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Example sentences for "doily"

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  1. It may be placed directly on the plate, or a paper doily of the proper size may be put on the plate and the frozen dessert set on this.

  2. All such receptacles are placed on a small plate either with or without a paper doily of the right size.

  3. Doily with crochet edge] Then these motifs are basted on a pattern of cambric, or paper muslin which has been cut to the desired shape.

  4. They can also furnish stamped linen, 9 inch square, of the set of four doily designs (Nos.

  5. For a Christmas or New Year's present nothing is more appropriate than a centerpiece or doily embroidered with the handsome holly.

  6. The Corticelli Doily Book=, described on page 75, can be obtained in the same manner as the Imperial Passepartout Frame.

  7. They can also furnish stamped linen 7 and 9 inches square of the set of three doily designs (Nos.

  8. Four of each of the doily designs form the dozen, and these may be still further varied by a little planning as to color schemes.

  9. It is possible to introduce the red into the doily scallops in the little connecting points and to so combine the colors as to make all the edges different.

  10. Stand the sherbet glasses on a paper doily on a small serving plate.

  11. Serve very cold on a paper doily with some green rose leaves under the grapefruit.

  12. The doily beneath the finger bowl is not meant for use, but should be laid on the table beside the finger bowl.

  13. Unless the fruit is passed upon a second plate, the bowl and doily are removed from this and set at one side, the fruit being eaten from this plate.

  14. A fruit doily should be given at the time they are passed, as peaches stain the table linen.

  15. If peaches, or any fruit which will stain, are to be served, a fruit doily should also be given at this time and laid beside the place.

  16. When fruit is served, the butler places a glass dessert plate on which is an embroidered doily and finger-bowl, before each guest, and next to it a small fruit knife.

  17. The most fashionable method is to have a large lace or embroidered doily in the center of the table, and smaller ones indicating the position of the guests.

  18. In the middle she put a large doily which matched the others, and added one or two smaller ones, one for bread, one for a dish of olives, and so on, arranging them evenly on the table.

  19. The berries may be passed, and each person can lift off the finger-bowl and doily at the same time and set it near the plate and serve himself to the berries.

  20. Juicy fruit salads should be served in dainty glasses or cups; and a correspondingly dainty doily on the plate underneath the glass with a delicate flower or leaf by its side, leaves nothing to be desired.

  21. In the case of a contagious disease, a paper napkin or doily may be used.

  22. They should be placed on plates, with a doily between the plate and finger bowl.

  23. The finger bowl and doily should be removed to the left so that the same plates may be used for the fruit course.

  24. Then the finger bowl and doily are set aside as at breakfast and the dessert served on the same plate.

  25. The guest lays bowl and doily at his right, lifting the two together, the plate being for fruit, if any is served.

  26. The finger-bowl will be brought on a plate with a doily under it.

  27. Aggie looked at the doily and Tufik looked at her.

  28. Sitting on my folding-chair beside the stove, with a cup of tea in my hand and a plate of beans on a doily on a packing-box beside me, I was entirely comfortable.

  29. You start the doily and I’ll make the bow-thing in a pattern for Caw Caw to send Aunt Phoebe.

  30. I’m going to try to transfer the doily pattern first.

  31. Jimsi was looking hard at the doily pattern.

  32. The finger bowl, doily and silver needed for these courses are frequently arranged on the plate to be used and brought to each place at the beginning of the course.

  33. Then the dessert plates, arranged with finger bowl, doily and silver are brought from the sideboard.

  34. The doily just described is illustrated about three-quarters of its actual size; but by using a fine braid a doily of fairy-like texture, and just the size of the engraving may be produced.

  35. The doily is edged with a fine picot-braid that finishes it daintily, and very sheer linen lawn is used for the center.

  36. As represented this doily is about three-fourths of its actual size.

  37. The engraving opposite pictures the doily mentioned as somewhat smaller, but the design is sufficiently large to enable the student to make her doilies as large as she desires them to be, as it is easy to follow.

  38. In the doily illustrated "spiders" and point de Venise stitches are used for filling in the spaces.

  39. As illustrated, the design is of pretty dimensions for a doily or a toilet-cushion cover, or for a handkerchief.

  40. This dainty doily may be made of the point lace braids illustrated at Nos.

  41. Design for a Doily or Handkerchief of Point or Honiton Lace.

  42. Put a little paper doily on a small, pretty plate and arrange the berries on the leaves around the edge in a circle, the points toward the center; in the middle put a little heap of sifted, powdered sugar.

  43. Put one doily for each person, Brownie, and a large one in the middle for the fern dish, and little ones for the tumblers.

  44. Well, you see Norah had to wash only one little doily because of that; if we had had on a table-cloth, all of it would have had to go into the wash.

  45. The round doily is most used, and offers a delightful field to the worker in over-and-over embroidery for the display of her skill.

  46. The guest himself will remove the bowl and doily and silver before the dessert is passed.

  47. The finger bowls may be set on plates of dessert size with a doily underneath.

  48. Dispose each canape on a bread and butter plate covered with a paper doily and garnish with sprays of parsley.

  49. Pile on a lace paper doily in a fancy basket.

  50. The order of the doily and the bag may be reversed, using the doily for the Christmas piece instead of the bag, or the paper box may be substituted.

  51. Before beginning the doily have a finished pattern.

  52. The surface requires little decoration if the doily is pleasing in outline.

  53. An exercise in paper cutting for the doily design.

  54. A doily goes under the finger bowl, and a fruit knife and fork on either side.

  55. No one looks well in a doily laid flat, but fluffy fair hair with a small mat tilted up against a knot of hair dressed high can look very smart.

  56. The glass plate and finger bowl in turn are put on the fruit plate with a doily between, and the dessert spoon and fork go on either side of the finger bowl (instead of the fruit knife and fork).

  57. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "doily" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.