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Example sentences for "cocktails"

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  1. So, on Saturday nights a sufficient number of cocktails was served to ensure a certain hilarity, and, in case this should wear off, the bar worked steadily during the evening.

  2. This is the way we carried out the dinner, everything being arranged in advance: At 6:30 we called at the rooms of the Governor in the Palace Hotel and had served there dry Martini cocktails with Russian caviar on toasted rye bread.

  3. Of course your wines and cocktails will be extra and these must be reckoned in the cost.

  4. Mr. Soames' eye brightened, and under the benignant influence of the cocktails his courage began to return.

  5. They talked on, forgetful of the supper party downstairs, until a waiter came with cocktails and champagne that Roberta had sent up, but Penelope would have none of these, saying that her love was too great to need stimulation.

  6. So I mixed some cocktails and she took two, and she certainly was gay.

  7. As Fred Starratt came down the steps leading from the California Market with a bottle of oyster cocktails held gingerly before him he never remembered when he had been less in the mood for guests.

  8. Four oyster cocktails came to a dollar and a quarter, and he had to have at least six cigars at twenty-five cents apiece.

  9. We can't make cocktails in England as they do in America, and that is a fact.

  10. Still some quite young American girls drink cocktails and then become quite amusing and very witty, and one decides that they are priceless companions, but out of the question as wives.

  11. As a matter of fact, quite a large number of people at a cocktail party don't drink cocktails at all, and in any case, they are taken in a very small shallow glass.

  12. Forthwith Mr. Sims fell to ordering dinner for the three of us in a private room, with enough of an assortment of gin cocktails and Scotch highballs to run a distillery, and enough Vichy water and imported soda for a bath.

  13. Wealthy as he is, the needs of Mr. Sims reach scarcely further than Martini cocktails and Egyptian cigarettes.

  14. Others (a still worse variety) carried us to neighbouring saloons to dice for cocktails and (after the cocktails were paid) for dollars on a corner of the counter.

  15. Smith spent his day sweeping floors, making beds, cooking food and compounding cocktails for Mr. Donovan.

  16. He drank the cocktails which Smith found time to prepare for him.

  17. The waiter brought the cocktails and her stout young companion came back, beaming at the thought of the dinner he had painstakingly ordered.

  18. He was feeling his absurd notion of inequality in her favor dissipate as the fumes of the cocktails rose straight and strong from his empty stomach to his brain.

  19. There were cocktails to begin with, though Shelby had intimated more than once that he abominated the bourgeois American habit of indulging in such poison.

  20. Rhoda'll have cocktails when there aren't any more left in the country," said Pollen.

  21. Her wandering gaze seems to fall for the first time upon the tray with the cocktails and glasses and cigarettes; she flies at the bell-button and presses it impetuously.

  22. You really get the men, and it keeps them from taking cocktails so much.

  23. Over the twilight cocktails there are tall Stories and talk.

  24. Ashley: "Was that why you smoked, and poured cocktails out of an unopened bottle?

  25. The butler appeared, bringing the oyster cocktails (a genteel delicacy possible in an inland midsummer thanks to the canning industry), and proceeded to serve them with empressement.

  26. They were all--ALL of them--eating their oyster cocktails with their after-dinner coffee spoons!

  27. It makes me fair sick at the thought of hearin' the old gent say once again, 'I think, steward, one of those prime cocktails would be just the thing before dinner.

  28. We didn't know cocktails in those days, but we had sherry and bitters.

  29. It is mighty nigh five bells, and I should be very pleased to have one of your delicious cocktails ere I go down to dine.

  30. He was welcomed with a little wave of the hand, and cocktails were at once ordered.

  31. There was no mistaking this rebuke; even two cocktails were powerless to render Mrs. Poundstone oblivious to it.

  32. There was a long wait for the planked steak, during which time more cocktails were ordered; Martie, who had merely tasted the first one, looking on amiably as the others drank.

  33. With two or three other members of the cast, they went to dine at the Cliff House, preceding the dinner with several cocktails apiece.

  34. They drank two cocktails and found themselves unfortunately devoid of cigarettes, a misfortune which it became his privilege to remedy.

  35. The waiter entered with the cocktails and began to lay the cloth for dinner.

  36. A gong rang through the house a few moments later, and the butler brought in two cocktails on a little silver tray.

  37. An unopened bottle of champagne stood in an ice-pail, and two specially prepared cocktails had been placed upon the little side-table.

  38. She and Tad go joy riding almost every night with a bunch of gasoline and alcohol sports and all have about five cocktails and dance a new Calif.

  39. Nothing more pathetic than these poor little women that poke down the cocktails to keep excited and then go to pieces.

  40. In warm weather, they are an excellent substitute for heavy cocktails made of lobster or crab, and they may even be used to replace the soup course.

  41. Cocktails made of a combination of fruits are often served as the first course of a meal, usually a luncheon or a dinner, to precede the soup course.

  42. Many kinds of fruit may be combined into cocktails, but directions for the cocktails that are usually made are here given.

  43. As the champagne cocktails disappeared, she and Oliver became confidential.

  44. But there were cocktails even on the side-board at the doorway; and by the time the guests had got to the coffee, every one was hilariously drunk.

  45. Cocktails awaited them in the billiard-room, and they gathered there in noisy curiosity over this celebrated house not often opened to anybody except its owner.

  46. It was his form of wit to quiz her because she neither indulged in cocktails nor cigarettes, nor played cards for stakes.

  47. All except the latter two had been doing something to cocktails of various species; Jacqueline took nothing; Aunt Hannah, Scotch whiskey with relish.

  48. The servant who had met Thresk at the door came in upon the instant with a couple of cocktails on a tray.

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