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Example sentences for "bucketful"

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  1. And the eight days of harvest were almost at an end; that very morning there was a subtle change in the appearance of a bucketful that Doherty sent up, and Denis forthwith washed an almost wholly unprofitable tub.

  2. At last, however, a homogeneous bucketful was got to upper air, and Denis after it in a mud-bath of clay and perspiration, but with his triumph shining through his filth.

  3. The pumps of the "Massachusetts" broke down, and the Troopers were obliged to go into the hold of the offensively fragrant vessel and bring up water bucketful by bucketful for the animals under their charge.

  4. In each bucketful of water put a tablespoonful of oil of turpentine, or compound tincture of benzoin, the vapor of which will be carried along with the steam to the affected parts and have a beneficial effect.

  5. Have a bucketful of fresh boiling water every fifteen or twenty minutes.

  6. This is effected by holding the horse's head over a bucketful of boiling water, so that the animal will be compelled to inhale steam with every inhalation of air.

  7. It is well to keep a bucketful of cold water before the animal all the time.

  8. Compel the animal to inhale steam from a bucketful of boiling water containing a tablespoonful of oil of turpentine and spirits of camphor, as advised for cold in the head.

  9. Water may be given as the animal desires it, but it should not be cold; if a half bucketful of water is kept in the manger, the horse will take but a few swallows at a time.

  10. If the cough remains after the horse is apparently well, give 1 dram of iodid of potassium dissolved in a bucketful of drinking water one hour before each meal for two or three weeks if necessary.

  11. I used to tote water--one bucketful on my head and one bucketful in each hand.

  12. Bucketful after bucketful they emptied over the side; and, still they did not appear to decrease the quantity the cutter contained to any appreciable extent, bale they, as they baled, their hardest!

  13. When you get to digging out gold by the bucketful you won't wait to wash your faces or get breakfast; you'll be down in that mine before the sun is up.

  14. I took out, with every bucketful I washed, anywhere from ten to fifty dollars; anyway, I got fifty thousand dollars out of it.

  15. Probably every bucketful you send up to be washed will yield you from ten to fifty dollars.

  16. The ghosts are so thick up there that you can't go down in the mine to shovel a bucketful of dirt without scaring some of them up.

  17. If they should happen to want another bucketful of water we're lost men.

  18. If the case is not extreme, it may be sufficient to drive the animal at a walk for a quarter or half an hour; or cold water by the bucketful may be thrown against the cow's sides.

  19. I had bucketful after bucketful of water thrown on him during my watch, but it had no perceptible effect in keeping him awake, for he was constitutionally sleepy.

  20. With legs clad in long rubber boots, they filled buckets at the deck-pump and scattered water around where needed, occasionally throwing the whole bucketful at a doubtful spot on the deck to expose it to criticism.

  21. As the visitors lined up against the monkey-rail and looked down on the scene, Mr. Becker launched such a bucketful as only a second mate can--and a man who happened to be in the way was rolled over by the unexpected impact.

  22. He gasped a little louder than might have been necessary, and the wasting of the bucketful of water having forced Mr. Becker to make an extra trip to the pump, the officer was duly incensed.

  23. Bucketful after bucketful was flung over the side, the wind playfully carrying off the murky clouds.

  24. You might drink a deck bucketful of the slops that's handed around afterwards.

  25. He could drink a deck-bucketful of New England rum, and stand up under it and back it round.

  26. Then they emptied it into the bottom of the boat and found another bucketful before stopping.

  27. Frank took the clams down to the water and washed them carefully, a bucketful at a time, turning them all into the hollow of a large rock near the fire.

  28. After much debate it was agreed that after they struck pay dirt, each should dig in turn, each to have the bucketful that came under his trowel or fingers.

  29. Not a one," cried Webb jubilantly, "there was just a bucketful and a squeeze at that.

  30. Each woman works on her own small area, without reference to her neighbor; a bucketful of salt and a bucketful of fish being shot out in two little piles under her hands, for her own especial use.

  31. The first bucketful emptied, the girl drew a second, then a third.

  32. I had poured only one bucketful of water on the plant, when a large quantity rested round it.

  33. The elder thief began watering the plant early in the morning, and as he had been told to go on pouring water till some of it collected itself round the foot of the plant he went on pouring bucketful after bucketful: but to no purpose.

  34. She went out to the stream which flowed through the garden, and had a whole bucketful of gudgeons brought to her.

  35. At night when the young King was sleeping, his wife was to draw the clothes off him and empty the bucketful of cold water with the gudgeons in it over him, so that the little fishes would sprawl about him.

  36. Our larder contained a bucketful of cold boiled ducks, a turkey, and numerous catfish and bream--rather a change from the sand-ridges!

  37. They are but two diggers, who, excited by the news, have given up all thoughts of sleep, and are stealing away to the New Rush, so that they may not be too late for the chance of digging up a bucketful of gold!

  38. There was nearly half a bucketful of the mixture.

  39. Richard examined every bucketful of earth as he pulled it np.

  40. One shaft had just come upon the gold, and great excitement was produced by the statement that the first bucketful of earth had yielded twelve pennyweights of the precious metal.

  41. Wulf flung his first bucketful at it, and it answered with a hiss like a snarling curse, and showed a red-starred black blotch amid the crawling yellow flames.

  42. It makes my heart ache to see those poor cripples lifting out tubs of swill that two men could scarce handle; and bucketful after bucketful of that large, heavy coal from the cellar, with all of their other lifting and scrubbing.

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