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  1. Suspected during his lifetime of strange heresies, this annotator and illustrator of Dante, this disciple of Savonarola, has in our times been definitely ranged as a spirit saturated with paganism, and still a mystic.

  2. Baudelaire, without losing interest, then thought of Daumier as an illustrator for a new edition of Les Fleurs du Mal.

  3. As an illustrator of sacred history, the world may one day return to John Martin.

  4. There was an illustrator for a tu'penny magazine, who (so as to seem to be a large staff) signed a variety of names to his work.

  5. Like most of the members of the Mulberry and Shakespeare Clubs, he knew all the principal passages in Shakespeare by heart long before he became an illustrator of the plays.

  6. But he found that Tenniel, the illustrator of the Rev.

  7. John Tenniel was only sixteen years old when his first oil picture was exhibited at the Suffolk Street Galleries, and he soon became recognised, not only as a painter, but as a book and magazine illustrator of unusual skill.

  8. About this time he was retiring from his position as a popular illustrator of books.

  9. I was looking for a young illustrator named Paley originally and irrevocably from Terre Haute.

  10. The editor and proprietor and illustrator of The Rolling Stone was Will Porter, incidentally Paying and Receiving Teller in Major Brackenridge's bank.

  11. The illustrator makes one immense sacrifice, of course--that of color; but with it he purchases a freedom which enables him to attack ever so many ideas.

  12. He is a draughtsman and an illustrator only on occasion and by accident.

  13. He is the highly sensitized illustrator appointed by the states of his soul to picture forth the pauses of the journey through the realm of fancy.

  14. He was concerned with illustration first and last, as he was illustrator and nothing else.

  15. He was also a famous illustrator of juvenile books, and he sometimes wrote the rhymes and fairy tales himself which he illustrated.

  16. It was the flattering knowledge that a famous illustrator had asked to make a sketch of her which would be published in a book if it turned out to be a good one.

  17. Thus from a photogram of even the most elaborate subject an absolutely correct drawing may be made fit for reproduction without the illustrator having any knowledge or skill as a draughtsman.

  18. The accompanying illustration will suggest the manner in which I would recommend photograms to be sometimes employed--especially when the illustrator does not possess the requisite skill to produce the same thing with his brush.

  19. It is not the intention of the present book to give instructions whereby to work the processes, beyond a general outline which shall make the illustrator acquainted with the method in which his drawing or photogram is utilised.

  20. One month he appears as the illustrator of a humorous song or scena by J.

  21. He had lived to earn his bread from day to day in the grotesque market; and the solemn and poetic side of his genius had been left unworked, or had been only partially and fitfully developed as he became an illustrator of books.

  22. Browne's connection with Dickens, as the illustrator of his books, came to an end.

  23. Author and illustrator were as well suited to one another and to the common creation of a unique thing as Gilbert and Sullivan.

  24. But here, it may be, the illustrator will not intervene.

  25. So it must always be with the itinerant illustrator and writer.

  26. His fame as a Dickens illustrator might rest secure on these alone, although it is supplemented by many other character-drawings of the types created by the author of Pickwick.

  27. Zwecker--a very fairly representative group of the average illustrator of the period.

  28. This most admirable illustrator 'was born in Norwich in 1832, the son of a painter of the place, from whom he received his earliest art-instruction.

  29. Ridley, an illustrator of promise, is also represented.

  30. Fred Walker is often supposed to have made his first appearance as an illustrator in Once a Week, vol.

  31. A complete bibliography of such a fecund illustrator as Sir John Gilbert would need a volume to itself.

  32. Charles Green, of late known almost entirely as a painter, was a fecund illustrator in the sixties.

  33. Charles Keene, the great illustrator so little appreciated by his contemporaries, whose fame is still growing daily, was a frequent contributor to Once a Week for many years.

  34. Such honourable recognition of the personality of an illustrator is by no means the rule, even in periodicals that have equal right to be proud of their collaborators.

  35. Three or four times attention is directed to the fact of the nakedness by the hero himself, while the pencil of the filial illustrator has rendered him immortal in this primitive costume.

  36. His fame as an illustrator for, and a delineator of, children stands very high.

  37. As an illustrator he is with us everywhere; as a painter he is held in deserved esteem.

  38. The vogue for the works of this eminent illustrator and satirist is perhaps not so great as it was twenty years ago.

  39. But, no matter--the great illustrator is quite as much of a creator as the great painter or the great sculptor.

  40. Vierge--many publishers are not even so generous as this, and ignore the artist-illustrator altogether.

  41. Caldecott was soon found out in his country home, his wide reputation as an illustrator bringing him ever-increasing work, some "not very profitable.

  42. Abbey, the well-known illustrator of old English subjects; in later years a great friend and ally of Caldecott.

  43. The harmony here between author and illustrator needs no comment.

  44. Probably the most distinguished American illustrator of his time.

  45. There is probably not a single illustrator here mentioned who would not endorse such a statement.

  46. The illustrator when he is at work often thinks more of the art critic who may review his book than the readers who are to enjoy it.

  47. Mr. Laurence Housman is more than an illustrator of fairy tales; he is himself a rare creator of such fancies, and has, moreover, an almost unique power of conveying his ideas in the medium.

  48. But the veteran illustrator has done far too large a number of designs to be catalogued here.

  49. Andre was (and for all I know is still) a very prolific illustrator of children's coloured books.

  50. If an illustrator deserved to attract the attention of collectors it is surely this one, and so fertile has he been that a complete set of all his work would take no little time to get together.

  51. The old illustrator in his work was simply nothing if not a moralist, though he himself may have been a most amusing person, while his treatment of even the most sacred subjects was frequently the broadest and most suggestive.

  52. Although the most beautiful books which came from the early German press appeared during the lifetime of Dürer, his contributions as an illustrator are curiously limited, considering the amount of black-and-white work which he produced.

  53. Lately has sprung up a species of illustrator who licks the boots of these editors and grovels before the process man.

  54. The name of the illustrator should always appear on the title page when possible; if his work is worth printing he should have a decent amount of attention drawn to it.

  55. He has treated with equal success the England of Robin Hood, the Germany of the fifteenth century, colonial days in America, children's stories, and the ordinary everyday events which an illustrator is called upon to record.

  56. For it can boast an illustrator of individuality and character, Hans Tegner.

  57. How far Thackeray would have succeeded as an illustrator of other men's thoughts there is but little that has been published to prove.

  58. The stock in trade of the professional illustrator and caricaturist is made up of a thousand such formulæ--methods of expression that convey the idea readily enough to the spectator, but have little relation to fact.

  59. He is constantly spoken of, even by severe critics of his painting, as a great illustrator who identified himself with the minds of one great writer after another.

  60. Once a writer or painter or illustrator pulls his stakes and sets out for Manhattan, Chicago sees him no more.

  61. His skill as an illustrator and his knowledge of wild animals had gained my admiration but I now learned that he knew certain phases of the West better than I, for though of English birth he had lived in Manitoba for several years.

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