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Example sentences for "dromedaries"

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  1. The people of Anatolia keep these male dromedaries as stallions for the purpose of covering the females of the smaller Arabian breed, which the Turkmans, yearly bring to their market.

  2. Accordingly we left our associates hard at work, turned our startled and still unruly dromedaries in the direction of Hofhoof, and set off full speed over the plain.

  3. This time our dromedaries did the work of the sun, and it would be hard to say which of the two were the most frightened, they or the locusts.

  4. Meanwhile Aboo-’Eysa was to get his dromedaries ready, and put them in a courtyard immediately adjoining the house, to be laden at a moment’s notice.

  5. For his ambassadors take their dromedaries or their horses, and they prick in all that ever they may toward one of the inns.

  6. But upon camels, mules, horses, dromedaries and other beasts, men carry their merchandise thither.

  7. Accordingly he summoned the dromedaries and loading fifty of them with rarities of Al-Irak, committed the house to his mother's care and deposited all his goods in safe keeping, except some few he left at home.

  8. So he dismissed the dromedaries then asked her of his wife and children and she wept till she fainted, and he seeing her in this state searched the house for them, but found no trace of them.

  9. Then Hasan took the Magian's bag and opened it, then having taken out the kettle-drum he struck it with the strap, whereupon up came the dromedaries like lightning.

  10. Then they beat the magical kettle-drum and up came the dromedaries from all sides.

  11. In the courtyard squatted the camels, (dromedaries they could not be called,) and I found that a second driver was going to accompany us.

  12. During the greater part of the time we were struggling through a living tide; and among dromedaries and chargers a donkey is by no means a pleasant monture.

  13. And so we jogged on, now walking, then trotting, till the dromedaries began to grunt with fatigue, and the Arabs clamoured for a halt.

  14. At three o'clock Nassar, the Badawi, came to announce that the dromedaries were saddled.

  15. But when the foe on foot retreated, and a band of warriors mounted on swift dromedaries dashed upon the Hebrews many were terrified by the strange aspect of the huge unwieldy beasts, known to them only by report.

  16. Cordosa's first business now was to load the dromedaries with the treasure intended for Ben Abir.

  17. While trying to strike the main avenue, they fell in with their dromedaries browsing contentedly in the thick of the most exquisite shrubbery, with neither saddle nor rope available for use.

  18. The sure-footed dromedaries picked their way among the bleak rocks and the sand ridges, with not a glimmer to break the darkness nor a syllable to spur them on.

  19. The dromedaries were freed from their burdens and allowed to browse, and a dark tent was stretched for the use of the master of the caravan.

  20. The dromedaries were in readiness, and mounting them without delay, we ascended the steep sides of the ravine, and then at a rapid pace sought the open plains.

  21. At the outlet, Isaac shall be in waiting with the fleetest dromedaries of the royal stables.

  22. Elephants have been put to their strength, and dromedaries to their speed.

  23. Then he clambered on the camel, and the while the beast was drinking He explained with satisfaction to the miners standing by That 'twas cheap, very cheap, as the dromedaries go.

  24. He was cheap, very cheap, as the dromedaries go.

  25. But he's cheap, very cheap, as the dromedaries go.

  26. Isfendiyár then directed a hundred dromedaries to be collected, and when they were brought to him he disposed of them in the following manner.

  27. The multitude of camels shall cover thee, the dromedaries of Midian and Ephah.

  28. This time, the dromedaries did the work of the sun, and it would be hard to say which of the two were the most frightened, they or the locusts.

  29. Now when it was near dawn, they dismounted from their dromedaries and the Badawi came up to Nuzhat al-Zaman and said to her, "O city strumpet, what is this weeping?

  30. When day broke seventy-eight bitten dromedaries were counted.

  31. The dromedaries lie down and bury their muzzles in the sand.

  32. The dromedaries seem uneasy, halt, and turn away from the wind.

  33. Day breaks, the sun rises, and the shadows of the dromedaries point towards Bam over the hard yellow sand where not a shrub grows.

  34. Without rest the robber band pushes on all day, as silent as the desert, the only sounds being the long-drawn breathing of the dromedaries and the rasping sound of their foot-pads on the ground.

  35. From the north goods come on dromedaries to be transported farther in canoes or long, narrow boats with arched awnings of matting, or, where the river is not navigable, on oxen and asses or the backs of men.

  36. With encouraging cries the dromedaries are urged forward; their heads almost touch the ground; they race along while froth and dust fly about them.

  37. On arriving at the spring they refill their water-skins and let the dromedaries drink.

  38. The dromedaries swing their long legs over the ground, seeming to fly on invisible wings.

  39. The largest caravans contain five hundred or a thousand dromedaries and five hundred men at most.

  40. We have our own dromedaries and our own Arab guide on whom we can rely.

  41. The sun stands so high at mid-day that the shadows of the dromedaries disappear beneath them.

  42. In the height of the summer the Baluchis wrap strips of felt round their stirrup-irons to protect the dromedaries from burns on the flanks.

  43. Everything is yellow and grey, even the dromedaries which carry him, his tent and baggage, from well to well.

  44. The third night the dromedaries begin to breathe more heavily, and when the sun rises flecks of white froth hang from their trembling lips.

  45. To us he was very amiable, renewing all his protestations of friendship and regard, and offering to give us anything we might choose to ask for, dromedaries for the journey, or one of his mares.

  46. At any rate they seem very rich, and ride about themselves on the finest dromedaries in the Haj, and wear the finest clothes.

  47. Longer journeys are performed on dromedaries brought in from the desert for the purpose, which are either the property of Bedouins or held with them by the citizens on shares.

  48. We encamped early inside a ruined birkeh and had just got all in order for the night, when we perceived six men on dromedaries riding down from the northeast, straight towards us.

  49. Some way behind these forerunners comes the berak, or banner, carried in the centre of a group of mounted dromedaries magnificently caparisoned and moving on at a fast walk.

  50. The multitude of camels shall cover thee, the dromedaries of Midian and Ephah; all they from Sheba shall come: they shall bring gold and incense; and they shall shew forth the praises of the LORD.

  51. Barley also and straw for the horses and dromedaries brought they unto the place where the officers were, every man according to his charge.

  52. They of whom he spoke came up in irregular array mounted on dromedaries without housing.

  53. Dromedaries were happily secured, and upon them the journey to the famous Orchard of Palms was begun.

  54. Thereupon the dromedaries were forgotten, and, quite as unmindful of their riders, they turned off the road to the growing grass.

  55. The dromedaries stopped, and Ben-Hur looked down upon some little girls of the Syrian peasant class, who were offering him their baskets filled with dates.

  56. I arranged that the dromedaries should carry a few beads, ammunition, and the astronomical instruments.

  57. Roads in various directions, with here and there a few white dromedaries bearing bright-colored shugdufs (litters), showed there was travel to some other inhabited spots inside the forbidding mountain girdle.

  58. And if they pick up our trail, with those white dromedaries of theirs--" "The sacred pigs!

  59. For he beheld dromedaries and veiled women.

  60. Might she live for ever in their tents; ever ride on Nejid steeds and on dromedaries with silver harness; ever show herself to the people like a free Arabian maiden!

  61. I have two dromedaries here, fleeter than the Kamsin.

  62. We are by swift dromedaries a day's march from the encampment; this distance ye can accomplish on foot without undue fatigue to yourselves within the space of three days.

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