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Example sentences for "giddiness"

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gibt; gibus; gico; giddie; giddily; giddy; gide; gidius; gie; gieb
  1. My head with giddiness goes round, And yet I firmly stand my ground: All over naked I am seen, And painted like an Indian queen.

  2. I had no giddiness to-day; but I drank brandy, and have bought a pint for two shillings.

  3. I sat up the night before my giddiness pretty late, and writ very much; so I will impute it to that.

  4. I have had my giddiness twenty-three years by fits.

  5. In August, however, there came alarming news, when Swift was himself suffering from giddiness and deafness.

  6. Lord Shelburne's giddiness is turned into a colic, and he looks miserably.

  7. I shall write to the Archbishop of Dublin to-morrow (I have had no giddiness to-day).

  8. Some have supposed that Swift resolved to remain unmarried because the insanity of an uncle and the fits and giddiness to which he was always subject led him to fear insanity in his own case.

  9. I have been much out of order of late with the old giddiness in my head.

  10. Yet the mid-air companionship of this outreaching skeleton-arm served only to heighten the giddiness and seeming instability of the south- side overhang.

  11. Yet he reeled slightly as he threw himself out of saddle; a nausea and a giddiness had come on him.

  12. Her brain had no sense, her hands had no feeling, her eyes had no sight; the rushing of waters was loud on her ears, the giddiness of fasting and of fatigue sent the gloom eddying round and round like a whirlpool of shadow.

  13. This misfortune rendered us gayer than ever; we laughed heartily at our giddiness in having forgotten that our clothes and shoes would wear out, or trusting to renew them by the play of our fountain.

  14. Notwithstanding my expenses were very moderate, it was possible to see the end of twenty livres; I was every day more convinced of this, and, spite of the giddiness of youth, my apprehensions for the future amounted almost to terror.

  15. For all the chilling wind she shuddered with a sense of inward heat, and giddiness now and then clouded her vision.

  16. When their giddiness abated, there were blurring views again.

  17. However, they found that after a number of repetitions of the same program, their giddiness was becoming less; and instead of lying down in the middle of the swing, they could look about.

  18. He remarked the giddiness of his father who ran his hand over his brow, and he was frightened by his white face.

  19. Armstrong stood facing his visitor as the door closed, and then the giddiness came over him again.

  20. For a slight strange giddiness had suddenly caught her.

  21. As he did so he felt a slight strange giddiness and stood a moment with his hand to his head.

  22. On the fourth day out, poor old Rawlings, the master, complained of severe shooting pains in the head, accompanied by giddiness and nausea, and the next day found him confined to his berth in a high fever.

  23. That would explain the giddiness you describe, as well as your trying to steady yourself against Jean Macaulay, which was not like the conduct of a sober man.

  24. I should doubt your ability for the work, Joseph; and at any rate you must wait till your giddiness is cured.

  25. It had not seemed possible to increase the confusion and misery in her brain, but this produced a heightening of it, a sort of wave of bewilderment and pain greater than before, a sense of additional giddiness and failing.

  26. But Lucy's look of utter giddiness and overthrow alarmed her more than she could say.

  27. I turned my back on the pawnbroker's, and went towards the Arno; but I had miscalculated my strength, and near Santa Felicita I felt a sudden giddiness and sank downwards on the pavement.

  28. I was right in this, the fresh, air acted as a tonic, and when I reached the gates of the convent, all the giddiness had passed.

  29. Just before entering the town, however, he was seized with alarming giddiness and faintness, together with a sharp constriction of the heart, and much difficulty of breathing.

  30. His physical sufferings were chiefly confined to the pains in his head, which never wholly left him, and which increased from time to time, with fresh attacks of giddiness and fainting.

  31. As usual at these heights, all the party were suffering from giddiness and headaches.

  32. All the party appeared alike overcome by lassitude, shortness and difficulty of breathing, a sense of weight on the stomach, giddiness and headache, with tightness across the temples.

  33. Some, giddiness and violent headaches, accompanied with a slow fever, and even loss of memory.

  34. The giddiness of their head and want of appetite would often continue some days afterwards, but with the use of the open fresh air they certainly in four or five days at farthest recovered these likewise and were perfectly well.

  35. It had the common symptoms of malignant fevers produced by human effluvia, and particularly affected the head with pain, giddiness and delirium.

  36. I am reminded so often of our little trick of 'whirling' in childhood, until, unable to stand we would drop down on the green grass and wait for the sensation of giddiness to pass off.

  37. This operated, and he recovered; but he was for some time affected with a giddiness in his head; and it is remarkable, that he was neither sick nor in the least disordered in his stomach.

  38. A giddiness was the next symptom, which was not accompanied with nausea.

  39. X-53] This explanation appears to have had but little plausibility, and it has been more rationally supposed that this liquor prevented or counteracted any giddiness they might feel.

  40. Harris said he felt such extraordinary fits of giddiness come over him at times, that he hardly knew what he was doing; and then George said that HE had fits of giddiness too, and hardly knew what HE was doing.

  41. Nothing happened--but he seemed to sense a faint, peculiar vibration and a wave of giddiness swept over him.

  42. Alternate waves of giddiness and depression, of push and pull, swept over him.

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