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Example sentences for "drones"

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  1. What a sovereign contempt he had for fomenters of revolution, intriguers, and the drones who buzzed while others worked, and wanted to be rewarded for buzzing!

  2. This cry of the drones had partisans in every citizen with an empty pocket and a patch on his garments, for it means that the provident shall be robbed to satisfy the improvident.

  3. The drones are males, and the working bees neuters, being neither males nor females.

  4. The drones are males; though much more bulky, they are not so long as the queen, but much larger than the working bees.

  5. The cells of the drones are larger than those designed for the workers; and those designed for the hatching of the young queens pear-shaped, with the small end downwards.

  6. The drones emerge on the twenty-fifth day, and the queens on the sixteenth.

  7. Demos declared that all property must be common, and all human drones destroyed.

  8. Here Demos harangued the multitude; told them they were being starved and trodden under foot, by the drones of the island.

  9. The same wise Providence that, for his own ends, creates drones as well as bees, and makes rickety old baronets as well as men of brains and industry.

  10. The kingbird sits higher than the honey bee flies, and the drones are the ones that come near him.

  11. He is fond of the drones which make no honey, and so are not useful in a hive.

  12. They had been working for him all the time, for every bee-keeper likes to have drones killed.

  13. He will hunt drones all day, but he is shy of a honey bee.

  14. This case shows us what could probably be effected by careful and long-continued selection applied exclusively to the workers, for, as we have seen, queens and drones cannot be selected and paired.

  15. But what is the use of the drones in hives that do not swarm, and do not intend it, situated in a large room or very large hives?

  16. Let two stocks have but four pounds each at any time in summer when honey is scarce, now feed one of them plentifully, and a brood of drones is sure to appear, while the other will not produce one.

  17. When these happen to be large and prosperous, they never fail to rear a brood of drones at this season.

  18. A few drones will be found in the cells, that would require a few days more to hatch, but these are of no account.

  19. If the hive in September is well supplied with honey, a portion of the drones have a longer lease of life given them; I have seen them as late as December.

  20. When an occurrence like the above happens, the drones next fall victims to the failure of honey.

  21. I have transferred a great many, and never failed to find a few drones about ready to leave the combs.

  22. I have known one or two years in which no drones appeared before the last of June; at other times, thousands are matured by the first of May.

  23. The drones being males, and workers imperfect females with generative organs undeveloped, renders the anomaly of the third sex unnecessary.

  24. Here was an instance of drones being needed, when no intention of swarming was indicated; the hive was but little more than half full.

  25. Whenever a copious yield of honey occurs, drones are reared; as it becomes scarce, they are destroyed.

  26. This excursion of the queen, whenever I have witnessed it, always took place a little after the middle of the day, when the drones were out in the greatest numbers.

  27. Now, whether this taking the drones is a disadvantage or otherwise, would depend entirely upon circumstances.

  28. But if the drones wrote fiction, it would have no subject matter save the feasting of many; and the nuptial flight, of one.

  29. Perhaps drones speak so among themselves of the "working bees!

  30. There is a special function belonging to drones in a hive.

  31. As the drones increase in number queen-cells are formed, unless steps be taken to turn aside the swarming impulse by affording additional room beforehand in the hive.

  32. With regard to sex, the queen is a fully-developed female, the drones are males and the workers may be termed neuters or partially developed females.

  33. Drones (or male bees) are more or less numerous in hives according to the skill of the bee-keeper in limiting their production.

  34. You will be one of the frivols; one of the drones of our hive," replied Belle sternly.

  35. I look forward to the time when frivols will be exterminated forever, when the drones in the ordinary course of things must die out.

  36. The drones are the largest of all drones of this species, and are covered with a thick coat of gray fuzz.

  37. The drones have a heavy coat of fuzz on the thorax, and the abdomen presents a mottled yellow appearance, being often highly yellow.

  38. The drones are rather small and quite dark in color; queens not large, and vary in color from a coppery-yellow to a dark bronze.

  39. This feature may, however, be largely overcome by crossing the queens of this race with the drones of very gentle types.

  40. They have a regular built mob of citizens, and string up the drones like the Vicksburg gamblers.

  41. Now the bees know how to sarve out such chaps, for they have their drones too.

  42. Yes," he continued, as his fingers pried into every angle of each pocket preparatory to filling it with explosive matter, "drones is the only name for Spaniards when it comes to talking real work.

  43. Then he mounts a sapling and drones away by the hour.

  44. This is an important distinction to bear in mind, for the reduction of drones is unqualifiedly beneficial.

  45. The hive of the honey-bee contains three kinds of insects: the queen, the drones or males, and the workers.

  46. The drones are derived from unfertilized eggs; yet their instincts are those of the male, not of the female.

  47. For among bumblebees the drones and workers die early in the autumn, and only the queens live through the winter.

  48. This is called bee-bread; and it is rather strange to find that one kind of bee-bread is given to the grubs of the drones and the workers, while quite a different kind is given to those of the queens.

  49. Only the drones and queens have wings, and these are seldom seen until the end of August.

  50. Some lazy Drones asserted that these belonged to them.

  51. This narrative had been suppress’d Had not the Drones refused the test.

  52. The Drones decline; the proposal pleases the Bees.

  53. This Fable I should have passed by in silence, if the Drones had not refused the proposed stipulation.

  54. Up in a lofty oak the Bees Had made their honey-combs: but these The Drones asserted they had wrought.

  55. These white-faces are the males, and answer to the drones in the beehive; though the drones have not a white face.

  56. I've an important conference on at the Drones tonight.

  57. Long association with the members of the Drones has put me pretty well in touch with the various ways in which an overdose of the blushful Hippocrene can take the individual, but I had never seen anyone react quite as Gussie was doing.

  58. Well, as anybody at the Drones will tell you, Bertram Wooster is a pretty hard chap to outgeneral.

  59. At the Drones I was so gay and cheery that there were several complaints.

  60. I am never at my best when the situation seems to call for a certain soupiness, and I've heard other members of the Drones say the same thing about themselves.

  61. I remember Cats-meat Potter-Pirbright bringing a police rattle into the Drones one night and loosing it off behind my chair, and I just lay back and closed my eyes with a pleasant smile, like someone in a box at the opera.

  62. At the Drones I ran into Pongo Twistleton, and he talked so much about his forthcoming merry-making of his, of which good reports had already reached me through my correspondents, that it was nearing eleven when I got home again.

  63. These are the idle drones that consume the honey they will not and cannot make.

  64. Among these idle chatterers and misleading teachers the sluggards and drones should beware of being classified, who, with better light than the heathen, know full well that covetousness and unchastity are sin.

  65. My case is that of the bee who labors to make honey and then the idle drones and the earthworms come and consume the sweet not of their making.

  66. When there are so many drones in a hive, it is in vain to look for honey.

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