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  1. Highlands, as well as from more general causes,' the old clannish affection 'is passing away.

  2. They are clannish in the extreme, and to elucidate a criminal case in which no one but Panwars are concerned, and in a Panwar village, is usually a harder task than the average local police officer can tackle.

  3. Though he is fond of comfort he combines a good deal of thrift with it, and the clannish spirit of the caste would prevent any oppression of Raghvi tenants by a landlord or moneylender of their own body.

  4. The caste are usually considered rather clannish and morose.

  5. Among other social and mental features of character there are two which are seldom wanting to the "Kachari": (1) he is an intensely clannish being.

  6. It may perhaps be asked how a people so clannish and united as the Kacharis are well known to be, should ever become so widely separated as the Western (Bara) and Southern (Dimasa) sections now undoubtedly are.

  7. In this, as in almost all else, the Kachari is clannish and gregarious in what he does; and regular hunting parties are duly organised to carry out the work in hand.

  8. The Jews were so clannish that they were a problem in themselves; the Germans assimilated a little better and yet they too were like one large family.

  9. Then, too, they were a clannish lot and a jealous lot.

  10. The consequence was that there was little of the clannish spirit among Englishmen.

  11. We could not join company with these clannish emigrants, without offering some excuse.

  12. They are not usually of a clannish disposition; but, in a matter of this kind, they will be as unanimous in their sympathies, and antipathies too, as they would about the butchering of a bear.

  13. They had not progressed as Germans in their own country had done but being clannish had remained at the point of development reached at the date of their migration.

  14. They are still clannish and have not yet escaped from the mental habits of the Middle Ages.

  15. Footnote: The writer's main object in writing this song was to do what he could toward breaking down all remains of clannish feeling in this highly important country.

  16. It was not always safe to have even the game of foot-ball between villages, the old clannish spirit was too apt to break out.

  17. In the first place this interesting bird is a clannish fellow.

  18. He has become clannish and gained the advantages of coöperation.

  19. And it was, of course, his clannish loyalty to his family name that would not let him leave the pearls to Betty.

  20. He had a strong clannish feeling about the Varians and he was sensitive to many slight faults in Betty that Minna never gave any heed to.

  21. Nay, so prevalent was this clannish spirit, even at the beginning of the religious troubles, that Henry VIII.

  22. But the Romans soon after invading Asia Minor, the twelve clannish republics formerly founded were, according to Strabo, first reduced to three, then to two, until finally Julius Caesar made Dejotar king of the whole country.

  23. In clannish tribes, therefore, and particularly among the Celts, the personal freedom of the lowest clansman was the rule, deprivation of individual liberty the exception.

  24. But the clannish spirit chiefly showed itself in the authority and rights of every chieftain in his own territory.

  25. For these various offices and their inherent rights were all derived from the universally prevailing family or clannish disposition.

  26. The forms, the offices, the very spirit and language of the Roman administration disappeared; in their place was reconstituted the traditional authority of the clannish chieftains formerly abolished by Roman power.

  27. Thus the alien may be vexed by what he thinks the mere clannish enthusiasm of praise, in Scott's countrymen.

  28. We see the strong clannish spirit and relative lack of independence.

  29. There they are not found to be pioneers on the frontiers of civilisation, but rather remain herded together in clannish communities in the cities of the eastern states, where they create such powerful unofficial associations as 'Tammany Hall.

  30. They talk Hebrew among themselves and Arabic with natives, and they are as clannish as Scotchmen.

  31. North from Lalla-Marnia is the little townlet of Nédroma, whose clannish inhabitants are one and all descended from the Moors of Andalusia.

  32. The second cause may be ascribed to the clannish feeling fostered by cunning politicians, which makes these people vote for a Scandinavian no matter what his character is, just because he is one of their own.

  33. Tadpoles and Guinea-pigs, I should say, were the names given to two combinations or clubs in the clannish Junior School, the mysteries of which were known only to their members, but which were not regarded with favour by the older boys.

  34. Everybody heard Loman call you a fool yesterday, and you know our fellows are so clannish that they think, for the credit of the Fifth, something ought to be done.

  35. Clannish partialities were very apt to guide the tongue and pen, as well as the pistol and claymore, and the features of an anecdote are wonderfully softened or exaggerated as the story is told by a MacGregor or a Campbell.

  36. For a moment he forgot his love of honor, and all his clannish hostility to the British and their Indians, in his wish to have such a treasure in his tribe, and Deerslayer was satisfied with the impression he had made.

  37. In the absence of the restraining interests of a larger social life this patriarchal rule has preserved the cohesion of the domestic and clannish group, and thus safeguarded for the people their primitive virtues.

  38. The contracting of a marriage is not so much an individual as it is a clannish affair.

  39. The burying-places in the East are clannish or church possessions.

  40. Of course this does not mean that his religion {82} has not always been beset with clannish limitations and clouded by superstitions, or that the Oriental has always had a clear, active consciousness of the sanctity of human life.

  41. She was clannish as Carlyle himself, yet even her relations are occasionally made to appear ridiculous.

  42. My auditor contrived to get one ear entirely clear of the bison's skin, and nodded approbation of what fell from me, with a proper degree of human and clannish spirit.

  43. Elizabeth, James, and Cromwell settled their colonists on Irish tribal lands, thus exposing them to the full force of the clannish or tribal spirit which then animated the natives of Ireland.

  44. Men from the same locality or district, when they go to live in foreign communities, are drawn together by a clannish sentiment--a manifestation of their inherited tribal instincts.

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