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  1. Immunity from flood destruction in the Passaic must come, if it ever comes, from the construction of flood-catchment reservoirs in the uplands.

  2. In view of the condition expressed above it will be necessary in providing for flood catchment in the Wanaque drainage area to omit entirely from consideration the possibility of assistance from Greenwood Lake.

  3. No studies have been made of the situation in the Saddle River drainage area, but a superficial inspection of the basin shows that opportunities for the construction of flood-catchment reservoirs are not numerous.

  4. It is generally estimated that 25 per cent of the volume of the mean annual rain on a given catchment is sufficient reservoir capacity to fully utilize the flood flows.

  5. The Mountain View site is an ideal one for the reservoir, and its initial development for flood catchment does not involve the expenditure of a dollar that would be lost in the development of the basin to greater capacities for water supply.

  6. In considering the means for the construction of flood-catchment reservoirs in Pequanac Basin there must be taken into account the conservation and delivery of the Newark supply.

  7. This is a comparatively small amount of storage, yet it would provide for all flood catchment in that comparatively limited area and would be of assistance at times in compensating the dry flow of the Pequanac.

  8. The site is one of the most advantageous known for the creation of a flood-catchment basin.

  9. Its value as a flood catchment basin is somewhat uncertain, as it is used as a storage feeder for Morris Canal.

  10. It therefore belongs to the catchment basin of the Sutlej and not to the Indus, and the Tseti-la is a pass of secondary order.

  11. If the water from Rakas-tal flows into the Sutlej once a century, and then only for such a short period as to be observed by no one, we shall still be justified in including the lakes in the catchment area of the river.

  12. A very remarkable case of transportation through the body of a glacier is the following: In 1820, three men were buried under an avalanche in the catchment basin of the Bossons Glacier in the Alps.

  13. Marked objects thrown into the catchment basin have, after many years, emerged at or near the end of the glacier; thus the rate of motion can be very accurately told.

  14. A valley or alpine glacier consists essentially of a stream of ice slowly flowing down a valley and fed from a catchment basin of snow within a region of perpetual snow.

  15. Where the main mass of snow and ice in the catchment basin or gathering ground of a valley glacier pulls away from the snow and névé on the upper slopes, the rock wall is more or less exposed in the deep crevasse.

  16. Their depth and breadth was in general proportional to the height of that part of the Coast Range in which their headwaters lay and to the size of their catchment basins.

  17. The number of moraines in the various glaciated valleys of the Cordillera Vilcapampa differ, owing to differences in elevation and to the variable size of the catchment basins.

  18. What seems a good test of the explanation of cirques here proposed was made in those localities in the Maritime Cordillera, where large snowbanks but not glaciers affect the form of the catchment basins.

  19. The most important glacial deposits were accumulated in the eastern part of the Andes as a result of greater precipitation, a lower snowline, and catchment basins of larger area.

  20. It has been attempted to express the decrease of the rate of flood discharge with the increase of extent of the catchment basin by empirical formulae.

  21. The larger the catchment basin the less probable is it that all the conditions tending to produce a maximum discharge should simultaneously occur.

  22. Of the whole rainfall on the catchment basin, a part only finds its way to the stream.

  23. A stream or river is the channel for the discharge of the available rainfall of a district, termed its catchment basin.

  24. The following table gives the relation of the average stream discharge to the average rainfall on the catchment basin (Tiefenbacher).

  25. Tiefenbacher gives the following estimate of the flood discharge of streams in Europe:-- Flood discharge of Streams per Second per Square Mile of Catchment Basin.

  26. The catchment basin is surrounded by a ridge or watershed line, continuous except at the point where the river finds an outlet.

  27. He was off to see to another of his father's interests--that "catchment area" far away up in the mountains.

  28. And still the rain poured down pitilessly, and he thought he could detect a peal of thunder above the roar of the waters, which suggested a renewed burst over the very catchment area which had supplied this flood.

  29. It must be falling heavy in that catchment area.

  30. The noblest and most-varied scenery in the north-west Himalaya is in the catchment area of the Jhelam.

  31. The Sutle; has a course of 900 miles, and a large catchment area in the hills.

  32. The increase in the size of the pipes from Mederos is for the purpose of receiving the waters of the Mederos River and other springs in the San Pablo and Aqua Verde catchment areas, as shown on Plate II.

  33. Santa Catarina, as the catchment area of the stream is only 910 hectares, and the stream has never been known to fail, even in the driest periods of prolonged drought.

  34. The rain may be either caught on the roofs, which must always have a clean surface and clean gutters, or else on artificially prepared catchment areas.

  35. A part of the water runs off on the surface, forming brooks, streams, and lakes, and if it falls on roofs of houses or on prepared catchment areas, it can be collected in cisterns or tanks as rain water.

  36. This is an erroneous impression which I have combatted since 1873, when my duties required a study of the floods of the entire Mississippi catchment basin.

  37. The Nile delivers only one thirty-seventh of the rainfall of its catchment basin, while tropical rivers in general deliver one-fifth.

  38. During the past year Professor Russell, of the Signal Office, has determined carefully the rainfall and river outflow over the most important part of the United States, the entire catchment basin of the Mississippi river and its tributaries.

  39. The use of stringy bark for the roofing of small dwellings seemed to have ceased since my last sojourn in these parts, the practical value of iron for rain-water catchment having thrust aside the cooler and more picturesque material.

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