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cauls; caup; caus; causa; causae; causality; causally; causam; causas; causation
  1. To be sure, we must not forget that we have to deal here with a causal and not with a purposive point of view.

  2. This was a typical illustration of one event following another without causal relation.

  3. It is, of course, only a question of coincidence in a succession of events by no means connected in any causal relation, yet by the unthinking set down as showing the possibility of such premonitions being supremely significant.

  4. Speculations were even made at these early dates of the possible causal connection of these organisms with diseases, and for a little the medical profession was interested in the suggestion.

  5. It is true that Henle made a general theory as to the relation of such organisms to diseases, and pointed out the logically necessary steps in a demonstration of the causal connection between any organism and a disease.

  6. On the other hand, their causal connection with fermentative and putrefactive processes was entirely obscured by the overshadowing weight of the chemist Liebig, who believed that fermentations and putrefactions were simply chemical processes.

  7. To remove physical defects, causal conditions among all income classes should be treated, and not merely symptoms revealed at school by children of the so-called poor.

  8. Putting glasses on children without changing causal conditions is like giving alcohol to consumptives.

  9. Before such a conclusion is warranted, we must grasp more clearly the nature of the causal relation between high standard of living and efficiency.

  10. The direct causal connection between the increased productive power of modern machinery and trade depression clearly emerges from a comparison of the fluctuations in the several departments of industry in different industrial countries.

  11. In this artificial product causal connections have taken the place of final ends.

  12. Jñâna was a movement and not the result of causal operation as Nyâya supposed.

  13. Finally all seemingly invariable antecedents which may be dispensed with or left out are not unconditional and cannot therefore be regarded as causal conditions.

  14. The later Buddhists introduced the method of Pañcakâra.nî in order to determine effectively the causal relation.

  15. Thus in whatsoever way we may seek to find out the real nature of the causal principle from the interminable series of cause-effect phenomena we fail.

  16. Ratnakîrtti wishes to draw attention to the fact that as one perceptual moment reveals a number of objects, so one causal moment may produce a number of effects.

  17. The variation as well as production of knowledge in the soul depends upon the variety of causal collocations.

  18. If the curve of daily movement of the plant-organ closely resemble the diurnal thermographic curve, there can then be no doubt of the causal relation of variation of temperature in the production of the periodic movement.

  19. Outside of masturbation, begun in early childhood and indulged in excessively at times, no causal factors were discovered.

  20. We cannot confirm the idea of a prime causal connection in this particular, although we have evidence that betterment of the physical ailment may lead to less inclination towards the unfortunate behavior.

  21. A sequence once or twice observed is taken as the basis of a causal relation.

  22. Tabulation of the data collected is very important, since classification of the data does much to suggest the causal relations sought.

  23. If we find, in a wide variety of instances, two phenomena occurring in a certain constant correlation, we infer a causal relation.

  24. There are many phenomena where the elements are so complex that they cannot be analyzed and invariable causal relations established.

  25. Not merely the causal connection, but even the chronological succession of these important events is obscure.

  26. The peaceful dispensing of justice by Varus and the storming of the camp are both known to the better tradition, and that in their causal connection.

  27. Again, he assumes the uniformity of nature, the universality of the causal relation, and so on.

  28. But this causal law is itself merely a postulate; it is destitute of self-evidence.

  29. Causal energy:--Love of Power, or Ambition; Love of Liberty.

  30. The substantial dispute relates to the completeness of the causal dependence of any volition upon the state of things at the preceding instant, whether we specify these as 'character and circumstances,' or 'brain and environing forces.

  31. No social system can do more than provide a favourable environment for the development of those individual capacities and energies which are the true and the only causal forces of betterment.

  32. Hence there is a true causal connection between the former and the latter.

  33. The purpose of the artist in narrative is to represent a series of events--wherein each event stands in a causal relation, direct or indirect, to its logical predecessor and its logical successor in the series.

  34. Karana Sarira, the causal body; Avidya; ignorance; that which is the cause of the evolution of a human ego.

  35. Can all these examples, part of the context of the discussion of literacy in our changing world, be interpreted as being in causal relation to the decline of literacy?

  36. Is it not because they feel that there is something in man which will not fit into a rigid world-mechanism, and that conduct would cease {84} to have moral worth if life were reduced to a causal series of happenings?

  37. To these, studying the world's affairs, clear lines of causal sequence present themselves.

  38. The result, however, is a really stimulating and valuable presentment of Greek history in terms of causal forces.

  39. Adam Smith's Theory of the Moral Sentiments, which is certainly in the line of descent from Shaftesbury, there may really be a causal connection.

  40. Irregular verbs, the formation of transitive and causal verbs, and the treatment of compound verbs, are on the same lines as in Mth.

  41. There is a long series of transitive verbs formed from intransitives and of causal verbs formed from transitives, generally by adding ab (Skr.

  42. Causal clauses+ are introduced by the subordinate conjunctions because, since, as, inasmuch as, and sometimes that.

  43. There is therefore nothing more or less in the effect than in the group of causes; and the causal relation moves towards identity as towards its asymptote.

  44. Let us see in it rather a kind of creative maturation, and let us attempt to grasp the nature of this causal activity.

  45. God" is a causal agent as well as a medium of communion, and that is the aspect which I wish to emphasize.

  46. On the one hand it is said that mind and matter are absolutely heterogeneous, and, therefore, that any causal relation between them is ex hypothesi impossible.

  47. It is only gradually that there appears any recognition of a spiritual principle exercising a modifying or causal influence over inert matter.

  48. They are both causal events baptised by man in accordance with his sympathies and antipathies.

  49. Subjective associations were then replaced by tested causal connections.

  50. They were innocent of our modern understanding of nature as a scene of impersonal, causal processes.

  51. The universe is regarded as a closed system of causal {118} relations which spring from the nature of its parts.

  52. We must rid ourselves of the modern conception, nourished by science, of nature as a realm of causal relations.

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