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  1. My own feeling inclines me to advise the taking up of the Pont Evêque cheeses more than the Camembert; they are not so difficult to ripen, and I think are more suitable to English taste, and should command a ready sale.

  2. A large quantity of these cheeses are made on small farms and sent en blanc, that is after three or four days, to some of the larger factories, where they are finally salted and dried and packed for export.

  3. Here you will make your first acquaintance with a Normandy cheese stall, and I must confess the cheeses one meets at the country markets are not inviting, but to the intending cheese-maker they are most interesting.

  4. If a longer excursion than I have named can be taken, I should strongly recommend my cyclist to take a run into Brittany, and visit the farms round Rennes, where the Port du Salut cheeses are made.

  5. One of the largest makers and exporters of all the various kinds of these cheeses is Monsieur Brière, at Mesnil Guillaume, some four miles from Lisieux.

  6. The simplicity of the work of making these soft cheeses is such, that I can only attribute the great difficulty experienced in England to produce Camemberts in perfection to the herbage and the difference of atmosphere.

  7. I must not omit to mention among other cheeses the Livarot, which really haunts one in market, hotel, and factory, the strong pungent smell being very disagreeable to our English ideas.

  8. It is one of the cheeses known as "Fromages cuits," and for all these the plant required is costly.

  9. The farmer himself was far away on the high alps with his cattle, and came down the mountain only once in a while with a load of cheeses on his back.

  10. But the cheeses may be all finished by now?

  11. The cheeses are then covered with cheesecloth and "ripened" slowly, the ripening process giving characteristic consistency and flavor.

  12. The foreign cheeses are expensive, but American cheeses may be classed among the moderate priced foods and they compare favorably with other protein foods.

  13. Serve a cream cheese with a salad of lettuce, and the imported cheeses with crackers and fruit for dessert.

  14. Only took ten cheeses and fifteen sides of bacon, though she never knew nought of our black fever case!

  15. Milking pails, huge bowls of milk set for cream, others of curd and of whey, and crates filled with cheeses stood all about, in vast size and profusion like everything else.

  16. And carry these ten cheeses to the captain of their thousand, and see how thy brethren fare and bring me word again.

  17. And some had cheeses less firmly curdled, for they in their feebleness have seed imperfectly tempered, and they raise offspring mostly stupid, feeble, and useless.

  18. The scene is described and expounded as follows: ‘Behold, I saw upon earth men carrying milk in earthen vessels and making cheeses therefrom.

  19. These cheeses require to be kept a considerable time.

  20. Analyses of large numbers of Cheddar cheeses manufactured in every month of the cheese-making season show the average composition of ripe specimens to be--water, 35.

  21. After being shaped in moulds of various forms, these cheeses are laid on straw mats to cure, and when fit to eat they possess about the same consistency as butter.

  22. The best known of the soft unpressed cheeses are Brie, Camembert and Coulommiers, whilst Pont l'Eveque, Livarot and other varieties are also made.

  23. The Neufchatel, Gervais and Bondon cheeses are soft varieties intended to be eaten quite fresh, like cream cheese.

  24. The Edam and Gouda are the common cheeses of Holland.

  25. There are cheeses from France, cheeses from Switzerland, cheeses from Holland.

  26. Some bits of broken bread; two Dutch cheeses (whole); the crust of an old Stilton; and about an ounce of almonds and raisins.

  27. I answer, that though my garrison were without food, I knew my duty as an officer, and had put the two Dutch cheeses into the two guns, and had crammed the contents of a bottle of olives into each swivel.

  28. The good wife was as usual busy in making cheeses from the goat's milk, which is a very important occupation throughout Cyprus.

  29. Certain Cheeses are converted into Stones, and many Wicked Men are drowned.

  30. CXIX Certain Cheeses are converted into Stones, and many Wicked Men are drowned.

  31. These Milan cheeses were so highly esteemed by the French invaders in 1499, that Louis XII.

  32. Others, again, receive the milk and bear it into the dairies, where it is made into the great cheeses which they call here Milan cheeses, under the superintendence of the master cheese-maker.

  33. The special form of serving boiled eggs should also be settled, and the question of serving cheeses whole or broken.

  34. Cheeses of the pineapple and Eadam varieties should be cut so that the top will fit again closely and exclude the air.

  35. The Seigneurs presented cheeses or a couple of fowls; the Religieuses of Oberwerth a cake, and those of the Chartreuse a quarter of a hundred of eggs.

  36. One of the shortest and most beautiful walks about Bertrich is to the Kaesegrotte, or cheese grotto: this is a cave supported by basaltic pillars which look as if made of cheeses placed one on the top of the other.

  37. To preserve cheeses from decay, lay them in an airy situation, and cover them with dried leaves of the yellow star of Bethlehem.

  38. A few cheeses thus made, when the weather is not extremely hot, and when the cows are in full feed, are well adapted to the use of the parlour.

  39. Let it stand in the press fourteen or sixteen hours, observing to put the cheeses last made undermost.

  40. Thin cheeses are placed in one layer, with a small handful of salt; and thick ones in two layers, with two handfuls of salt; the salt being spread and rubbed uniformly among the curd.

  41. The old man took no notice of anybody as he strode through the village on his way to the valley below, where he sold his cheeses and bought what bread and meat he wanted for himself.

  42. Olivier de Serres advises those who wish to have good cheeses to boil the milk before churning it, a plan which is in use at Lodi and Parma, "where cheeses are made which are acknowledged by all the world to be excellent.

  43. The men who catch the cheeses are exceedingly adroit--it is the nearest thing to an English game that is played in Holland.

  44. Before they are finally placed in position the cheeses are liberally greased, until they glow and glitter like orange fires.

  45. Bailey, entering the gymnasium, found Steve already there, punching the bag with a force and precision which showed that the bunch of cheeses ought to have been highly grateful to Mrs. Dingle for her anti-pugilistic prejudices.

  46. The only thing that appeared to have the power to ruffle him to the slightest extent was the contemplation of what he described as the bunch of cheeses who pretended to fight nowadays.

  47. It's tough on a fellow to have to sit out of the game and watch a bunch of cheeses like this new crop of middle-weights swelling around and calling themselves fighters when they couldn't lick a postage-stamp, not if it was properly trained.

  48. Several other cheeses were cured in the same cellar, in the same way, but none of them were put to press so soft or sweet, but all sweet-curd cheeses, and all buttery and fine.

  49. Cheeses made in the same way as the others that were cured in the cellar, and some cooked more and soured more, were made by the same gentleman and cured in an ordinary curing-room.

  50. These cheeses were a demonstration, if not a revelation.

  51. I didn't suppose there were as many cheeses in the world," said Theodore, looking around him.

  52. When the boys appeared again, they all stopped to watch a pile of round, red cheeses which were piled up like shot, ready to be loaded.

  53. Wilhelmina and I have already had ours, so hurry up with yours, and then come down to the canal; we are going to see the cheeses loaded on to the boats.

  54. These are the favourite cows throughout Holland for furnishing the milk for the famous butter and cheeses of the country.

  55. Here was the Weighing-House, where the cheeses were being weighed on funny old-fashioned scales, which looked as though they had been in use hundreds of years.

  56. The quality of the cheeses will vary with the quality of the milk from which they have been made, and proportionately to the amount of fat present in that milk.

  57. Where the green cheeses were examined immediately after removing from the press, it was usually found that a diminution in numbers of bacteria had taken place.

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