of the Botanical Garden.

  48. Barberena, and the Museum and Botanical Gardens, both under the direction of Dr.

  49. Indigo is produced from an indigenous triennial plant, Indigofera Anil, which is its botanical name, and the plant flourishes luxuriously upon nearly all kinds of soil.

  50. If he is interested, he can quickly and unconsciously learn many of the more common botanical terms used in describing plants, so that when he comes to study technical botany he will find it shorn of most of its terrors.

  51. Other mothers prefer to tell only the botanical story, leaving all application to animal life for later consideration.

  52. He hates a woman to know anything he does not, and this botanical display irritated him; but our attention was instantly distracted by Jefferson, who, upon hearing the lily admired, walked straight up to it and picked it.

  53. The Botanical Gardens of Basseterre, St. Kitts, were handsome, extensive, and well cared for.

  54. It will be seen at once that the Botanical and Experimental Gardens of Java are of immense service to agriculture and to science throughout the world.

  55. All the great botanical collections of the world communicate their novelties and discoveries to the Java gardens.

  56. Nothing could demonstrate this better than the botanical gardens at Buitenzorg.

  57. Kandy is celebrated also for its botanical gardens.

  58. Or a rectangular zinc case with a closely fitting top (not the ordinary botanical collecting case).

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