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Example sentences for "hazily"

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hazer; hazers; hazes; hazia; hazian; haziness; hazing; hazle; hazy
  1. So that the voice may have been calling (indeed, had been calling) for some time, and of this I had been hazily conscious before finally I awoke.

  2. Hazily I became aware that the dark room was flooded with figures.

  3. He was simultaneously sensible of dull thudding blows about the lower part of his body, judging hazily but quite correctly that Cullinan was kicking him.

  4. He was hazily conscious of Slade's pleadings for him to come away, of his attempts several times to do so, of dimly hearing the imperious call of duty; of being dragged back for another round by his boisterous companions.

  5. What wonder then that the milky clouds which piled fantastically above the Indian camp fashioned hazily at times into curious boats sailing away to another land?

  6. He had voiced something of what they had hazily thought.

  7. The vast hills, and the dark woodland belts, loomed hazily through the mist.

  8. Perhaps it was a feeling of what was hazily in the younger woman's mind and a desire to answer it that led Mrs. Belloc to say further: "I suppose there's some that would criticize my way of getting there.

  9. His indifference, his putting off to a future time, which his manner made seem most hazily indefinite, gave her the foolish and collapsing sense of having broken through an open door.

  10. Where was that old feeling in the heart as he waited for one of those great singers?

  11. He answered abstractedly: "How should I know?

  12. Had he ever lived there, he hazily wondered?

  13. Moreover, the case concerning which his clerk was prosing along in the style of a chapel demagogue engaged in extemporary prayer, was an extremely uninteresting one, and he thought hazily of his lunch.

  14. Hazily he looked from her to the littered shelves, and reached for the first object upon which his eyes happened to fall.

  15. Hazily he remembered certain grueling, sweating half-hours spent in trying to discover what Mrs. Beach thought she might want to buy.

  16. It starts from a false premise, hazily conceived, and it subsists upon arguments in which trivial facts are assigned higher value than facts of vital importance.

  17. It was and is hazily associated with the negation of religion.

  18. But if we take a play like Pelléas and Mélisande, we shall find that unless we grasp the particular fairy thread of thought the poet rather hazily flings to us, we cannot grasp anything whatever.

  19. The soft tide of the bay lapped almost at her feet, and the draperies of her white gown melted hazily into the sands.

  20. I remember very distinctly that the jumping and throbbing in my arm brought me back to a world that at first was nothing but sky, a heap of clouds that I thought hazily were the meringue on a blue charlotte russe.

  21. It threw into relief two methods of action which hitherto we had been hazily seeking to combine, seesawing between one and the other, each of us influenced at different times by different motives.

  22. He was thinking hazily that so his old life had been swept away in the devastating effect of a passing whim, a foolish bit of play.

  23. The Kate Humphrey she hazily remembered had been a careful product of refinement, attired in a black lace evening gown and wearing very good imitation pearls.

  24. So I twist and turn, as every few moments I am hazily and painfully aroused into semi-consciousness.

  25. He remembered hazily the trip over the mountains and a battle with a party of natives.

  26. The room grew hazily warm, and Wilson felt himself glowing with new life and fresh courage.

  27. Then a hazily remembered transition, and they were at dinner--where each plate was of two almost imperceptible layers of solid diamond between which was curiously worked a filigree of emerald design, a shaving sliced from green air.

  28. He named over to himself those friends on whom he might call, and then his mind paused as Betty Medill's name hazily and sorrowfully occurred to him.

  29. He knew, without thinking about it, that the Arangi had been boarded by the hazily sensed supreme disaster of life that all life intuitively apprehends and that only man knows and calls by the name of "death.

  30. He was only hazily aware of the swish of her skirts behind him; he had no time to look round and see that she got away safely.

  31. Puzzled, hazily analyzing the sensation, he followed her to the lobby.

  32. After a long time he seemed to realize rather hazily that the carriage-door had been opened to admit somebody.

  33. Big Jim, lying on the border of the fields where his fathers had dreamed and hoped and worked, looked hazily at Little Jim, and tried to say something, but couldn't.

  34. Jim's letter home, however, would have moved a far more stolid spirit than Uncle Denny, for he sketched the danger hazily and dwelt at length on the honor and glory of the undertaking.

  35. Then Frank Rollings, just beginning hazily to come to, was carried up.

  36. These questions flitted hazily from time to time through his brain, but he made no attempt to answer them either by refutation or reason, .

  37. He pondered the question hazily without arriving at any satisfactory answer, .

  38. The shock stunned him for a little, and he came to hazily to find a couple of the battalion stretcher-bearers trying to lift him from the soft mud in which he was half sunk.

  39. So that the voice may have been calling (indeed, had been calling) for some time, and of this I had been hazily conscious before finally I awoke.

  40. Hazily I became aware that the dark room was become flooded with figures.

  41. A vague smile touched the corners of his mouth; his eyes were hazily lustrous; his nose was in the air.

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