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  1. Some one at the hangar to see you, Dave," he reported.

  2. The messenger boy who had just entered the hangar of the great prize monoplane of the aero meet at Columbus, stared wonderingly about him while the man in charge of the place receipted for the telegram.

  3. They found Mr. King in the little partitioned off room of the Aegis hangar which he used as an office.

  4. Old Grimshaw breasted the storm, and after half a mile's walk came to a hangar a good deal like the one he had left.

  5. The boys were eating their supper at the King hangar later in the day, when a telegraph messenger appeared.

  6. Mr. King pushed Dave across the little room in the hangar he used as an office.

  7. Right now David was gazing lovingly through the open doors of the hangar at the vast silver shape rapidly approaching perfection and completion under the hands of its pygmy workmen.

  8. The great hangar had been cleared for the reception of the visitor, the Japanese ships being transferred to another location.

  9. You have been selected by the Aeronautical Board of the Goodlow-Zeppelin Company to fill the position of assistant pilot on the dirigible Moonbeam, on its first trip around the world, leaving the hangar at Ayre, Ohio, at six A.

  10. When Mr. Hammond, after a restless night, reached the hangar Friday morning, he found David and Red there before him, looking fresh and crisp.

  11. Hundreds of soldiers labored to keep the field about the hangar clear for the departure of the outgoing ship.

  12. He was a mechanician at the hangar where I tried to develop wings in 1917.

  13. Thanks to the few months spent in the hangar of an aviation field in the spring of '17, he had known where and how to administer body blows.

  14. All that day, while the lads waited in and about the St. Louis post-office, telegraphing to the hangar at frequent intervals, the millionaire was speeding swiftly in their direction.

  15. His own chauffeur was awakened with difficulty, but finally the journey to the hangar in Westchester county was fairly begun.

  16. At the Forest Park hangar Havens secured his first news of the boys.

  17. The boys were away at daylight, and a couple of hours later saw the machines snugly tucked away in a hangar not far from the aviation field near Forest Park.

  18. In fact, he was about to swing away in pursuit when the ringing of a bell at a hangar below attracted his attention.

  19. They appeared as witnesses at the trial of the man who had been shot on the night the destruction of the hangar was attempted, and were well satisfied when he received a sentence of five years at Sing Sing.

  20. In fact, the boys were so busy planning another trip that they nearly lost interest in the murder case as soon as they reached Havens’ hangar in Westchester county!

  21. Look here,” he went on, pointing to the Louise, now being run out of the hangar by the workmen.

  22. My idea is,” he went on, “that you ought to get out of the hangar as soon as possible.

  23. Consequently when the fire burst out at the hangar there was little delay in getting out the firemen.

  24. It was probable that the man caught sneaking about the hangar had either been responsible for the blaze or had witnessed the act of incendiarism.

  25. We have never left an address, and always his people at the hangar declared in answer to our messages that he had not been heard from since the night he had so mysteriously left the stateroom of the Pullman car.

  26. Now, you boys all go to bed in the bunks in the hangar and I’ll attend to the details.

  27. Why, sir,” the chauffeur went on, “a big car picked us up half a mile this side of the hangar and followed on down to within three blocks of this place.

  28. At last a message came from the millionaire’s private office at the hangar in Westchester county.

  29. Takes the air, now, quite independent of me, but I fancy he gets uneasy if I delay, for he comes and circles over the hangar until my machine takes the air.

  30. The way you aimed at your hangar from far up in the sky, and shot in, was like a marksman aiming at the bull's-eye on a target, and getting it.

  31. So her hangar is 'The Eagle's Nest,'" said Di.

  32. The huge canvas of the hangar struggled violently with the bonds which fastened it to the ground.

  33. Even Gelmetti who was resting in the Hangar near his "Spad" was surprised and astonished to see suddenly standing before him this mountaineer whom he did not at once recognize.

  34. Immediately after the ship had been floated from the hangar Zeppelin permitted it to rise off the pontoons on which it had rested and the first successful rigid airship flight was an accomplished fact.

  35. The Hangar Construction Company Back in 1913 a subsidiary was founded, first as a consulting engineering concern; but soon thereafter it became the Zeppelin Hangar Construction Company (Zeppelin Hallenbau G.

  36. It made the shops and hangar on Lake Constance a popular institution.

  37. This done, and it being time to set off, the machine was taken out of the hangar and a few minutes later Lawless and Mike were high above the flight station.

  38. That evening, when the Lieutenant arrived at the hangar preparatory to setting out on the nightly scouting expedition, he brought with him a curious looking implement.

  39. A moment later a soldier came into the hangar and reported a bad smash.

  40. Ten minutes later Colonel Marker was at the back of a hangar inspecting a newly arrived scout machine of a much---discussed type when he heard a shout from outside.

  41. Joe Little and Louis Deschamps were sitting in a hangar one Sunday afternoon, chatting about a new type of battle-plane that had arrived that week.

  42. Bob went back to the hangar an older boy.

  43. Matai Shang's reference to the hangar and the fliers indicated that my destination lay nothing short of the roof of the tower, and toward this seemingly distant goal I set my face.

  44. Let us proceed to the hangar above that we may be far to the south before he finds another way--should that be possible.

  45. It took only about ten minutes for the drive over to the laboratory, another structure that could have been a hangar for flying saucers.

  46. His charter outfit, which works out of that hangar off to the side of the majors at Kennedy, keeps a Lear that can make the Caribbean in one hop if it's not too full.

  47. He took it back to the hangar and discovered that the previous tank my friend had been flying on had come out of the same bin and had been empty all along.

  48. I went back down to the hangar and crawled into the ship to do the first two of the next set of five dives.

  49. Two weeks later I stepped out of a taxi in front of the hangar at the airport.

  50. By the way, let's go out in the hangar and take a look at the crate.

  51. He brought his ship down to put it in the hangar until he got his break in weather.

  52. I pulled up in front of the hangar late one summer afternoon and saw a brand-new, speedy type cantilever monoplane standing on the line.

  53. Then Bill dropped out of sight, and soon he heard Frank retreating to the small door of the hangar where he stood for a moment looking out before he went out.

  54. We lock the hangar every night, and someone is always around all day, but allee samee, as the Chinee says, allee samee, somebody gets that machine all out of tune as soon as I get it right.

  55. I think I will manage to secrete myself in that hangar to-morrow morning.

  56. When at last they returned to the vicinity of the hangar from which they had started, they found an excited and angry group around Horace Jardin's aeroplane.

  57. Together they walked over to the hangar and wheeled Jardin's plane out into the field.

  58. He glanced to the right and looked down on the ridge that held the hangar in its rocky face.

  59. Now Sandy had discovered the secret hangar for Johnny without having the slightest imagining of the use which Johnny hoped to make of it.

  60. It's possible this is an underground hangar for their vessels, perhaps an embarkation station, from which the ships were towed to the takeoff area.

  61. The hangar was filled with row on row of the monstrous vessels, towering ellipsoidal shapes whose crowns were lost in the gloom that was more desolate than the absolute darkness.

  62. The secretary knew that this hangar would be open.

  63. Owen then insisted that the aeroplane would be guarded, and even if it were not locked in its hangar the first rasp of a file on the wire would call the attention of some one on guard.

  64. But Carleton had not yet stepped into the hangar when Prince Vanno Della Robbia passed on foot, going to the palace on the Rock.

  65. I was down at my hangar tinkering with the Flying Fish, for, you know, I'm taking her to Cannes to-morrow.

  66. It's much easier asking me out dancing, Grant," she smiled impishly, and clacked across the hangar floor toward the jeep.

  67. The hangar brightness brought a frown to her eyes, which she shielded with a hand cupped to her brow.

  68. She marched over to the hangar wall and pulled over boarding steps, which were braced on three pivotal tires.

  69. Otherwise, they were alone, except for the guard at the hangar entrance.

  70. They went out to the 'copter hangar together.

  71. The large door of a hangar tilted and went upward, and a door opened from the watchman's lighted room and he came shouting outside.

  72. Lights flashed on in the hangar and Jane and Sue left the waiting room.

  73. The baggage was weighed, checked and placed on a small cart to be wheeled into the hangar when the plane arrived.

  74. Out in the hangar a crew worked desperately over the big plane, tuning up the motors and checking in the gas and oil.

  75. The landing stage was wheeled away and the Night Flyer lumbered out of the hangar on the first lap of the long flight to Chicago.

  76. There were only a few people at the airport when the tri-motor rolled into the hangar and the girls stepped out of the cabin.

  77. She was hungry, but the tri-motor she had come in on had been trundled away to a distant hangar and there was little chance that she could find it and rummage through the pantry for anything to eat.

  78. Ruthe Harrigan led Jane to a comfortable restaurant only a block from the hangar and after sizzling steaks had been served, plied Jane with questions.

  79. It was dismal waiting there, with the wind howling around the hangar and the snow driving against the windows.

  80. The weather had turned bitter cold with the wind lashing around the big hangar in a chilling overture.

  81. You can get out and walk about the hangar if you like.

  82. The ship rolled out of the hangar and swept away into the east.

  83. The plane rolled to a stop in the Newark hangar of the Federated line and a huge limousine with two motorcycle officers flanking it, drew up to the cabin door.

  84. When it rolled into the hangar Jane peered anxiously toward the waiting room.

  85. The tri-motor rolled up to the hangar and Sue looked at the name painted above the large doors.

  86. Lunch is ready at the field restaurant," Miss Comstock announced when they rolled into the hangar at Omaha.

  87. Dinner over, they hastened back to the Federated hangar where the reporter borrowed a typewriter.

  88. Rangers Medart and Losinj, Palace assault team, to the hangar bay, please.

  89. Nevan released the controls, allowing the beam operator to settle the lander to the deck while hangar doors closed behind them.

  90. The hangar deck was large, much bigger than necessary for the lander it now held, yet Corina had a feeling of things closing in on her.

  91. Hangar Dene is as comfortable a home as there is in England.

  92. Must leave for the hangar at once," declared Hart, returning from the telephone.

  93. At precisely eleven-thirty I reached the great steel and glass hangar where Hart Jones and George Boehm carried on their experiments with super-modern types of aircraft.

  94. The sight which met my eyes was astonishing in the extreme, for the hangar had been transformed into a huge workshop with seemingly hundreds of men already at work.

  95. Meanwhile the hangar hummed with activity as usual.

  96. Her nose brought slightly up, she dropped to a perfect three-point landing, the brakes screeching as she was brought to a standstill at the hangar of the transportation company.

  97. About one week," he replied, "providing you can send a force of fifty expert mechanics to my hangar at once and supply all material as fast as I shall require it.

  98. I tell you what: You be out at Newark Airport at eleven-thirty, but come to my hangar instead of to that of the transportation company.

  99. The immense doors were open, and I gazed for the first time into the hangar whose spacious interior provided storage and manufacturing facilities for a dozen or more planes of Hart Jones' design.

  100. It was during a rest period at the Jones hangar and I had brought Hart and George to my home for breakfast.

  101. Above the din of the machines in the hangar rang the startled voice of a news announcer.

  102. The five main ones are a workshop, a power-house, storehouse, a ship hangar and a barracks for coolies.

  103. Instead, she remained in the hangar and kept a watchful eye on Fanning Harding, who, with some mechanics and the same man she had noticed about the hangar the day before, was very busy over his machine, apparently.

  104. It might have been an hour later that a chauffeur, summoned by 'phone from the grandstand, brought the Bancrofts' car up to the hangar and Hal Homer, Jess and Jimsy emerged.

  105. Fanning was outside his hangar smoking a cigarette and swaggering about when Jimsy approached him.

  106. I'll tell you what it is, Jim Bancroft, you just take yourself away from this hangar as quickly as possible.

  107. I was in our hangar yesterday afternoon and I noticed a horrid looking man prowling about with Fanning Harding.

  108. But no one obtained even a glimpse of Fanning's air craft, for it was not wheeled out, and, except when one or the other of his party dodged in or out, the doors of his hangar were closed.

  109. She knew now why the face and form of the man hanging about Fanning's "Phantom" hangar at the aviation field had seemed so familiar to her.

  110. I told you to burn up the hangar so that there would be no trace left of the bluff we had been putting up," he growled.

  111. With snake-like caution he glided behind the hangar once more.

  112. Back to the hangar sped Hal, where Jess and Jimsy, almost beside themselves with excitement, were watching the homing aeroplane.

  113. With their arms about each other's waists the girls walked toward the hangar and entered it.

  114. Come into my hangar and we can talk quietly.

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