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Example sentences for "fiddling"

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fiddle; fiddled; fiddler; fiddlers; fiddles; fide; fidei; fideles; fideli; fidelibus
  1. To have him singing and fiddling in public would be worse than anything.

  2. Oblige me by not fiddling with that paper knife.

  3. They jumped in to six light-minutes, and while Valkanhayn's astrogator was still fiddling with his controls they began sensing radar and microray detection.

  4. He began punching buttons for data and fiddling with setscrews and verniers.

  5. When the order comes there must be no fiddling about looking for rifles, or appearing on the fire-step with incomplete equipment.

  6. They had the killing look, and nearly every man was fiddling with his bayonet, making sure he had the good steel ready for Fritz.

  7. I'll be cussed if I understand wimmen," declared Captain Candage, fiddling his finger under his nose.

  8. Well, she does lay in a bad way, and weather is making," said the skipper, fiddling his forefinger under his nose dubiously.

  9. My dame has lost her shoe; My master's lost his fiddling stick, And don't know what to do.

  10. And once more when she heard the fiddlers fiddling she said to herself, "I must have one dance--just one with the young master: he dances so beautifully.

  11. The door had been left open, and as she lay in her bed she could hear the fiddlers fiddling away and the tramp of dancing feet.

  12. I don't enjoy fiddling much but I'd prefer it to seeing anyone using a needle who isn't accustomed to it.

  13. He played very softly, since Mrs. Jackson had a pronounced dislike to being wakened by "fiddling at all unearthly hours.

  14. His name is Blair Milford, and he makes his living fiddling at concerts.

  15. His walke was ever circular, his fingers ever in that walke fiddling about.

  16. Rarely accomplished too was the cat that came fiddling out of the barn with a pair of bagpipes under her arm, singing "Fiddle cum fee, the mouse has married the humble bee.

  17. Typical illustrations are the Wonderful Musician of Grimm's Fairy Tales, whose fiddling attracted man and beast, and the lad of Norse folk-lore who won a fiddle that could make people dance to any tune he chose.

  18. True fiddler's magic belonged to the cat whose fiddling made the cow jump over the moon, the little dog laugh and the dish run away with the spoon.

  19. Then, as one notices some trivial thing when one is most tense and shocked, Norval thought of that little girl of Alice Lindsay's fiddling away in Canada!

  20. And, by the way, in the general jamboree do you know I completely forgot the little girl of Alice Lindsay's, fiddling away up in Canada.

  21. When your lady sends for you to her chamber to give you orders, be sure to stand at the door and keep it open, fiddling with the lock all the while she is talking to you.

  22. Passengers were beginning to line up at the turnstile, smoothing out their money and fiddling with their permits.

  23. I meant it," she said, fiddling busily with the locks of yet another vault-like door.

  24. What he did was to turn round and go on fiddling with the pistols behind his back.

  25. He stood with his back to me, fiddling with the revolvers for a good five minutes, during which time I heard him tear his handkerchief in two, and wondered what in the world he was going to do next.

  26. He puts it through the process of tuning, adding all the scientific motions and twists of an Italian first-fiddling artiste.

  27. To-night there is dancing and fiddling In the high windowed hall Lighted with dim corpse-candles In bottles against the wall.

  28. Davy was fiddling with his little camera, the fever growing stronger in his veins with each passing day.

  29. And one day, it was only a month ago, as I was sitting there, fiddling with that same little pocket mirror, the back came loose.

  30. A taste for music, for example, generally suggests to him a parson fiddling when he ought to be praying; and following once more the lead of Newton, he remarks upon the Handel celebration as a piece of grotesque profanity.

  31. With a smile Fiddling Bob's nephew turned to his friends.

  32. Got a nephew of Fiddling Bob Taylor in our Association and by next summer we aim to hold a Singing Gathering down in his country--the Watauga country in Tennessee.

  33. Some years ago a nephew of Fiddling Bob Taylor of Tennessee met with several friends on hallowed ground in that State, not for a patriotic celebration but merely for the joy of roaming in the great out-of-doors.

  34. Ideas grow and thoughts travel fast," Fiddling Bob's nephew remarked some years later when setting out on a cross-country journey.

  35. Leonie, with the desire common among women to hide the tell-tale expression of their faces by the movement of their hands, knelt and began fiddling among the tea things.

  36. But in spite of his good-will, the sheep strayed away as before, and he spent a toilsome day in vainly running after them, and fiddling away to no purpose.

  37. Eager to pursue his discoveries still further, he went on fiddling as he came down the hillock towards the lady, when what was not his horror and surprise on perceiving that the face he had so much admired was hollow as a mask behind!

  38. He lingered behind for a moment, fiddling with a cigarette.

  39. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "fiddling" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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