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Example sentences for "exits"

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exit; exited; exitiabilis; exiting; exitium; exitu; exitum; exitus; exoccipital; exode
  1. The sea exits from Bruges, as already mentioned, were situated at Ostende and Zeebrugge.

  2. If the exits were blocked the use of these craft would be denied to the enemy, just as effectually as if they were sunk, for as long as the exits remained unopened.

  3. The results to be attained by blocking the exits would probably be as follows.

  4. Now, the decision to block both exits naturally led to the conclusion that they should be blocked simultaneously if practicable.

  5. The landings from two of the four great staircases, at each corner of the hall have exits into two galleries or balconies, looking down into the lobby.

  6. The warming of the building is by an improved hot-air method, and the exits for use in case of fire are ample.

  7. Alas for the exits and entrances of life!

  8. Your exits and entrances are too mysterious, and then you carry me out of it, --although I invite myself, which is not at all proper.

  9. Such exits led very early to the formation of coelomoducts, which are true outgrowths of the coelom itself (p.

  10. This tube is called the infundibulum, and, extraordinary to relate, lies just anteriorly to the exits of the third cranial or oculomotor nerves; in other words, it marks the termination of the series of spinal and cranial segmental nerves.

  11. As far, then, as concerns the centres of origin of these two groups of nerves and their exits from the central nervous system, they are markedly homologous in the two groups of animals.

  12. The way before them was like the appearance of [the way of] the chambers which were toward the north; according to their length so was their breadth: and all their exits were both according to their fashions, and according to their doors.

  13. No doubt there are extra exits which might be used in case of peril; people ought to be compelled to use them every night, so that a habit would be established on the part of audiences and also of the attendants.

  14. Somehow I managed to grope my way to the man, pick him up in my arms, and carry him to one of the exits from the stage.

  15. The roofless white houses, rising one above another, seem melted into a compact mass, and they are encircled by red bastions, with exits out of eight gates.

  16. There would in fact be fewer exits to watch; these would be more distant by many hours' steaming; and there would at once be placed at our disposal more forces with which to watch them.

  17. The play of destiny is very pleasing to behold, owing to the variety of its characters and contrivances, and the quick changes of the scenes, and the repeated entrances and exits of its players and actors.

  18. See how you are pent up in your earthly frame, and forsake your joy and grief at the repeated reiterations and exits of your corporeal body.

  19. We have seen that in the old Roman walls there were four gates, the exits of four roads radiating from the "milliarum," now called London Stone.

  20. The Japanese had placed machine guns to cover the exits from the barrio.

  21. The division was then to advance through the central mountain range, and secure the western exits from the mountains in order to assist the attack of the 7th Infantry Division in its drive north toward Ormoc.

  22. This stretch of coast line was ill adapted to the unloading of supplies, having poor exits and offering few dispersal areas ashore.

  23. The X Corps was to continue its drive south down Highway 2 but at the same time was to dispose units in the central mountain range to protect the exits from Ormoc Valley into Leyte Valley.

  24. Our life is all a play, composed to please; "We have our exits and our entrances.

  25. Our life is all a play, composed to please: "We have our exits and our entrances.

  26. Broughton was so used to making hurried exits from patients' houses that he lost no time in getting away from Tate.

  27. They were conducted at once into the theatre, under the great arch, draped with French flags, where the performers made their exits and their entrances.

  28. The standard photoplays have their exits and entrances across the imaginary footlight line, even in the most stirring mob and battle scenes.

  29. The stage has its exits and entrances at the side and back.

  30. I had returned to my house in Rue de Bretonvilliers to live, because there are secret exits there, leading to unoccupied land.

  31. There we shall have no surprises to dread; there are secret exits which put one out of reach of any possible danger.

  32. The stage was set out with chairs to indicate exits and essentials of furniture; at the back hung a huge canvas sea-scene, used in some revue that had opened at the Stratford the night before.

  33. CLARE turns again, this time quickly and with resolution, and exits L.

  34. He jams his hat upon his head, and exits L.

  35. It was about this time that the great Allied mine barriers across the entrances and exits to and from the North Sea were completed and the losses among the U and U-C boats became heavy.

  36. Bewildered and not understanding, ANNIE exits through the portières.

  37. ANNIE crosses, after closing the door, and exits through the portières into the sleeping-apartment.

  38. He exits into the bedroom and immediately enters again with overcoat on his arm and hat in hand; he goes centre, and turns.

  39. Harassing fire against our exits from Nieppe Forest was cleverly manipulated by the enemy.

  40. In the Champagne more striking instances occurred of whole battalions issuing from hidden passages and exits to the fight.

  41. Shakespeare said of actors that they have their exits and their entrances; but these actors ought really to have nothing else except exits and entrances.

  42. All exits from Paris carefully watched; suspicion rife everywhere--strangers off in a canoe; a sentinel challenge and a shot from the bank.

  43. Iron rails and ties blocked the exits and the small cannon disconcertingly thrust their nozzles down upon one out of the windows.

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