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Example sentences for "challenged"

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chalking; chalks; chalky; chall; challenge; challengeing; challenger; challengers; challenges; challengeth
  1. Finally Don Alonzo and a man-at-arms, having challenged each other to see who would do the best, ran towards the bastion hand in hand.

  2. Du Chastel on the other hand maintained that he had not sworn, and he challenged the captain to meet him in single combat.

  3. In the year 1769, the Parliament of Grenoble took cognisance of the delinquency of the Sieur Duchelas, one of its members, who challenged and killed in a duel a captain of the Flemish legion.

  4. The infamous De Bouteville challenged and fought the Marquis de Beuvron; and although the duel itself was not fatal to either, its consequences were fatal to both.

  5. Carrouges, on his return, challenged Legris to mortal combat for the twofold crime of violation and slander, inasmuch as he had denied his guilt by asserting that the lady was a willing party.

  6. Bohemund at last, for the purpose of annoying the Count of Toulouse, challenged poor Peter to prove the truth of his story of the lance by the fiery ordeal.

  7. He accordingly challenged his Royal Highness, and they met on Wimbledon Common.

  8. D'Eslon, Mesmer challenged an examination of his doctrine by the Faculty of Medicine.

  9. The worthless Duke of Buckingham, having debauched the Countess of Shrewsbury, was challenged by her husband to mortal combat in January 1668.

  10. Hardly a day passed but what he was engaged in some duel or other, either as principal or second; and he once challenged De Bouteville himself, his best friend, because De Bouteville had fought a duel without inviting him to become his second.

  11. Others, however, think it was Abu Jahl, who challenged Mohammed to cause a fragment of heaven to fall on them.

  12. This was the number which he first challenged them to compose; but they not being able to do it, he made the matter still easier, challenging them to produce a single chapter only,2 comparable to the Korân in doctrine and eloquence.

  13. For this act Levi afterward challenged Ethan to a duel, but Ethan took no notice of the challenge.

  14. And I, believing this evil woman, came hither and challenged the lord of this castle to mortal combat; and, indeed, I deemed it was with Sir Damas that I fought even now.

  15. Who have challenged shall do battle, so help me the Most High.

  16. I challenged him not; our pact of peace I did not overthrow; But since he seeks it of me, to demand it I will go.

  17. Tomorrow is the combat; at the rising of the sun By the three who challenged with thee in the court it shall be done.

  18. Roland Cameron, a boy by nature warlike in the earlier stages of life, had then his celebrated combat, having challenged an oldster of the Normal, a head taller than himself.

  19. He challenged to the combat Cyrus Doyle, a long-limbed native, big enough to eat him, with the assurance of a gamecock defying an emu.

  20. Killer not only heard and saw the intruding object, but smelt it, and sprang at it violently, with a rasping, savage snarl which challenged the Giant Wolf to come forward or be for ever accursed for a coward.

  21. He knew that it came from the great wolf-dingo, whose passage he had challenged in the dawning of that day.

  22. Warming up, he did not desist on finishing the matter in dispute, but challenged others of Jimmie's audacious inaccuracies and proceeded to straighten them out.

  23. In a blind effort to do so she unthinkingly challenged him to prove his sterner strength which she had never seen put to the test.

  24. He challenged me by our own laws, `Blood for blood!

  25. Margaret's eyes blazed with triumph, and challenged me, still me, to share it.

  26. So she challenged me to admire her, and indeed I think that the witch was verily bent on casting a spell over me.

  27. The test case was that of Hampden, the great Buckinghamshire magnate, who challenged the legality of a tax which Charles imposed, professedly for a national navy.

  28. It may have been in some ways good for the monarchy, to be checked and challenged by an institution which at least kept something of the old freshness and freedom of speech.

  29. Using his own voice like the trumpet of a herald, he challenged his rival to a fight as personal as that of two paladins of Charlemagne.

  30. Cobbett was the one man who saw the tendency of the time as a whole, and challenged it as a whole; consequently he went without support.

  31. The Archbishop challenged him with uplifted questioning eyebrows, and he answered his gaze with: 'God help ye, goodman Bishop; it were easier for thee to deal with this maid than for me.

  32. Brother challenged Lionel, who being too badly wounded to fight at once had been imprisoned lest he escape.

  33. Challenged by king's son; unless he can find someone to take his place will be overcome.

  34. For two days, therefore, they challenged the enemy to battle; but though a few were killed on either side, nothing worthy of note was done.

  35. The claim was instantly and fiercely challenged by Hampton's supporters.

  36. The President's policy, as laid down in his message, was at once challenged in Congress.

  37. The critics of the reconstruction policy are often challenged by its defenders with the question, "But what better course can you suggest, even now?

  38. The first man to fall was a negro porter of a railway train, who, failing to halt when challenged by one of Brown's sentinels, was shot.

  39. On one occasion, Judge Dooly had been challenged by Judge Tait,--the same Judge Tait who had made himself so obnoxious to General John Clarke.

  40. Meanwhile the hostile Creeks had already challenged Georgia and begun their attack.

  41. He challenged Mr. Crawford, shot him through the wrist, and then challenged him again.

  42. If that fellow says: "I challenged the poacher, he did not throw down his gun?

  43. I'd challenged him To mortal combat, thou may'st take my word, But none might tell the hero from the dragon, And dragons must be killed.

  44. On another occasion He is challenged as to His paternity, and does not deny that He is the son of Joseph (John VI:42).

  45. He intentionally and openly violated its laws, and challenged the Pharisees to defend their position.

  46. In December, 1839, Douglas, in a heated conversation, challenged the young Whigs present to a political discussion.

  47. If the empire challenged our first survey, the next would seem due to the Cæsars who guided its course; to the great ones who retarded, and to the bad ones who precipitated, its ruin.

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