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  1. A second vein higher up is connected with both the gastric portal system and with the longitudinal chain of the vertebral veins.

  2. In like manner one or two gastric veins (accessory gastric portal veins) enter the dorsal aspect of the liver separately, passing from the stomach to the gland between the layers of the gastro-hepatic omentum (Fig.

  3. Stomach Forms Depending on Structural Modifications Designed to Increase the Action of the Gastric Juice on the Food.

  4. The midgut is composed of a longer or shorter narrower tube of nearly uniform caliber, the small intestine, which follows the gastric dilatation.

  5. The source of supply of the gastric juice is increased by adding to the usual gastric glands of the stomach a special accessory glandular compartment, either placed at the cardia, where the oesophagus enters, as in Myoxus or Castor (Fig.

  6. Hence this fold is called the left pancreatico-gastric fold.

  7. The lesser omentum follows, of course, along its gastric attachment to the lesser curvature the general direction of the stomach, passing from the cardia transversely downwards and to the right.

  8. The same purpose is accomplished by the development of diverticula from the stomach, in which the food is retained and acted on by the gastric juice for longer periods.

  9. Hence the dorsal mesogastrium, after leaving the vertebral column, turns ventrad and to the left to reach its gastric attachment along the greater curvature.

  10. In these forms we have to deal with the persistence of the early embryonic pregastric stage of the higher types, before the simple alimentary tube is differentiated by the appearance of the distinct gastric dilatation.

  11. The second or muscular stomach, devoid of gastric glands, functions merely as a masticating apparatus for the mechanical division of the food.

  12. Structural modifications designed to increase the action of the gastric juice on the food contained in the stomach.

  13. These cells are diverticula lined by a continuation of the gastric mucous membrane.

  14. The oesophageo-gastric junction in the adult human subject is shown in Fig.

  15. Thus appetite for food, and the flow of gastric juice, can be aroused by the sight of good food, or by hearing or reading about food, or even by merely thinking of food; and both anger and sex appetite can be aroused in corresponding ways.

  16. The churning movements of the intestine cease along with those of the stomach, and, as other experiments show, even the gastric juice stops flowing into the stomach.

  17. The glands are often affected during emotion, as witness the shedding of tears in grief, sweating in anger, the dry mouth during fear due to inhibition of the salivary glands, and the stoppage of the gastric juice during anger, as just noted.

  18. By its admixture with the gastric juice, the food acquires in the stomach a quite different colour from what it had in the gullet.

  19. In herbivorous insects it contains no acid, but, like the gastric juice of herbivorous quadrupeds, is of an alkaline nature[435].

  20. The use of the gastric juice is to help change part of the food into a more watery fluid.

  21. The taste of the tobacco smoke may cause some gastric juice to run out into the stomach, but at the same time it is likely to hurt the nerves of taste so that food cannot give so much enjoyment as when the nerves are unharmed.

  22. It is made of an outer wall of muscle and an inner skinlike coat full of tiny tubes called gastric glands.

  23. Millions of these give out drop by drop a watery fluid named gastric juice.

  24. The flavor of beer may sometimes cause an extra flow of gastric juice into the stomach, but the alcohol in the beer is likely to make the movements of the stomach slower.

  25. They squeeze together and then loosen up in such a way as to move the food about and turn it over until every particle is wet again and again with the gastric juice.

  26. This alimentary canal runs across the middle of its length, and from it extends, as in the Medusæ, a series of gastric canals, which carry the nutriment into all parts of the body.

  27. The Pteropods have a muscular gizzard armed with gastric teeth, a liver, a pyloric cæcum, and a contractile renal organ opening into the cavity of the mantle.

  28. Rye-bread is viscous, hard, less easily soluble by the gastric juice, and not so rich in nutritive power.

  29. It is not the sugary pulp which is indigestible, but its fibrous network that resists the action of the gastric organs.

  30. Physical exercise gives an appetite, which it is necessary to satisfy, and vegetables cannot resist the vigorous action of the gastric organs.

  31. The cause is the same in both cases, the acid of the gastric juice in the infant's stomach immediately converting the milk into a soft cheese.

  32. It is gastric juice, adhering to the calf's stomach, and drawn out by the water, forming rennet, that makes the curds in the basin.

  33. Then the gastric power has considerably diminished, the digestive organs have lost their energy, the process of digestion is consequently slower, and the least excess at table is followed by derangement of the stomach for several days.

  34. My wife was prostrated by a severe attack of gastric fever, which for nine days rendered her recovery almost hopeless.

  35. Not only were the animals sick, but my wife was laid up with a violent attack of gastric fever, and I was also suffering from daily attacks of ague.

  36. But the acid fluid which serves for digestion, and corresponds to the gastric juice in the animal, is only secreted by the corpuscles if the solid foreign body is nitrogenous (flesh or cheese).

  37. In the great majority of the coelomaria the gastric system forms a highly differentiated apparatus, composed, as in man, of a number of different organs.

  38. Moreover, in the coelomaria the gastric canal has usually two openings, the mouth and the anus.

  39. The whole body of these lowest and oldest of the coelenteria is in essence nothing but a round, oval, or cylindrical gastric vesicle, a digestive sac, the thin wall of which consists of two simple layers of cells.

  40. The instruments of water-respiration which we call gills (branchiae) are generally attenuated parts or processes of the outer skin or the inner gastric skin; hence we distinguish the two chief forms, external and internal gills.

  41. Gastric or internal gills are peculiar to the vertebrates and the next-related tunicates, with a small group of the vermalia, the enteropneusta.

  42. A burning sensation rising from the stomach into the throat, familiarly called heartburn, is generally due to an overabundant secretion of hydrochloric acid, which is, as we have learned, a normal constituent of the gastric juice.

  43. Moreover, since pepsin is able to act only when an acid is present, the gastric mucous membrane also secretes hydrochloric acid.

  44. Mastication also stimulates the flow of the gastric juice, and this flow is greater if we enjoy what we eat.

  45. In the stomach the digestion of starch is continued for a time, but the chief work of gastric digestion concerns the proteins.

  46. Fat in all probability is not digested in the stomach; even starch and protein are not broken down sufficiently by the time gastric digestion is complete to permit them to be absorbed into the body.

  47. It is true, nevertheless, that intestinal digestion can be performed more economically if it begins where gastric digestion normally leaves off.

  48. All articles of food are not, however, equally efficient in producing this effect: thus meat requires more pepsin for satisfactory digestion than bread, and consequently meat calls forth a larger quantity of gastric juice.

  49. So the whole digestive apparatus in the carnivora is more simple, and of less extent, than in the herbivorous tribes, while in the former the gastric juice acts more readily upon flesh, and in the latter upon vegetables.

  50. We infer, therefore, with great confidence, the existence of gastric juice and bile for completing the transformation of the food into blood.

  51. Everything is explained when we know that the stomach is lined with a coating or varnish which is not attacked by the gastric juice, and which protects the walls which it covers.

  52. The vital force would, by a sort of moral veto, forbid the gastric juice to touch the stomach.

  53. How does it happen, says this eminent physiologist, that the gastric juice, which dissolves all aliments, does not dissolve the stomach itself, which is of precisely the same nature as the aliments with which it is nourished?

  54. Marshall Spring of Watertown, exhibited the whole gastric apparatus, in admirable working order, for a much longer campaign.

  55. The gastric juice has probably no action on farinaceous substances.

  56. More than this, the conversion of starch into sugar has been shown to be positively retarded in the stomach by the acidity of the gastric secretions.

  57. Nature mixes our gastric juice or pepsin and acids in just the right proportion to digest our food, and keep it at exactly the right temperature.

  58. Soup, if taken as the primary course of a substantial dinner, if well flavored and warm, acts as a stimulant in the stomach, exciting the gastric glands, and generally enabling that organ to perform its functions more easily.

  59. Pastry that is light, dry and flaky, is separated more easily by the gastric fluids than that which is heavy.

  60. This penitential process lasted almost all through the winter, and sowed the seeds of those gastric disorders which were to be more or less of a trouble to me for the rest of my life.

  61. I also seized the opportunity of drinking the mineral waters, which I hoped might have a beneficial effect on the gastric troubles from which I had suffered ever since my vicissitudes in Paris.

  62. The gastric teeth enlarged to show their grinding surfaces.

  63. It is among the Malacostraca, however, and especially in the Decapoda, that the "gastric mill" reaches its greatest perfection.

  64. Mrs. Pritchard died shortly after her mother, and a report was circulated that she had succumbed to gastric fever.

  65. He further certified Mrs. Pritchard's death as due to gastric fever.

  66. In many of the eels the serum of the blood is poisonous, but its venom is destroyed by the gastric juice, so that the flesh may be eaten with impunity, unless decay has set in.

  67. The alkaloids produce a disease known as ciguatera, characterized by paralysis and gastric derangements.

  68. To eat too much of the tropical morays is to invite gastric troubles, but no true ciguatera.

  69. The nervous system of this intricate machinery is formed by the two long branches of the pneumo-gastric nerves, which in fishes usually run under each lateral line.

  70. At 3 they were chymified; and at half-past four nothing remained but a little gastric juice.

  71. Not only did these gastric martyrs attribute their holy visions to abstinence, but they considered it as the source of their longevity.

  72. The antiseptic properties of the gastric juice were fully demonstrated in several other experiments.

  73. A great deal of careful thought is often necessary in the formulation of such menus, for children have as many gastric idiosyncrasies as grown people, and frequently these are only disclosed little by little.

  74. These should be served promptly, but in an orderly fashion, and both the conduct of the dinner and the gastric powers will be benefited by such simplicity.

  75. Pavlov has shown that without such attention and enjoyment of the taste of food, the secretion of gastric juice is lessened.

  76. This exercises and so preserves the teeth, and insures the flow of saliva and gastric juice.

  77. If water of doubtful quality has to be drunk, it should be at the middle or end of a meal when the healthy stomach contains plenty of gastric juice, which to a limited extent has the power to kill germs.

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