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Example sentences for "garnishing"

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garnets; garni; garnish; garnished; garnishes; garnison; garniture; garnitures; garou; garr
  1. The garnishing knife flutes vegetables, adding much to their appearance when they are used as a garnish.

  2. Serve on a hot dish, garnishing with parsley and slices of lemon.

  3. Wild roses, buttercups and nasturtiums, if not used too freely, we suitable for garnishing a salad.

  4. Because, as he saith, that there is so much gold now bestowed about the garnishing of the pieces of the cross that there is none left for poor folk.

  5. As though all the gold that is now bestowed about the pieces of the holy cross would not have failed to have been given to poor men, if they had not been bestowed about the garnishing of the cross.

  6. A relation of real incidents that needs no garnishing of romance to enhance its extraordinary interest.

  7. A sauce flavored in this way lends itself nicely to the garnishing of croquettes or soufflés, and it will be found quite tasty if it is served over some vegetables, such as steamed cauliflower, mashed potatoes, or rice served as a vegetable.

  8. As has already been implied, lettuce finds its principal use in garnishing salads.

  9. Because, as he saith, that there is so much gold now bestowed about the garnishing of the pieces of the Cross, that there is none left for poore folke.

  10. As though all the gold that is now bestowed about the pieces of the Holy Cross would not have failed to have been given to poor men, if they had not been bestowed about the garnishing of the Cross!

  11. The practice of garnishing is by no means so defunct as some folk seem to think, and its influence may often be traced by those who wish.

  12. Once you've potted your own, you'll find it gives the same thrill as garnishing your own Liptauer.

  13. To bring the party to a happy end, we went to town on the Hungarian Liptauer, garnishing that fine, granulating buttery base after mixing it well with some cream cheese.

  14. If the walls might be his, as well as the garnishing of them, and if Florence Mountjoy could come and reign there, then he fancied that they all might be put to a better purpose than that of which he had thought.

  15. Parsley can also be used for garnishing the dishes.

  16. Put the garnishing moulds on the breast of turkey.

  17. Successful garnishing of a salad requires a sense of good color combination, judgment in blending flavors, and ingenuity in arranging materials.

  18. Certain flowers and greens may be used to advantage, however, in garnishing the salad for an occasional dinner or luncheon.

  19. When nearly done, dredge with crumbs of bread, and serve up, garnishing with mutton cutlets.

  20. As that was purely a German sentiment, or at least not an American sentiment, according to the notions broached by statesmen among ourselves, I made it as Dutch as possible by garnishing it well with d's.

  21. If the elaborate garnishing here suggested is not desired, the croquettes may be served with merely a suitable sauce.

  22. When removed from the oven, this dish can be made more attractive by garnishing it with the lobster claws and tail.

  23. If a more ornamental garnishing is desired, place a lemon in the mouth and use cranberries for the eyes.

  24. Garnishing and a desk, paid for, 123, bis.

  25. Girdlers were prohibited from garnishing girdles with stones or metal "q' de laton, baterie, feer, et asser.

  26. For international garnishing use a bouquet each of puree of peas, mashed potatoes and puree of chestnuts.

  27. D'Uxelles is used for garnishing in many ways.

  28. For garnishing entree dishes the imported goose liver au natural can be obtained in cans.

  29. Make them small for garnishing consomme, vol au vent, patties, financiere, tortue, etc.

  30. Put the chicken on a platter, pour the sauce with its garnishing on top, and sprinkle with chopped parsley.

  31. Can be used for garnishing fried fish and other dishes.

  32. Cut the garnishing to agree with the size of the patty.

  33. Serve as a garnishing for entrees, or fish; or as a vegetable course, on a platter, with tomato sauce or meat gravy.

  34. The garnishing of these dishes must be effected very quickly, as they require to be served the moment they are turned out.

  35. All which vessels the said abbat brake into péeces, and melting the mettall, he reserued it in like sort for the garnishing of his church.

  36. Button mushrooms may be used for garnishing individual timbales.

  37. Pastry Bag= The pastry bag gives variety in garnishing and decorating.

  38. Of variety in garnishing there need be no lack with the garden, wayside and woods abounding in beautiful leaves, vines and flowers.

  39. Potato Balls= Potatoes may be cut into balls with a vegetable scoop, boiled until just tender, not broken, drained, sprinkled with chopped parsley and used for garnishing a true meat dish.

  40. A1/2-1 cup water Very nice for garnishing fruit salads, desserts or cakes.

  41. The garnishing of salads, desserts, and cakes is treated in previous chapters.

  42. Make the garnishing simple, and have it eatable when possible.

  43. It will also include or add to itself the aesthetic element, the fine art of flavoring, the dainty garnishing of a dish.

  44. Wherefore he speaketh not of garnishing of his church until he comes to this fourth day's work: by his Spirit he hath garnished the heavens, that most fitly showing the glory of the church.

  45. Of the garnishing of the Temple with precious stones.

  46. As for the garnishing of these foundations, it is, and will be at the day of New Jerusalem, two-fold, and the first is with beautiful gifts and grace.

  47. Thus having showed you the garnishing and beautifying of the twelve foundations, he now comes to discover the foundations themselves, with reference to their order of placing and lying.

  48. Now the great business in this place will be to show you the garnishing of these foundations, and also the mystery and order of the lying of the foundations, for their glory lieth in both.

  49. That is, the doctrine of the twelve was garnished with all manner of precious souls; that is, converted by it, by which they become a glory and a garnishing to it.

  50. The leaves of the full grown plants are tied together, thus blanching the center, making it a desirable salad or garnishing variety.

  51. The curled variety is the one usually grown, as the leaves may be used for garnishing as well as for salads.

  52. The curled Chervil is a good addition to the list of garnishing vegetables, and adds flavor to dishes when it is used to season.

  53. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "garnishing" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.