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Example sentences for "flanking"

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  1. He was wearing a dark blue overcoat of no particular cut, his aspect had no relief; yet those restless side-whiskers flanking his red mouth and the suspicious expression of his black eyes made him noticeable.

  2. I lighted the gas, all the three jets in the middle of the room, the jet by the bedside and two others flanking the dressing-table.

  3. Planted against the wall flanking the cross, in long coffin-like cases with glass fronts, they have been the object of marked attention on the part of sundry British middies.

  4. Flanking this main apartment on either side are a number of smaller rooms used for ordinance work and as assembly rooms for councils of the Priesthood.

  5. On the side of each of the doorways flanking the center tower is a canopied niche in the granite, large enough to receive a statue of heroic proportions.

  6. Flanking the official stands at either end of this auditorium are seats for officials in the Priesthood not directly called to officiate in the services of the day.

  7. They evidently took me for the advance guard in a fresh attack, and from the way they ran seemed to suspect that Jim and Jock might be doing separate flanking movements to cut them off.

  8. There were bushy wild plums flanking the grove, and beyond them the ordinary scattered thorns.

  9. It had two buildings flanking it on each side and the eunuch told us that the one on the left was the Secondary Wife's bedroom.

  10. There were two smaller buildings flanking this large one, also one mass of carvings and hung with lanterns.

  11. As for the remainder, the flanking parties bolted before Abdur Kad'r or Abdullah could get within striking distance, and from that hour no sensible Hadendowa came near the Well of Moses for many a month.

  12. If, however, they showed fight, Abdur Kad'r and Abdullah had most stringent orders not to pursue the flanking parties, which they would certainly drive in on the main body.

  13. Nothing saying, Beltane arose and went soft-treading from the chamber, past the blood and horror of the breach, and climbing the flanking tower beside the gate, looked to the north.

  14. Joffre wanted a flanking position not only for his left wing, but also for his right, which the Somme line did not offer.

  15. The German attack came, not only from Pargny, but from the east; the loss of Sermaize by the right of the Second Corps having made this flanking movement possible to the enemy.

  16. On the right, too, the British had not retreated: they still occupied a flanking position, from which they could not be dislodged, even though Washington and all but two of his officers were killed or wounded in the attempt.

  17. The British line wavered, but a flanking fire from a body of Indians concealed in the woods settled the fate of the day against the Americans.

  18. Equally striking in effect is an adjoining range of buildings on the left bank—also flanking the river, and with their projecting chambers overhanging it.

  19. Losing sight of it lying on the one side, attention was forthwith drawn to the other by the line of the Tyrolese mountains, which at some distance were in view, and flanking us nearly the whole way.

  20. From Brandy Station General Pleasonton directed Kilpatrick to make a détour viâ Stevensburg, in order to operate as a flanking column upon the enemy at the proper time.

  21. The cavalry was ordered to "stand to horse," and a strong picket was thrown out to prevent any surprise attack or flanking movement of the enemy.

  22. Firing went on incessantly, but the flanking parties of Beleuchis did their work perfectly.

  23. The flanking done by the Gurkhas was splendid indeed, and it is entirely owing to their jungle work that I had not more casualties.

  24. The heaviest part of the work fell on the Gurkhas of the Mogaung Levy (military police), who furnished the flanking parties.

  25. The Hants were in front, the Gurkhas forming flanking parties in rear.

  26. He felt her surge beneath the heavy cargo, rising, flanking the seas, flinging them off savagely, like a man striking out from the shoulder.

  27. The little house, with its broad flanking verandahs, stood surrounded by trees and underbrush.

  28. At his right hand sat Trusia, resplendent and warmly human, while flanking him on the left was the grizzled Sutphen.

  29. The walls of either neighbor, unbroken, windowless and blank, were flanking ramparts of its secrecy.

  30. Up and at 'em" again, each time nearer, while flanking parties were working around toward the rear of the redoubts.

  31. A flanking party of Indian marksmen were hidden in some logs and bushes near the top of the bank.

  32. The flanking party of Indians pushed hastily to the rear to cut off the retreat to Forty Fort, and thus the wretched and panic-stricken settlers were driven in the direction of the river, over the open ground and through fields of uncut grain.

  33. The castle was an old one and had not been modernized and, with its solid-looking walls and flanking towers, was capable of standing a siege.

  34. Flanking towers were erected at the angles of the walls.

  35. Booker came up to Major Gillmor and told him he wanted a company sent to our right, to prevent the Fenian left from flanking us.

  36. Company as a flanking party to the left, supported by No.

  37. Before ordering the advance, flanking parties were thrown out to scour the woods, right and left.

  38. The column was then halted on the road, and flanking parties were detailed to scour the woods to the right and left.

  39. Doucet) marched across the bridge and along the road on the left, and afterwards took part in the engagement with those who had been sent in the opposite direction further back, to prevent a flanking movement from either side.

  40. Regiment supplied the advance guard, with the usual look-out and flanking files.

  41. Here he detrained his troops, and throwing out an advanced guard and flanking lines of skirmishers, moved promptly forward towards Fort Erie.

  42. Colonel Broadwood's troopers were trying to shake off flanking parties of the enemy as they rode to the north, towards our previous camp.

  43. These works, like those abandoned to us at Shabluka Cataract and Kerreri, were strong, well-built earthen bastions, with flanking curtains.

  44. General Scott with his regulars marched, "flanking the movement, in parallel streets.

  45. In their glance those eyes, flanking a high-bridged, intrepid nose, were of singular penetration and of a steady haughtiness that went well with his firm lips.

  46. He waved his hand towards the lagoon, the country flanking it and the considerable city standing back from the beach.

  47. This spot he approached by means of a flanking movement which enabled him to reach it from the rear, moving with the care and delicacy of a great cat.

  48. But on the right a rather important flanking movement was in progress.

  49. It was necessary to carry out both these flanking attacks in order to prevent the main attack from being enfiladed from right and left.

  50. It was square and massive, with five flanking towers, and its vast strength was calculated to defy the utmost efforts of the Welsh to capture it.

  51. Flanking turrets, for archers, had been built at each corner of the house; and the exterior walls had been strengthened by towers, in the centre of each face, and on either side of the gateway.

  52. He was asked to conduct the flanking brigades and handle them as the ranking officer.

  53. The move was made as soon as cars could be had to haul the troops, halting under orders at Charlottesville to meet a grand flanking move then anticipated.

  54. The skirmishers were not seriously molested, the Confederates being satisfied that the direct assault had failed, and the flanking march non-aggressive.

  55. As I approached the front, the men sprang forward without orders to open the charge, but were called to await the appearance of the flanking move of our right.

  56. The order for the flanking brigades to resume march by their left had not moved those brigades of the right.

  57. With patience to wait ten minutes to see my flanking brigades stretched out on their march to retrieve my aplomb, we could have found a good battle against Hancock's strong left, while we broke over his confused front.

  58. McDowell's orders to his leading divisions indicated that he had settled down to a choice as to the two opposite flanking moves; but to justify either he must first test the feasibility of the direct route.

  59. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "flanking" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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