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Example sentences for "dipping"

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  1. Dipping a piece of blue litmus paper (obtainable at drug stores) in the brine will show whether the brine is acid.

  2. Dipping the covers in paraffin and then burning them over with a flame fills the pores of the wood, thus making it comparatively easy to keep them clean.

  3. The indicator required for this process is made by dipping strips of filter paper in a starch solution prepared as described on page 76, to which 1 gram of potassium iodide has been added.

  4. There it is a dark slate, gently dipping east.

  5. The cooling pipe connected with the still consists of tin, and is provided with a beak dipping into a flask filled half-full with 4 pounds of alcohol.

  6. A too vigorous reaction is modified by cooling in cold water, and a too sluggish action quickened by gentle heating (dipping in warm water).

  7. They commonly drink by dipping their fingers in the liquid and then licking them.

  8. Dragon flies lazily winged their way across the pool, now resting daintily upon a blade of sedge or swamp grass, now dipping the tips of their abdomens beneath the surface of the water while depositing their eggs.

  9. The matter of thy discourse is utterly beyond me, save for that thou sayest concerning the dipping of the water-skin.

  10. While he was dipping the skin he tried to think of the hour of his death; but he could think only of the words, and dying seemed to him a thing of naught; for he was young and Zobeida was fair.

  11. The ice clings to the interior of the tube, but may easily be removed by dipping it in tepid water.

  12. Groping his way down a long, damp corridor, he came to a point where three narrower, brick-lined tunnels branched off, one of them dipping into the earth at a sharp angle.

  13. The girl had gone to the lake to get water to wash our clothes, and as she sat in the stern of the boat dipping the water, a great crocodile rose and seized her arm.

  14. In my first hasty judgment, after dipping into the 'Higher Criticism,' I concluded that Jesus was but a charlatan, who had learned thaumaturgy in Egypt and practiced it in Judea.

  15. But--and here is the end of my story--I have said that this open space was shaped like a bowl, with all sides dipping sharply to the center.

  16. The showering down of the various ejected materials round the orifice of eruption gives rise to a conical mound, in which the successive envelopes of sand and scoriae form layers, dipping on all sides from a central axis.

  17. We then climb a steep hill, on the surface of which we see the edges of the same strata dipping inwards towards the mountain.

  18. Chalk with layers of flint dipping slightly to the south.

  19. Thus, in the above instance of strata dipping to the north, their strike must necessarily be east and west.

  20. The sun was dipping gently towards the purple hills.

  21. But she should not have mentioned blind Bartimaeus dipping seven times in the pool of Siloam.

  22. I spake it, with a crimson hue The dipping sun endowed that silver flood, And all the cliffs flushed red, and up she flew, The bird, as mad to bathe in airy blood.

  23. And deeper down, hemmed in and hid From upper light and life amid The swallows gossiping, I thrid Its mazes, till the dipping land Sank to the level of my lane.

  24. This formulae is especially good for dipping purposes.

  25. A hot dipping stain is preferable to a cold dipping stain, first, because it penetrates more readily and second, because it dries quicker.

  26. The dipping process, (immersing the material to be covered) is found to be the most successful, especially in toy making, where so many small parts are used.

  27. For that reason, oil stains are also used a great deal as a dipping stain.

  28. The paint used for dipping purposes must so be prepared that too much does not run off or too much stay on, for this is surely one way to spoil the work.

  29. Many of the small pieces made can be subjected to the dipping process at quite a saving of time and labor, with probably better results than where the application of paint or stain is done with a brush.

  30. Water stains are used a great deal where the dipping process is employed in the finishing of toys.

  31. The success of the dipping process depends on the arrangement adopted for holding the toys while the actual dipping is done and while they are drying.

  32. Where larger pieces of work are to be dipped, wire attachments could be devised and each part hung separately over the dipping frame until ready to be placed in a rack.

  33. Later on, each family made their own matches, by simply dipping bits of wood into melted sulphur, and allowing it to dry on the end.

  34. If only a few crystals are desired they may be obtained by dipping the heads one at a time in the solution and slightly shaking them after each immersion.

  35. All that day Mowgli sat in the cave tending his fire-pot and dipping dry branches into it to see how they looked.

  36. Many stains in linen may be taken out by dipping linen in sour buttermilk, and then drying it in the sun; afterwards wash it in cold water several times.

  37. Finish them by dipping a sponge into a size, made by boiling isinglass in water, and rub the wrong side.

  38. The same effect may be produced by dipping the straw into the chloride of lime dissolved in water.

  39. The two men then, dipping the wool in camphorated brandy, began to rub the bruises.

  40. Ink stains may be taken out of clothing by dipping the spot in milk, and squeezing the blackened milk into a basin, dipping in clear milk again.

  41. Woolen dresses, that are much soiled, may be washed in soap and water, and rinsed out before dipping in the ammonia water, which will improve the color to a great extent.

  42. Before dipping the coat in the basin, see that all dust and dirt is removed from the pockets by turning them inside out and brushing, also brush all seams.

  43. The secret of success in cleaning, is by dipping the garment in a large quantity of the liquid.

  44. Dampen a sponge or woolen cloth (white flannel is the best as there is no color to come out) by dipping it in the cleaning fluid, which has been poured into a basin for that purpose and convenience.

  45. One should remove all spots if possible before dipping in the liquid.

  46. Into this each member of the party plunged his hand, and after the manner of dipping in a bran-pie, brought out a prize in the shape of something to eat.

  47. I ran forward and hailed him, but at the sound of my voice he was seized with terror, and, dipping in his paddle, made off as fast as possible.

  48. I lost consciousness, and regained it only to find the same eternal condition of affairs, to hear the same thud of the camel's feet, and to feel the same dipping plunge, as the legs on my side of the beast flew forward.

  49. It cost Appleby an effort to hoist the thrashing sail, but when it was set and the sheet hauled aft Harper laughed softly as the boat swung away buoyantly with her gunwales dipping in the foam.

  50. It rose in places, black and sharp against the velvety indigo, over her dipping bows, though most of the low littoral was wrapped in obscurity.

  51. Use left-over whites of egg One for fruit whip; One for dipping croquettes, oysters and the like to be fried in deep fat.

  52. To prepare the egg for dipping add four tablespoons of evaporated milk and beat hard to thoroughly blend.

  53. It can also be used for dipping and making bon-bons.

  54. When the oil begins to splutter, put the mushrooms in without dipping in flour, season with salt and pepper and when they are half cooked pour in some tomato sauce.

  55. Beat an egg with a teaspoonful of water and place in it the pieces of chicken after dipping them in flour and seasoning generously with salt and pepper.

  56. Frieda, who was just dipping a fresh roll into her coffee, looked up.

  57. He bared his arm and sat down on the sofa again, making room for her beside him; but she stood in front of him, and dipping some pieces of cotton in the water she bathed the injured arm.

  58. We are on board a ship, dipping and rising on green-grey waters.

  59. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "dipping" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.