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  1. Each bullock will drink on an average three or four buckets of water every morning, so carrying from one hundred to two hundred buckets of water from a spot some thirty or forty feet away is no snap.

  2. In ten minutes the surfaces of the buckets are black with flies.

  3. Buckets of tea and coffee on roasting beds of coals and ashes on the hearth.

  4. Unspeakable aroma of forty or fifty men who have little inclination and less opportunity to wash their skins, and who soak some of the grease out of their clothes--in buckets of hot water--on Saturday afternoons or Sundays.

  5. Twice a day the cooks and their familiars carry buckets of oatmeal-water and tea to the shed, two each on a yoke.

  6. Thus far we have considered the movement of jets and buckets along AB as straight lines, but this can only occur, so far as buckets are concerned, when their radius in infinite.

  7. In relation to this view, it may suffice to note that theoretical deductions have frequently been based upon a generalization that "streams of water must enter the buckets of a turbine without shock, and leave them without velocity.

  8. While studying those effects produced by jets of water impinging upon plain or concave surfaces corresponding to buckets of turbines, it simplifies matters to separate these results due to impact from others due to reaction.

  9. He then walked along, looking so much in the air that he ran against a water-carrier who was advancing quietly with his two buckets full, and threw himself so heavily upon him that one of the buckets escaped from his hand.

  10. When the Municipality of London welcome the Khan of Kamschatka to our shores and to the Guildhall, Champagne flows in the proverbial buckets full.

  11. People fish up in dredging-buckets loose rags and tatters of creatures that hang together all right down there with the great weight holding them in one, but come all to pieces as they are hauled up.

  12. Presently I saw a man with two buckets on the march, and knew where the trouble was--the cow!

  13. About half-way he found my wife watering her onions, changed buckets with her, and leaving her the empty, returned to the kitchen with the full.

  14. After the middle of August they became quite dark, and, at the same time, we not infrequently found in the morning a layer of thin ice in the buckets of water.

  15. This was brought back in buckets and melted, and, for drinking purposes, boiled and filtered.

  16. Others of the crew brought buckets and swabs unbidden, and cleansed the place, after which Black addressed the men again as though the terrible scene was a thing of common happening.

  17. Some dipped water from wells, others drew up the buckets with ropes, while third parties put out fire with wet cloths.

  18. Women with dishevelled hair and inflamed faces gave an example of daring, and some were seen running with buckets of water after bombs which were still springing and ready to burst right there, that moment.

  19. But in garrets, too, defenders were watching with buckets of water.

  20. You might be out under buckets of wet in it, and ne'er a tint you'd git whatever.

  21. A nozzle is so arranged as to direct water on the buckets just as they reach the lowest point of a revolution (see Fig.

  22. The wheel, which may be of any diameter from six inches to ten feet, has buckets set at regular intervals round the circumference, sticking outwards.

  23. The driving water is brought some distance to the wheel in an underground conduit, and is carried up the masonry tower by pressure, flowing over the top into the buckets on the circumference of the wheel.

  24. Experience" had been, from time immemorial, pouring its flowing treasures into buckets full of holes.

  25. There was water enough; after a couple of days we had to bale it out with buckets every morning.

  26. I took the buckets and went down for more water for the horses, though there was no need.

  27. And finally to the Southern white people he appealed "to cast down their buckets where they were" by using and training the Negroes whom they knew rather than seeking to import foreign laborers whom they did not know.

  28. And when water fails, we can creep out by the hole in the night time, and fill our buckets at one of the rills that trickle from the cliff.

  29. When they washed clothes in tubs on the hillside, he carried buckets of water for them and had helped to hang the clean, heavy, wet things on lines between the trees; or to spread them on the grass to sun-bleach.

  30. Firemen with buckets were stationed ready to extinguish the fire which the discharge would create.

  31. It was observed that buckets were being hauled up through the ports, the frigate must be on fire; her foremast fell, the corvette ranged up alongside, the French ensign was still flying.

  32. Luckily the sand was close at hand, and they were scattering it from buckets over the blazing deck within a minute or two.

  33. The two buckets will pass each other at about the centre of the framing, where there will be plenty of room for clearance.

  34. Elevators should always be fed from that side on which the buckets ascend, that the stream of material may meet the elevator buckets on their upward journey.

  35. The chain of buckets is connected by horseshoe-shaped brackets extending upwards beyond the sides of the buckets and connected with the links of the driving chains.

  36. On account of their lower speed, elevators for specifically heavy material require much larger buckets and chains than grain elevators of the same bulk capacity.

  37. This term is here confined to its proper meaning (in English engineering treatises) of a device for raising material in a vertical or slanting direction by means of buckets attached to endless belts or chains.

  38. The ropeway is essentially an intermittent conveyor, the material being carried in buckets or skips, and practice has proved it an economical means of handling heavy material.

  39. The buckets of this conveyor are coupled together by a link in the middle, which obviously allows more latitude in negotiating curves than the double chain of most of the other types.

  40. Any breeze which may have fallen between the buckets is collected by a scraper and delivered into a tank at one end, while the propeller wheel draws the water from this tank and drives it back to the other end of the trough.

  41. When the conveyor is at work the buckets will always be in an upright position, whether the motion be vertical or horizontal.

  42. Elevator buckets must be proportioned to the size and nature of the material they are intended to carry, and care must be taken to maintain a uniform feed.

  43. This will prevent the material from filling up the elevator well and spare the buckets from dredging through an accumulation of feed.

  44. They are dug through the mass of stones and boulders which forms the bed of the stream, and three of the six have a sort of wooden platform, upon which men stand to lower the buckets to the water by ropes.

  45. The upper wells, where buckets with ropes only are used, are really very fair water; those for the animals are not clear, but are still drinkable.

  46. The other wells have sloping sides, and upon them stand sets of natives, who pass buckets from hand to hand, and empty them into earth troughs, or rather mud basins, from which the animals drink.

  47. But what is the use of buckets against a blaze like that; why don't they get their hose along and start their head-pump?

  48. A dozen men and boys were on hand, besides the mill workers, and a bucket brigade had been formed to throw buckets of water taken from the river on the flames.

  49. The buckets of water came along swiftly, but for a long time it looked as if the whole plant was doomed to destruction.

  50. Ordering some buckets of water to be brought below, he searched round in the neighbourhood of the other magazine.

  51. The crew then set to work with buckets of water to wash down the blood-stained deck.

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