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Example sentences for "choristers"

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  1. In the meantime dark groups of choristers were congregated in different parts of the city, and things did, indeed, look gloomy.

  2. The choristers would not even wait until the close of the performance for their money, but insisted upon having it there and then.

  3. One night, when Lucia di Lammermoor was being played, a delegation of choristers notified me that unless all arrears were paid up they would decline to go on the stage.

  4. All I was asked for by my choristers was permission to consider themselves free, and in a few cases a little money with which to buy wheelbarrows.

  5. In many instances choristers were afraid to go through the streets to fulfil their duties.

  6. In Italy they had been choristers only by night, and in the day time had followed the various callings to which now in their difficult position they desired to return.

  7. I am endeavouring to show how our fifty-year-old choristers are to be trained, and what they are to avoid.

  8. And the considerations which we have urged seem to show in what way these fifty years' old choristers who are to sing, may be expected to be better trained.

  9. The winged choristers began To chirp their matins.

  10. The choristers had come in at four o'clock from service with the head master, whose week it was for chanting, and had settled down to their respective desks.

  11. He sent all over England in search of singing men and boys for the chapel royal, and sometimes appropriated choristers from Wolsey's chapel, which he thought better provided than his own.

  12. On the 15th it was taken to Windsor, where it was met by the Dean and choristers of the Chapel Royal, and by the members of Eton College.

  13. They maintained an establishment of singing men and boys analogous to the vicars-choral and choristers of the present time, who were described as "the gentlemen and children of the chapel.

  14. Lowest in rank are the surpliced choristers wearing hoods, with, in some instances, a liripipe depending from them behind.

  15. He was one of the choristers of the cathedral, one of whom every year was selected for this office.

  16. It may be remarked that the Boy Bishop was chosen by the other choristers to officiate from Saint Nicholas Day to the evening of Innocents' Day.

  17. There is a custom in Dresden that on the occasion of the death of a person the young choristers of the Cathedral are sent for to sing hymns, standing in a semi-circle round the door of the house of the defunct.

  18. These choristers are all dressed in black and their style of singing is melodious, solemn and impressive.

  19. In 1378 the scholars or choristers of St. Paul's petitioned Richard II.

  20. With the choristers proper we are not here much concerned.

  21. Spurs to the choristers of Windsor, for the King's.

  22. Thirteen of them were priests, two were choristers and two lay-brothers.

  23. Precentors, vicars, and choristers might hang up their harps on the willows.

  24. How the meagre little prebendary, and the burly chancellor, and all the minor canons and vicars choral, ay, and all the choristers too, cowered and shook and walked about with long faces when they read or heard of that article of the Jupiter.

  25. But the monkish musicians and choristers scorned to follow the lead of anything so artless and obvious.

  26. How sweet must be the voices of the young choristers singing psalms among the growing corn to Him who maketh the "sun to shine and the rains to descend upon the earth, so that it may bring forth its fruit in due season!

  27. The tinkling rill babbled at their feet; the feathered choristers warbled in the grove; and the deep lowings of the distant herds died away upon the ear.

  28. Allow me to partake of that bounty, which nature has bestowed upon the choristers of the grove, to wander where I will.

  29. The lady on the delicately pacing palfrey turned the darkness of her eyes from the white-robed choristers to the face of the young man.

  30. He was sunning himself with certain young clerks and choristers of the marshal's privy chapel of the Holy Innocents.

  31. A horror of wrath and darkness has overwhelmed the world; and what of the patient choristers now?

  32. The ring of choristers in khaki and blue flannel faced with cotton wool looked at their conductor, a sergeant in the Glosters, with intense and painful concentration.

  33. The winged choristers began To chirp their matins.

  34. Pitch pipe, a wind instrument used by choristers in regulating the pitch of a tune.

  35. Such a dual organization, it seemed to him, was now more or less necessary, since the number of boy choristers in the Chapel Royal was limited to twelve, whereas the acting of plays demanded at least twice as many.

  36. In the first place, it would be too conspicuously a capitalization of the royal choristers for private gain; and in the second place, it would be far too hazardous a business venture for so poor a man as he to undertake.

  37. Lodging and Dieting such of the Chantry Priests, Choristers and stipendiary Priests, who had before no certain Place where to hold Commons in, which he furnish’d with all proper Utensils, the Charge amounting to 489 l.

  38. The Penalties of the Punished to be imployed by the Dean and Chapter at their Discretion, upon any of the Ministers or Choristers of the Church.

  39. Choristers were to say certain Prayers when they enter’d the Chapel, commemorate his Death, and pray for his and the Souls of all the Faithful departed.

  40. The mournful hymn of the choristers was now heard approaching.

  41. High waved the crucifix upon the church yard gate, shining silvery bright through the evening twilight, and the choristers in double ranks drew slowly toward the grave.

  42. In the north of England men used to go about begging drink, and at Ripon Minster the choristers went round the church offering everyone a rosy apple with a sprig of box on it.

  43. It was then that the small choristers and servers in cathedral and other churches generally elected their "Boy Bishop" or "Nicholas.

  44. At length, as the solemn chant of the choristers began to swell through the edifice, preluding the celebration of the Death Mass for the departed Pontiff, a silence as of the tomb pervaded the vast edifice.

  45. The choristers chanted a psalm as they passed on and the incense bearers swung their silver censers.

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