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  1. The enemy's hangars behind the forts at Chanak were destroyed during one air raid, organized by Flight-Commander Sampson, from Tenedos.

  2. He laid out a route via El Paso, San Antonio, and Scott Field, so that he could get shelter, if necessary, at army hangars at those points.

  3. Unused Army and Navy hangars were borrowed in the early years at Aberdeen, Md.

  4. They dodged the hangars that barred the way, running in and out of the lines with the swiftness of a hare followed by the eager hounds.

  5. Among them Tom noticed one who, as he well knew, had charge of the hangars during the night.

  6. Dodging in and out between the khaki-colored canvas field hangars he sought desperately to throw Tom off his track; but no hound ever followed its quarry with more pertinacity than the Yankee air pilot followed now.

  7. The situation must have appeared very grave to the other, who could expect to meet with short shrift if caught in the act of trying to destroy the hangars and planes of the American aviators in this bold fashion.

  8. A corporal was calling from the hall below, and the pilots hastened to report themselves at the hangars where the military biplanes--the famous No.

  9. Most of the students lived at the hangars and dined on Hamburg sandwiches, fried eggs, and Mexican enchiladas, served at a lunch-wagon anchored near the field.

  10. Back of the hangars was the workshop, which had little architecture, but much machinery.

  11. He was less compactly easy than Lieutenant Haviland, but he took better to overalls and sleeping in hangars and mucking in grease--he whistled ragtime while Forrest Haviland hummed MacDowell.

  12. The development of aerial bombing and the necessity for testing our own aerial bombs required the construction at Aberdeen of hangars and quarters for an aviation squadron.

  13. For the big bombing planes larger hangars were required but of the same-type of construction.

  14. Consequently the attempt was made to camouflage Bessenaux hangars at night only.

  15. The Dijon camouflage factory also turned out a large number of covers for the so-called Bessenaux hangars for airplanes.

  16. We developed new types of parachutes and built acres of canvas hangars for balloons.

  17. These hangars were large tents set up at aviation fields near the front.

  18. The place of the aero meet was deserted, and the hangars looked gloomy in the big expanse of open field.

  19. The Comet, so Mr. Glassford had written them, was left at one of the hangars in Buffalo Park, where the aero meet had been held.

  20. Frank wandered over to the hangars but he missed Lem and Chauncey and soon returned home.

  21. The row of tall hangars glistened with fresh white paint.

  22. In the shade of one of the hangars sat two boys.

  23. There is no school to-morrow--just the organization of classes, and we can go down to the hangars and see my plane.

  24. One of the great hangars had collapsed, ruining the machines inside.

  25. They strolled away in the direction of the hangars and Lee hurried over to Major Anderson's quarters, where he found the two boys sitting on the wide, screened veranda.

  26. All Country Clubs had them, as well as extra hangars for visitors.

  27. It is not a coincidence that so many things have happened to hamper us, and the destruction in the shops and around the hangars that has appeared merely slovenly, sinful waste, has been the work of these same dirty miscreants.

  28. We'll have to get back to our hangars soon," mused Tom, as they watched the fight.

  29. Lafayette Escadrille, who were standing near the hangars of the aviation field "somewhere in France," gazed earnestly up toward the blue sky that was dotted with fleecy, white clouds.

  30. He did not take a long enough run, and when he reached the end of the field he was not high enough to clear the line of hangars that were in front of him.

  31. Jack, as they turned back toward the hangars where they had their headquarters with others of their companions in the Lafayette Escadrille and with some of the French birdmen.

  32. There were a number of canvas hangars for the aeroplanes, there were living quarters for the men, a wireless station and a well defended camp where the aviators might live in comfort during the periods between their flights.

  33. Aerodromes may be bombed for the purpose of destroying enemy machines in their hangars or merely in order to spoil the landing by blowing holes all over the place.

  34. I've heard that lots of these flying fellows get pestered with people in their hangars and throw them all out.

  35. In wonder and amazement his comrades heard him addressing the constable in French, speaking volubly, waving his arms, pointing to the hangars opposite.

  36. The airport was just beyond the city limits and its administration building and hangars flanked the boulevard.

  37. The pilot brought the mail ship down to an easy landing and taxied up to the row of hangars where they were met by the impatient managing editor.

  38. No wonder a lot of them took nose dives into the hangars and hung their planes on smokestacks and church steeples.

  39. As McGee started toward the hangars he saw that some of the ground crew were wheeling out Siddons' Nieuport.

  40. The burning plane offered sufficient light for landing, but it was also lighting up the hangars and the field, and he momentarily expected the enemy to let go with their bombs.

  41. Wind sock A conical strip of cloth on a staff atop the hangars to give pilots wind direction.

  42. Above the hangars the red storm cone had been hoisted, prohibiting further flight by pupils.

  43. The first gray hues of morning were just diffusing a lighter pallor and the stars were already dimming when on the deserted levels in front of the hangars the biplanes finally came to rest.

  44. Going out soon, he encountered Blaine on the parade before the hangars where the starting of planes usually began.

  45. The clocks were pointing towards seven when something like a dozen men, wearing the regulation uniform, gathered at the usual open space, while from the doors of several hangars mechanics were silently rolling out machines.

  46. Each member of the three squads thus assigned will be ready at Hangars No.

  47. Our hero and his comrades could see lanterns moving about over at the row of hangars where the Comet was housed.

  48. You remember that you discovered Vernon lurking around the hangars that night near Washington?

  49. One of the hangars blown up—dynamite, I guess,” was the reply.

  50. Another man from the scene was halted by them, and Dave asked quickly: “Which one of the hangars was blown up?

  51. Above the low hangars he saw smoke clouds over the bay.

  52. A second later, the rushing green of grass seemed to cease, and I was horrified to find myself looking down at the landscape from a vast height whence one could see distant fields and hangars as if on a map.

  53. After a not entirely dreamless sleep and a cup of coffee, our hero is at the hangars at 7.

  54. The "mecanos" dress as nearly like pilots as they dare, and after flying is over in the evening are apt to appear about the hangars in the teddy-bear suits and fur boots of the "patron.

  55. The field was bumpy, but he taxied to a stop and climbed out to look over the silent hangars before one of which a little sports plane stood dejectedly, with a piece of torn wing flapping in the breeze.

  56. In the camp with the troops; in the hangars there are no sleeping places.

  57. In front of the hangars paced a sentry; at the rear another soldier walked post.

  58. And the hangars are at some distance from the troop camp?

  59. Only one thought possessed them all, which was to get to the hangars in the shortest possible time.

  60. How about that fellow they chased late yesterday afternoon, who was loitering about the hangars and acting in a suspicious way?

  61. You mean the fellow discovered near the hangars at the aviation camp, Jack?

  62. Yes, let's all go over to the hangars and have the planes out for a regular inspection," said Tom.

  63. They rightly guessed that for once the guard about the aviation field and numerous hangars where the dozens upon dozens of planes of every description were housed when not in use, would be unusually light.

  64. The enemy had taken this opportunity to send over a squadron of raiding Fokkers to bomb the hangars of the French and American fliers at Bar-le-Duc!

  65. He was glad to notice that his chum once more headed in the direction of the spot where they had been seated on a bench back of the long row of frame buildings used for permanent hangars at the Bar-le-Duc aviation field.

  66. Amid the jeers of the Syndicate crowd near the hangars he went spinning almost twenty feet, stumbled and slid flat on the ground for a yard or two.

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