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  1. A gentle cardiac tonic that supports and sustains the heart through its capacity to improve cardiac nutrition.

  2. At times it is advisable to follow one of these drugs with the other in the treatment of cardiac disease.

  3. New York, selling agents) is advertised as “a most powerful diuretic and cardiac tonic.

  4. Suppose that you prescribe Anasarcin for a patient who is critically ill with cardiac disease.

  5. For instance: “Digitalysatum is the diuretic par excellence in cardiac insufficiency .

  6. Cardiac failure is one of the causes of death in influenza.

  7. Should cardiac dilatation develop, and digitalis medication be required it would be impossible to adjust the dose of such a mixture with special reference to the digitalis action, which alone would be indicated for that condition.

  8. If these are merely functional disorders of the heart, it is highly desirable to know what are the symptoms of really serious cardiac disease!

  9. The symptoms of cardiac disease are often difficult to distinguish from the toxic actions of the digitalis bodies.

  10. When combined with other diuretics, as in Hydropsin, the drug affords highly satisfactory results in the treatment of ascites, cardiac dropsy and hydrothorax.

  11. Death was caused by a well-defined round perforation at the cardiac curvature the size of a sixpence.

  12. A very plausible one is, that the cardiac palsy is caused by energetic and persistent excitement of the inhibitory cardiac nerves.

  13. A postmortem was made five hours after death, and there was so much destruction of the stomach by a process resembling digestion that only the pyloric and cardiac orifices were visible.

  14. The patient, a boy of fifteen, died of the effects of cardiac disease three years and two months later.

  15. It might be added that the shock to the cardiac action might be sufficient to check it, and at present we would have no sure means of starting pulsation if once stopped.

  16. There was a tear two inches long, beginning near the cardiac end and running parallel to the lesser curvature.

  17. There is a record of an instance of cardiac pulsation rising to 240 per minute, which ceased upon the expulsion of a large tapeworm.

  18. When the food, thoroughly mixed with saliva, reaches the stomach, the cardiac end of that organ is closed as well as the pyloric valve, and the muscular walls contract on the contents.

  19. The cardiac orifice of the stomach is the upper one, and is near the heart; hence its name.

  20. Tobacco appears to chiefly affect the heart and brain, and I have therefore placed it among cerebral and cardiac poisons.

  21. Test examinations of a large number of lads who had used cigarettes showed that only a very small percentage escaped cardiac trouble.

  22. The outer set runs lengthwise from the cardiac orifice to the pylorus.

  23. From the cardiac end of a pig's stomach detach the mucous membrane in shreds, dry them between folds of blotting-paper, place them in a bottle, and cover them with strong glycerine for several days.

  24. Take part of the cardiac end of the pig's stomach, which has been previously opened and washed rapidly in cold water, and spread it, mucous surface upwards, on the convex surface of an inverted capsule.

  25. Cardiac attacks are common, not from organic disease but from the direct poisoning of the heart muscle by influenza.

  26. If there is any tendency to exhaustion, alcoholic stimulants are indicated, and in some cases strychnine, quinine and cardiac tonics are highly beneficial.

  27. After three years of study and patient investigation of the use of auscultation in pulmonary and cardiac diagnosis, Laennec wrote his book on the subject.

  28. Afterward came the discovery of cardiac and other centres in the same portion of the nervous system.

  29. It was a mild affair, not calling for blood-letting nor cardiac remedies, and requiring no other regimen than abstinence from flesh and spirituous liquors, and that the patient should keep in doors, but not all day in bed.

  30. In like manner cardiac or cordial remedies, which were of a heating character, were indicated only by the patient's lowness.

  31. Palpitation is a nearly universal phenomenon of cardiac disease and disorder.

  32. This is a comprehensive statement of the lines of treatment calculated to benefit more or less all the kinds of cardiac degeneration which I have had occasion to notice.

  33. Cirrhosis, neuritis, dementia complicate the cardiac degeneration, or, more correctly, it complicates one or all of these.

  34. It must not be understood from what I have just said in my account of these cases that all disturbances of the heart in gouty subjects progress to valvular or vascular degeneration, with associated cardiac enlargement and degeneration.

  35. And thirdly, many of the complaints of nervous depression, lowness and worry are really due to gout, to influenza, and the like, which are at the same time the true causes of the cardiac symptoms.

  36. The middle-aged patient who over-stretched his cardiac walls as a youth may be comforted with the opinion that the condition is not a fatal one.

  37. But when we come to consider cardiac strain a little more closely, it may be just as easily maintained that every dilated heart, every dilated cardiac chamber, every dilated blood-vessel has been strained.

  38. The essential point here to be added is that death takes place from combined cardiac and respiratory failure.

  39. Recollection of the extraordinary complexity of the problems which are involved in the whole question of pain of cardiac origin will emphasize the extreme vagueness of the above assertion.

  40. The respiratory centre is similarly stimulated, so that atropine must be regarded as a temporary but efficient respiratory and cardiac stimulant.

  41. The uses of atropine in cardiac affections are still obscure and dubious.

  42. It can only be laid down that the drug is a valuable though temporary stimulant in emergencies, and that its use as a plaster or internally often relieves cardiac pain.

  43. Hastings also states that in a patient who died from pulmonary embolism, after an operation, a thrombus occupied the right cardiac ventricle, and he thought it possible that this intraventricular clot furnished the embolus (Fig.

  44. The affection runs its course in 5 to 10 days, and if the abscess opens spontaneously death almost inevitably results--either from suffocation, or septic pneumonia, or cardiac failure.

  45. The causes of varicose veins are obstruction to venous return, and weakness of cardiac action, which lessens the propulsion of the blood stream.

  46. In keeping with usual Hospital Earth administrative policy, the Four-star Black Doctor will undergo a total cardiac transplant to halt the Medical education administrator's progressively disabling heart disease.

  47. How would you prepare a heart culture for cardiac transplant on board this ship?

  48. They've been trying to get him into the hospital for a cardiac transplant for years.

  49. He just waited a little too long for that cardiac transplant, that's all.

  50. The signs of cardiac hypertrophy were more distinct.

  51. The cardiocoel, or head-coelom, is often disproportionately large in the Amniotes, the simple cardiac tube growing considerably and lying in several folds.

  52. In this way the sanguineous fluid accumulated in the hollow muscular tube is driven in alternate directions into the blood-vessels, which develop at both ends of the cardiac tube.

  53. The structure is then hollowed out, forms a simple tube, detaches from its place of origin, and henceforth lies freely in the cardiac cavity.

  54. It lies near the middle line, directly under the primitive vertebral column, and reaches from the cardiac region to the cloaca.

  55. Transverse section of the cardiac region of the same chick-embryo (behind the preceding).

  56. One case (XV) is doubtful as to delusions; the remainder are subject to renal disease, as a rule associated with cardiac lesions.

  57. Secondly, we came upon the curious fact that cardiac and various subdiaphragmatic diseases were correlated with unpleasant emotion as expressed in the delusions.

  58. In the case of stab-wounds of the chest, especially in the cardiac region, the same rule as to the direction holds good, and in these wounds we can often define the direction more accurately than in the case of incised wounds.

  59. Carbonate of ammonia and other cardiac stimulants are recommended.

  60. This has been attributed by some to an effect on the solar plexus or reflexly on the cardiac plexus causing a fatal inhibition.

  61. Yet a case of cardiac atrophy is reported in a woman of eighty whose heart weighed but 170 grams.

  62. Death is attributed to the effect on the cardiac plexus, and there may be no marks externally or only very superficial ones.

  63. Normally the cardiac area exposed is quadrangular in shape, and about three and a half inches in its longest diameter.

  64. Undoubtedly the character of the symptoms and mode of death are influenced, in many cases, by individual tendencies leading to apoplectic conditions or to cardiac or other complications.

  65. Urinary output and cardiac monitoring is continued uninterrupted for patients wearing a mask only and for patients in the PPW.

  66. Techniques such as cardiac or bladder puncture, needle biopsy of organs, spinal tap, or exploratory laparotomy will not be performed by untrained personnel unless specifically requested and directed by forensic investigators.

  67. In short, his statistics reveal a prevalence of cardiac maladies and of tuberculosis in criminals, as well as a great frequency of diseases of the liver and the intestines.

  68. Footnote 13: See Philip Karell's remarks on the use of treatment by milk in cardiac hypertrophy.

  69. Two cardiac murmurs were present, the one a sharp and well-defined mitral regurgitant sound, confirmed by the dyspnoea and dropsy as organic, the other a loud musical murmur of hæmic origin.

  70. Among well known cardiac tonics and stimulants for obtaining temporary good effects, at least, I know of no drug quite equal to Coca.

  71. Schaefer and Williams[77] have shown that the squamous, non-glandular epithelium of the oesophagus extends over the greater part of the stomach, only the pyloric extremity and one of the two cardiac caeca being lined with columnar epithelium.

  72. The Rodents have for the most part a simple stomach of normal form; but in a few this is complicated by a marked constriction, which divides the cardiac from the pyloric portions.

  73. The stomach has four chambers, of which two may be regarded as belonging to its cardiac half and two to the pyloric.

  74. A gland or a collection of smaller glands occurs in the stomach, and recalls the "cardiac gland" of the Wombat and the Beaver, also that of the Giraffe.

  75. The oesophagus enters the stomach near the cardiac end.

  76. In Dendrolagus, moreover, the squamous epithelium does not extend into the cardiac cul-de-sac.

  77. The blind cardiac extremity is a single, not a double cul-de-sac; in this it is like that of Petrogale.

  78. The stomach of Macropus (and of other allied genera) is peculiar by reason of its long and sacculated character; the oesophagus enters it very near the cardiac end, which is bifid.

  79. On the upper plane, the lungs and heart are controlled from the cardiac plane and the thoracic ganglion.

  80. All this surges from that first center of the breast, the sun of the breast, the cardiac plexus.

  81. Thus it has its first delicate root in the cardiac plexus, the root of its intake.

  82. From the cardiac plexus the child goes forth in bliss.

  83. The two upper nuclei are the two great nerve-centers, the cardiac plexus and the thoracic ganglion.

  84. And my front wheel is the cardiac plane, and my back wheel is the solar plexus.

  85. In a child, the solar plexus and the cardiac plexus, with corresponding voluntary ganglia, are awake and active.

  86. In the center of the breast, the cardiac plexus acts as the great sympathetic mode of new dynamic activity, new dynamic consciousness.

  87. At the cardiac plexus, there in the center of the breast, we have now a new great sun of knowledge and being.

  88. They are bidden by that great and mysterious impulse from the cardiac plexus, which bids them seek the mystery and the fulfillment of the beyond.

  89. When a child learns to walk, it learns almost entirely from the solar plexus and the lumbar ganglion, the cardiac plexus and the thoracic ganglion balancing the upper body.

  90. The upper centers, cardiac plexus and cervical plexuses, thoracic ganglion and cervical ganglia now assume positivity.

  91. It contains the element of touch, and in this it refers to the cardiac plexus.

  92. The patient was an atheromatous subject, with cardiac hypertrophy, bronchitis, and emphysema.

  93. Its use as a medicine is chiefly that of a cardiac stimulant, and often admits of substitution.

  94. It will thus be seen how guarded has now become the use of alcohol as a cardiac stimulant in typhoid fevers, where it was once employed with an almost reckless freedom.

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