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  1. The greater portion of this class of goods in carded yarns contains little or no new wool in its make-up.

  2. The warp and filling are made of carded wool so that the web (cloth) will shrink or full evenly.

  3. Woolen cheviots are made from carded yarn.

  4. Hold the carded wool in the left hand in the middle of the strand.

  5. The shorter varieties are carded and made into flannels and other light fabrics, while the longer qualities are used in the production of worsted goods.

  6. The wool must be carded many times before it is sufficiently disentangled for drawing and spinning.

  7. The wool is carded and stripped again and again and is finally delivered in a soft, fluffy rope called a sliver ready for drawing and spinning.

  8. This watered effect is produced by the use of engraved rollers and high pressure on carded material.

  9. It is made of carded woolen fabric of the plainest kind.

  10. Defn: A silk yarn or fabric made out of carded spun silk.

  11. Then there's my master, who ought to stroke me down and pet me to make me turn wool and carded cotton; he says if he gets hold of me he'll tie me naked to a tree and double the tale of lashes on me.

  12. Sancho, "see what marten and sable, and pads of carded cotton he is putting into the bags, that our heads may not be broken and our bones beaten to jelly!

  13. Den a great big mattress full of goose feathers and two--three comforts as thick as my foot wid carded wool inside!

  14. Well, I stayed on, 'cause I didn't have no place to go, and I carded and spinned the cotton and wool and she make me just one dress.

  15. White and red carded together give a lovely pink, and any shade of gray can be made by carding different proportions of black and white or half-black and white.

  16. She struck where the white and fleecy waves Looked soft as carded wool, But the cruel rocks, they gored her side Like the horns of an angry bull.

  17. After supper of winters' nights master and men told old drolls and carded wool, whilst mistress and her maids kept their turns (spinning wheels) going till they had each spun their pound of yarn.

  18. If not much injured, and very painful, use the same ointment, or apply carded cotton dipped in lime water and linseed oil.

  19. Carded Cotton Carded Cotton is used as a dressing for superficial burns, and care should be taken to free it from specks, as flies are apt to lay their eggs there, and generate maggots.

  20. This is probably cheaper than it could be carded and spun at home even on a cotton-growing farm.

  21. Dark blue and white or medium blue and white wool carded together will give two blue-grays, which cannot be obtained by dyeing, and are most valuable.

  22. It was sent rolled up in a homespun sheet or blanket pinned with thorns; and the carded rolls ready for spinning were brought home in the same way, and made a still bigger bundle which was light in weight for its size.

  23. Families soon sent all their wool to these mills to be carded even when it was spun and woven at home.

  24. Then by a deft and catchy motion the wool was rolled or carded into small fleecy rolls which were then ready for spinning.

  25. Sometimes a red-cheeked farmer's lass would be seen riding home from the carding-mill, through New England woods or along New England lanes, with a bundle of carded wool towering up behind her bigger than her horse.

  26. Nancy ran to a bundle of wool in the garret, carded and spun a big hank of yarn that night.

  27. They carded that in one night and spun it the next night.

  28. One hundred rolls carded gave enough threads to make a yard of cloth.

  29. P: And the mountains will become as carded wool.

  30. Y: And the mountains will be like carded wool.

  31. From the envelope Marcos took a twisted paper, not innocent of carded wool.

  32. The sticks flew this way and that, and the twisted note shot up into the air with a bunch of wool which fell across the two sticks and was presently cast aside upon the carded heap.

  33. Thus the whole mattress is transferred from a sodden heap to a high and fluffy mountain of carded wool, all baked by the heat of the sun.

  34. Next, a crank and comb detached the carded cotton so that it came off as a continuous ribbon.

  35. In 1738, John Wyatt, a ship's carpenter who also invented the harpoon shot from a gun, patented a spinning machine whereby carded wool or cotton was joined together to make a long and narrow mass.

  36. The second, revolving in the same direction but much faster, carded the fibers into the requisite fineness by contact with the third, whose teeth and motion were in the opposite direction.

  37. The rovings had to be prepared first; that is, the cotton had to be carded and given its first twist.

  38. The first broadcloth manufactured in the United States was by Scholfield in 1804, the wool being carded in his machine and woven by hand.

  39. Women and children cleaned, carded and spun the cotton-wool in their homes.

  40. The best plan is undoubtedly to dye the fibre after it has been carded and partly spun into what is known as slubbing or sliver.

  41. The reference is probably made to the newly-carded wool, which is peculiarly white and soft.

  42. The wool was dressed in those times much as it is at present, being carded and then spun with the spindle, the distaff being apparently unused, and the wool simply drawn out by the hand.

  43. So Throp carded an' Throp's wife spun, an' that set things forrad a bit.

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