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Example sentences for "chaffed"

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chafer; chafers; chafes; chaff; chaffare; chaffer; chaffering; chaffinch; chaffinches; chaffing
  1. After a long time we chaffed him about the Sumana, and offered him a kabob for his thoughts.

  2. The others chaffed me about this, and we became quite jocular over the whole show.

  3. Naturally they did not believe me, and chaffed the life out of me.

  4. I have seen the great Li Hung Chang stepping into the Yamen over the bodies of the coolies, who refused to move and who chaffed him as he passed.

  5. The boy had recovered, somewhat against expectations, and Jim had thought no more of the matter, except to drop gently and firmly into a gorse bush a fellow who had chaffed him for being a nursemaid.

  6. They roared over her ducking and subsequent encounter with Cecil, and chaffed her unmercifully.

  7. Now I have been a good deal chaffed about a resemblance to Sherlock Holmes, the great detective of fiction, but I acknowledge and am proud of that resemblance.

  8. I took advantage of the long legs about which "my friend Montie" has occasionally chaffed me and caught him up.

  9. They spoke of nothing but politics, which she did not understand, and Cheiron chaffed him a good deal in his kindly cynical way.

  10. Where there is an abundance of straw, and especially if cut into chaff, the easiest way to keep the stable clean, and the cows comfortable, is to use enough of this chaffed straw to absorb all the liquid.

  11. He found that Mr. Lawrence adopted the “Box System” of feeding cattle, and used cut or chaffed straw for bedding.

  12. He was chaffed rather unmercifully at times by several of the ladies he found there, in particular by a certain Miss Gertie Press, by nature so witty and sarcastic that the young man was genuinely afraid of her.

  13. He had been chaffed about Harold's shirking, and being a dutiful nephew, and he did not like it at all.

  14. Well, we're awfully thick, you know; and she chaffed me all the evening about my engagement with Miss Phillips.

  15. The doctor had chaffed me so villanously all the way back that my disappointment and mortification had vanished, and had given place to a feeling of resentment.

  16. She laughed, but she was seldom chaffed out of a reply.

  17. That was three months back, three months of anxious waiting, in which Howard had chaffed me daily on my looks and health.

  18. But Margaret knew that, if her friend chaffed him, it was because she completely approved of him.

  19. She chaffed Oliver as though he were an old friend, and laughed vivaciously.

  20. But it's better to be a guy than to be chaffed by every boy one meets, especially if one is not to be allowed to fight.

  21. The elder girls were delighted at the thought of Jeanne becoming their sister, but the boys went into fits of laughter and chaffed Harry so unmercifully for the next day or two that it was just as well that Jeanne was up in her room.

  22. Nicholson read my thoughts--or thought he did--and chaffed me till I grew more red than ever, and wanted to kick him.

  23. How my chum would have chaffed me about that if he saw me now!

  24. I had no intention of quitting her so soon, felt as if I could not, so chaffed her, "What do you mean by hurting her?

  25. Harriet appealed to the cook to help her, but she only chaffed and chuckled.

  26. The next morning I increased my acquaintance with the young wench Molly, chaffed the nursemaid, and besought her to let me sleep with her.

  27. That was Constance' great care and not only hers but Addie's as well; and Van der Welcke often chaffed his son, that it was not an unmixed joy to be the father of nine children.

  28. Since that time Van der Welcke had always chaffed the boy about his nine children.

  29. Scott was perfectly well aware that Opdyke would not have chaffed some of those other girls upon such short acquaintance, and the surety made him restless.

  30. Reed's parson" they called Scott, and they chaffed Opdyke mercilessly, when Scott's back was turned.

  31. It opened out to restorative daylight, and we breathed better and chaffed one another, and, beholding a house with pendent gold grapes, applauded the diligence conductor's expressive pantomime.

  32. A street-boy overheard him and chaffed him.

  33. The tramp winced with vexation, and the gipsies chaffed him.

  34. The tramp-women insisted on spreading things out for us: ten yards off their children squatted staring: the man smoked and chaffed us.

  35. I need hardly say we got unmercifully chaffed on our return to camp, when the result of our expedition leaked out.

  36. He got down, lit a cigar, chaffed the officer and the crowd, and was, on the whole, admired.

  37. Staines told Tadcaster, and he went forward and chaffed his friend the quartermaster, who was one of the forecastle wits.

  38. But at the same time I rather chaffed Rita on her preoccupation as to personal safety that so often cropped up in her talk.

  39. The companions of my idle hours (and all my hours were idle just then) noticed my preoccupation and chaffed me about it in a rather obvious way.

  40. The Cape Boys in the advance trenches were playing a concertina, and so chaffed the Boers, saying they were dancing, and asking them to send some ladies, &c.

  41. They chaffed the passing infantry, and were answered in kind.

  42. To be chaffed by his own uncle when under sentence of a court-martial had not been agreeable, but this admonition was unendurable.

  43. Servants of engineer officers spoke as they passed, or chaffed him.

  44. Cigars and pipes were lighted, and Newton chaffed Gibbon as the arrogant young brigadier in command for the time of Hancock's Corps.

  45. They chaffed each other good-naturedly for a while, to the great delight of the reporters and hotel guests, who had gathered in a dense crowd about them.

  46. You've got nothing to worry about," chaffed Joe.

  47. If I hadn't chaffed him, he would have been at home now.

  48. They chaffed me about it at the cricket match; but I don't call it a fair question.

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