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fulfilleth; fulfilling; fulfillment; fulfillments; fulfills; fulfilments; fulfils; fulfyll; fulgent; fuliginous
  1. None in the world,” was the answer: “and even if I had, everything should give place to the accomplishment of my felicity and the fulfilment of your wishes.

  2. And did the old woman remain in Paris in fulfilment of her declared intention?

  3. Having endured the penalty of the sinner, justice permits the sinner's discharge, but does not require it, except as the fulfilment of a promise to his substitute, and then only upon the appointed condition of repentance and faith.

  4. But this fulfilment does not preclude a future and final fulfilment of the prophecy.

  5. The divine fulfilment can be won only through the sorrows of time.

  6. So there is more in man's heart toward God than exact fulfilment of requirement.

  7. By removing obstacles to pardon in the mind of God, and by enabling man to obey, grace secures the perfect fulfilment of law (Rom.

  8. Ability to fulfill the law is not essential to constitute the non-fulfilment sin.

  9. We assume a divine superintendence in the choice of material by its author, and the fulfilment to the apostles of Christ's promise that they should be guided into the truth.

  10. It is not the destruction but the fulfilment of human life.

  11. God does gain the fulfilment of his plan, the doing of his will, the manifestation of himself.

  12. Incarnation is therefore the very fulfilment of the idea of humanity.

  13. At times, however, the Nephites lapsed into wickedness and on such occasion the Lamanites truly were a scourge unto them, in fulfilment of God's word to that effect.

  14. For a somewhat extended discussion of this prophecy and its fulfilment see Part III this work, chapter 35.

  15. It contains the everlasting gospel, and came forth to the children of men in fulfilment of the revelations of John, where he says he saw an angel come with the everlasting gospel to preach to every nation, kindred, tongue and people.

  16. In fulfilment of the sacred scriptures, the everlasting gospel was proclaimed by the mighty angel (Moroni) who, clothed with the authority of his mission, gave glory to God in the highest.

  17. After the resurrection, in fulfilment of many predictions of Nephite prophets that he would appear among the people of the western world, [33] Jesus Christ made his advent among the Nephites.

  18. And to this acceptance is appended a condition, the fulfilment of which again depends upon your majesty's kindness.

  19. That they may carry out, in a befitting manner and by the appointed time, the preliminary steps so essential for the fulfilment of their high destiny is my dearest wish and constant prayer.

  20. We all pray for your safety, for the realisation of all your hopes, and the fulfilment of the plans you have so boldly conceived and are so energetically carrying out.

  21. To him the whole affair seemed simply a matter of duty, in the fulfilment of which he would himself certainly run considerable risk, that did not extend to Calchas.

  22. It was a task in the skilful fulfilment of which every Jewish warrior prided himself.

  23. There was something ludicrous in the manner in which he now quailed before Hippias, eyeing him with the same sort of imploring glance that a dog casts at his master, and obviously persuaded of the speedy fulfilment of his threat.

  24. The broad thirsty point clove through a crevice in her golden corselet, and sank deep in her white tender side, to drink the life-blood of the woman-warrior as she sped onward in fulfilment of her fatal task.

  25. Even as a son," replied the Briton; to whom such an address seemed at once to open the way for the fulfilment of his dearest wishes.

  26. You must not fast in order to obtain fulfilment of your desires.

  27. That son alone, on whom he throws his debt, is begotten for (the fulfilment of) the law.

  28. Have I come here for the fulfilment of all my bad dreams?

  29. Their public worship and private virtues must be the outward manifestation of the fulfilment of that mission.

  30. The threat of punishment and the promise of reward are the psychologic means to secure the fulfilment of laws, never the reasons for the laws, nor the motives to action.

  31. This view sees in the destruction of the Temple and the dispersal of Israel not a punishment but a stage in the fulfilment of Israel's destiny as revealed to Abraham.

  32. He thinks that on him, in some real sense, depends the fulfilment of the purposes of God.

  33. While this letter shows that Burghley at this date had doubts regarding Southampton's fulfilment of his engagement, other inferences lead me to judge that it was not finally disrupted until the spring of 1594.

  34. The dream, translated thus, would be a clear fulfilment of infantile desires which as we know play an important part in Freud's theory of dreams.

  35. Footnote 148: Franz Riklin, "Fulfilment of Wishes and Symbolism in Fairy Tales.

  36. For the scientist, as for the doctor, we desire the fullest freedom in all directions, fullest freedom to select and use the methods which promise the best fulfilment of their ends at any moment.

  37. Christ, the fulfilment of prophecy, put an end to this fear of God and taught mankind that the true relation to the Godhead is "love.

  38. Thus with Freud the conception of the "aim" is the fulfilment of desire, with Adler it is the usurpation of power.

  39. In most cases the canalisation of the libido for the fulfilment of life's simple duties, suffices to reduce these exaggerated desires to zero.

  40. He remarks on this that the second figure sounds like a rectification in contrast with the wish-fulfilment of the first.

  41. But if their incompetence is a menace, it is a menace which is not felt till after the lapse of generations, a menace the fulfilment of which no single life is long enough to behold.

  42. In 1270 the affairs of the East again attracted the attention of Europe, and recalled Louis to the fulfilment of his vow, which he had only postponed.

  43. The fulfilment of this vow was opposed by Blanche of Castile (who still had great influence over her son) and many of his best counsellors; but Louis was inflexible where religion and honor demanded a sacrifice.

  44. He never considered or understood, that all prophecy is delivered in figurative language; every prophecy in the Old Testament having first a literal and incomplete fulfilment, the complete and spiritual fulfilment being future.

  45. It enraged the French, and was used by the émigrés as though it promised the fulfilment of their hopes for an invasion of France by a foreign confederation.

  46. The time seemed ripe for the fulfilment of Pitt's long-cherished hope of union.

  47. Combinations of workmen to set aside statutory arrangements of wages were of course illegal, but when formed to secure their fulfilment do not seem to have been so regarded.

  48. Then, in fulfilment of the promise he had given, King Arthur made his nephew Gawaine a knight.

  49. The literal fulfilment of Merlin's prediction naturally inspired Vortigern with the utmost confidence in the wisdom of the prophet, more especially as the erection of the castle thenceforth proceeded without let or hindrance.

  50. The ghosts creep out and thank him for his prayer and say that through his pity "the love promises of long past incarnations" find fulfilment in a dream.

  51. When one of them came claiming the fulfilment of an old promise from Caoilte of the Fianna, Patrick wondered at her young beauty, while the man who had been her lover was withered and bent and grey.

  52. It is evident that a type is material and external, and fulfilment of the type is spiritual and internal; what the type reveals to the bodily eye, its fulfilment must reveal to the eye of faith alone.

  53. A rigid insistence on the fulfilment of these conditions would have greatly restricted the value of the indulgences as a means of gain, for the right to hear confession and grant absolution belonged to the parish-priests.

  54. Aaron, the type, is bodily and external, but the fulfilment is spiritual and inward, and the two agree together.

  55. For, truly, the knowledge and fulfilment of the first three and the last six Commandments depends altogether upon this Commandment; since parents are commanded to teach them to their children, as Psalm lxxviii.

  56. So it is evident that the work of confession is nothing else than an occasion by which God is called to the fulfilment of His own promise, or by which we are trained to believe that we shall without doubt obtain the promise.

  57. This faith, Luther continues, is "the true fulfilment of the First Commandment, apart from which there is no work that could do justice to this Commandment.

  58. And since the pope's external show and the oneness of his Church can be seen with the eyes, and we all see it, it is not possible that he can be the fulfilment of any type.

  59. That would mean that type and fulfilment are exactly alike.

  60. And, finally, if having the external things in the New Testament identical with those of the Old be the fulfilment of types, why do we not become Jews again and keep the whole law of Moses?

  61. St. Augustine says on John iii: 'This is the difference between the type and its fulfilment: the type gave temporal goods and life, but the fulfilment gives spiritual and eternal life.

  62. If the laws of nature are fixed, how can the government of the world allow for fulfilment of human desire as expressed in supplication?

  63. Its seizure by the Bavarians seemed to postpone for a long time the fulfilment of his favourite project of making himself master of the Danube, and cutting off his adversaries' supplies from Bohemia.

  64. To insure the fulfilment of his wishes, the order to engage them was sent directly in his name to the unscrupulous Indian agent, Guy Johnson, whose functions were made independent of Carleton.

  65. The fulfilment of this promise being afterwards insisted on, led to the establishment of the Inquisition in her dominions, the darkest spot that exists upon her character.

  66. Nothing at the time seemed less likely than the fulfilment of the prediction.

  67. There was not enough organization and, worst of all, there was not enough stress laid upon the ascetick duties, whose fulfilment would lend such a flavour and zest to relaxation.

  68. This fulfilment of earthly debts he sent up to Mr. Francis Vernon by the hand of Mr. Daish himself, and set to work to make his conscience less vulnerable by many consecutive pints of heroick Burgundy.

  69. On Sunday," the Beau resumed with his old suavity of enunciation, "the waters will not be drunk until the fulfilment of Divine Service.

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