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  1. Paul Lizard had stood for some hours, harpoon in hand, hoping that a porpoise or dolphin might rise near the boat.

  2. I have just found a harpoon, and Paul Lizard has often told me that he is a first-rate harpooner, and has struck many a porpoise and dolphin in his time.

  3. Again, a dolphin may be used as a symbol of the sea; a man ploughing with two oxen is a well-known symbol of a Roman colony.

  4. Towards the surface line thus indicated a dolphin is rising; in the middle depth is another dolphin; below a shrimp and a cuttle-fish, and the bottom is indicated by a jagged line of rocks, on which are two echini.

  5. Defn: A kind of dolphin (Platanista Gangeticus) native of the river Ganges; the Gangetic dolphin.

  6. Defn: One of the ropes or chains serving as stays for the dolphin striker or the bowsprit; -- called also gobrope and gaubline.

  7. Defn: A lower stay of rope or chain for the jib boom or flying jib boom, fastened to, or reeved through, the dolphin striker.

  8. Defn: A salt of valeric acid with glycerin, occurring in butter, dolphin oil.

  9. The Dolphin is also a formidable enemy to the much-persecuted Flying-fish.

  10. Many authors have said that the Dolphin leaps high enough above the surface of the water to jump on board small vessels.

  11. For many ages the Dolphin has been noted for its intelligence and docility, its affectionate disposition being quite as noticeable among the water animals, as that of the Dog or the Elephant among quadrupeds.

  12. People have always had a great idea of the strength of the Dolphin, and at one time it was said of those who attempted to perform impossibilities, that they “wanted to tie a Dolphin by the tail.

  13. It is principally with the assistance of this powerful tail that the Dolphin swims with such rapidity, and that it has gained for itself the title of “Sea-arrow.

  14. Again putting to sea, the Enterprise passed through Dolphin and Union Straits and Dean's Straits eastward.

  15. The dolphin carried him with great speed to the nearest shore.

  16. Other people think that the dolphin which saved Arion was not a fish, but a ship named the Dolphin.

  17. As she wandered disconsolate by the sea-shore, a dolphin or whale, taking pity upon her.

  18. As in a dream, Nelson recognized on top of each spearsman's casque the graceful Atlantean military crest--a metal dolphin from the back of which sprouted a series of bright blue feathers, arranged like a dorsal fin.

  19. The fierce old veteran banged a powerful fist on a golden dolphin head forming his chair arm.

  20. On the vast main panel was a beautifully-wrought dolphin curling about a trident--symbol of the imperial power now so sorely tried.

  21. The Dolphin thanked him with good grace: "And the Piræus knows your face?

  22. The Dolphin laughed, and turning round The Monkey saw, and straightway found He'd saved mere shadow of humanity; Then plunged again beneath the sea, And search amid the billows made For one more worthy of his aid.

  23. The warrant officer turned his quid, and thereby poisoned a dolphin or two, I make no doubt; by the jet of tobacco juice that he squirted overboard.

  24. They rounded the headland of Araxus, and came into the long bay of Crissa; and there the dolphin left off guiding the vessel, and swam playfully around it, while a brisk west wind filled the sail, and bore the voyagers safely into port.

  25. Yet the vessel sped through the waves with the speed of the wind, for the dolphin was driving it forward by the force of his fins.

  26. And since it was in the form of a dolphin that you first saw me, let the town which stands around my temple be known as Delphi [Dolphin], and let men worship me there as Apollo Delphinius.

  27. It was again for Lorenzo de' Medici that he made the exquisite Child and Dolphin now in the court of Palazzo Vecchio, and the statue of the young David now in Bargello.

  28. His best works are a David in the Museum of the Bargello, Florence; a bronze Genius pressing a Dolphin to itself on a fountain in the court of the Palazzo Vecchio (Fig.

  29. An Account of our Transactions at the Cape of Good Hope, and of the Return of the Dolphin to England.

  30. No event worthy of notice happened till the 18th of January, and then I learnt by a letter from Macassar that the Dolphin had been at Batavia.

  31. Commodore Byron returned in the month of May in the year 1766, and in the month of August following the Dolphin was again sent out, under the command of Captain Wallis, with the Swallow, commanded by Captain Carteret.

  32. The equipment of the Dolphin was the same as before.

  33. In coming down the river, the Dolphin got a-ground; I therefore put into Plymouth, where she was docked, but did not appear to have received any damage.

  34. An Account of our Transactions at the Cape of Good Hope, and of the Return of the Dolphin to England.

  35. Upon this I ordered the carpenter of the Dolphin on board the Tamar, to examine the rudder, and he reported it to be so bad, that in his opinion the vessel could not proceed on her voyage without a new one.

  36. The house in which he lived, now called the Dolphin Inn, is still standing, and should be carefully preserved as a memorial of a great and good man.

  37. The sea swarmed with turtles, sea-snakes, and fish of various sorts; and the dolphin was eminently conspicuous for its speed, and the varied beauty of its colours.

  38. Athenians are interested in the "far-seen" altar of the seaman's Dolphin God on the shore, rather than in his inland Pythian habitation.

  39. The genius of the Epic soars high above such myths as those about Pytho, Typhaon, and the Apollo who is alternately a dolphin and a meteor: soars high above pedantry and bad etymology.

  40. The dolphin is so uniformly miscalled porpoise, on the west coast and everywhere else, that the creature will soon come to think that it really is a porpoise.

  41. Good heavens, send me some dolphin to carry me safe on shore, like a pretty little Arion.

  42. One of these represents a dolphin twining about an anchor, a mark so pleasing to Aldus that he subsequently adopted it, using it over his office door as well as on the title-pages of all his books.

  43. The distinguishing mark of the Aldine press is the well-known dolphin and anchor which first makes its appearance on the edition of the Terze Rime of Dante of 1502, and with few exceptions on all the books afterwards issued from the press.

  44. Specimens of binding having the dolphin are extraordinarily rare.

  45. Dolphin fetched a smaller pannikin from the swags, and the division of the gold continued.

  46. Dolphin and Young William, laden with booty, now retired with all speed, and Garstang, still covering his man, walked slowly backward to the door.

  47. Dolphin touched the bell, and said, "I was beginning to feel that way myself.

  48. When the bottles were empty, Dolphin flung them into the bushes opposite to him, and the missiles, shivering into hundreds of pieces, sprinkled the goldsmith with broken glass.

  49. Dolphin and Carnac drew chairs to the table, on which stood a guttering candle, glued to the wood with its own grease.

  50. Now, look this way," Dolphin pointed down the track in the direction of the diggings.

  51. Carnac had his hand on the latch of the door through which Dolphin had disappeared.

  52. He shook the bad-tempered Garstang, slapped Carnac on the back, and followed Dolphin from the cottage.

  53. Then Dolphin took all the money, counted it, and divided it into four equal heaps, three of which he distributed, and one of which he retained.

  54. Dolphin made his throws, which totalled twenty-six.

  55. Without another word the Maori girl turned her horse's head for home, walked him quietly past Dolphin and his gang, without taking the least notice of any of them, and then cantered away.

  56. What did the police know of this Dolphin gang?

  57. Dolphin rang the bell, but no one came to the door till Young William himself reappeared.

  58. But it is the dolphin that is the king of deep-sea fishes.

  59. One such dolphin I landed on the Snark measured four feet and seven inches.

  60. One day a dolphin got away with a lure of Hermann's manufacture, to which were lashed four O'Shaughnessy hooks.

  61. Beneath it, the wake of the dolphin shows in churning foam.

  62. Within an hour the same dolphin was landed with the rod, and on dissecting him the four hooks were recovered.

  63. A glance beneath shows the back of a dolphin breaking the surface in a wild rush.

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