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  1. Very often we can make only precarious inferences from these skeletal fragments as to the anatomic characters of the soft parts that went with the bony skeleton of the extinct Tocosauria.

  2. We started from the simplest facts of ontogeny, or the development of the individual--from observations that we can repeat and verify by microscopic and anatomic study at any moment.

  3. A careful anatomic study of the human frame would disclose to us numbers of other rudimentary organs, and these can only be explained on the theory of evolution.

  4. However carefully we examine it with our finest chemical reagents and most powerful microscopes, we can find no definite parts or no anatomic structure in it.

  5. If we sum up the results of our anatomic study of the Amphioxus, and compare them with the familiar organisation of man, we shall find an immense distance between the two.

  6. In order to understand them fully we must first say a word or two of the general form and the anatomic composition of the mature human central marrow.

  7. Of late years this fact has given rise to a good deal of discussion, and especially of controversy as to the particular anatomic relationship of man to the apes.

  8. If we turn from this anatomic survey of the composition of the column to the question of its development, I may refer the reader to earlier pages with regard to the first and most important points (Chapter 1.

  9. As a matter of fact, it is possible to draw such a sharp morphological distinction--a distinction based on anatomic structure--between the fore and hind extremity.

  10. Furthermore, the anatomic relations of the fowl are such as to preclude its presence.

  11. According to the report made to the Council there is no glycocholic acid in this preparation, nor is it possible, from the anatomic arrangements of the fowl’s digestive apparatus, for it to get there.

  12. On the left side there was a fracture of the anatomic neck of the humerus, and a dislocation downward.

  13. Baudoin describes their anatomic construction, their mode of life, and their mannerisms and tastes in a quite recent article.

  14. De Diemerbroeck mentions the fact that a knife ten inches long was extracted by gastrotomy, and placed among the rarities in the anatomic chamber of the University at Leyden.

  15. The act of rotating the forearm in such a way that the palm of the hand looks backward when the arm is in the anatomic position, or downward when the arm is extended at a right angle with the body.

  16. A radiogram secured under the conditions usually adopted, shows definite and known anatomic relationship between the bones and the X-ray tube, namely, with the anode of the tube directly opposite the tip of the internal malleolus.

  17. An anatomic union between two bones; the surgical union of two surfaces by stitches.

  18. Winkelmann, in contradiction with his own principles, explain it, by a want of anatomic knowledge?

  19. Kant regarded this highest faculty of the human mind as innate, and made no inquiry into its development, its physiological mechanism, and its anatomic organ, the brain.

  20. But they are all agreed that there is such a central organ of mind, and that its normal anatomic and chemical condition is the first requisite for the life of the human mind.

  21. The anatomic distinction between the two regions of the cortex which we oppose to each other as the internal sense-centres and the thought or association-centres seems to me of the highest importance.

  22. The psychologists readily abandoned the inconvenient burden of experience and a posteriori knowledge, to which the modern anatomic physiology of the brain laid special claim.

  23. These anatomic and physiological facts may easily be observed in the chromacea, which are found everywhere.

  24. The true protoplasm, or viscous and at first chemically homogeneous substance, cannot, in my opinion, have any anatomic structure.

  25. The anatomic determination of the two "psychic regions" which Flechsig first introduced was afterwards modified by himself and substantially altered by others.

  26. It generally comes from a failure to formulate clearly the difference between the two essential elements of the modern notion of the cell--the anatomic distinction between the nucleus and the body of the cell.

  27. If the anatomic structure as stated above, is correct, it would take but a slight contraction of the encircling cell to shut off completely the capillary.

  28. The difference lies in the anatomic structure of the two vessels, and possibly also in the degree of stretching and strain to which the vessels are subjected at every heart beat.

  29. The hiatal narrowing is both anatomic and spasmodic.

  30. Schematic illustration of the anatomic basis for difficulty in introduction of the esophagoscope.

  31. It is unwise and unsafe to attempt to restore the lumen to its normal anatomic size.

  32. Thus there was inaugurated at Alexandria the Anatomic Period of Medicine, which lasted till Egypt came under the sway of the Romans.

  33. The Anatomic Period, ending with the death of Galen, about 200 years after Christ.

  34. In the province of Surgery, Hippocrates was surprisingly proficient, although he lived before the Anatomic Period.

  35. We have viewed each anatomic and pathologic part as an entity and man as an isolated phenomenon in nature.

  36. Sherrington has made free use of Darwin's doctrine in explaining physiologic functions, just as anatomists have extensively utilized it in the explanation of the genesis of anatomic forms.

  37. These line drawings show in detail the procedures and operations without obscuring their purpose by unnecessary and unimportant anatomic surroundings.

  38. The anatomic architecture of the latter thymo-centric personality is fairly typical.

  39. I can mention but few of the names most eminent during this Anatomic Period, and but a short account of the life and work of each.

  40. Strange to say, however, the practice of dissection fell into disuse toward the end of this Anatomic Period, and scholars preferred to indulge in subtle metaphysical discussions rather than study human tissues.

  41. The Anatomic Period, ending with the death of Galen, about A.

  42. We need only imagine a few slight and unessential changes in the real sections of the amphioxus in order to have this ideal anatomic figure or diagram of the primitive vertebrate form, as we see in Figures 1.

  43. But it is equally necessary to confine our attention, in this general anatomic description of the vertebrate-body, to the essential facts, and pass by all the unessential.

  44. This unity is found in both the anatomic structure and the physiological function.

  45. The peculiar anatomic features that characterise the human foetal membranes are found in just the same way in the higher apes.

  46. Indeed, a sufficient general idea of the course of the embryonic development of man can be obtained without going too closely into the anatomic details.

  47. We see that man entirely resembles the higher mammals, and most of all the apes, in embryonic development as well as in anatomic structure.

  48. Later it approaches very closely, at one period, to the anatomic structure of the lancelet, afterwards to that of a fish, and again to the typical build of the amphibia and mammals.

  49. Hence, in giving now an ideal anatomic description of the chief features of the vertebrate and its internal organisation, I omit all the subordinate points, and restrict myself to the most important characteristics.

  50. These changeable processes are called "false feet," or pseudopodia, because they act physiologically as feet, yet are not special organs in the anatomic sense.

  51. Cuvier and Baer proved that this view was false, and that we must distinguish four totally different types of animals, on the ground of anatomic structure and embryonic development.

  52. As an anatomic and surgical fact, the tubes can never be wholly excised unless the upper part of the uterus is also amputated.

  53. Anatomic changes may lead up to pathologic conditions.

  54. Neither anatomic nor physiologic researches are calculated to demonstrate just what associating fasciculi or what groups of such fasciculi are subservient to any particular co-ordination.

  55. The proof will be beyond doubt when in parents and in their children stigmata of anatomic and physical degeneration are abundantly found.

  56. Yes, sir; both in anatomic pathology and in clinical pathology in 1955.

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