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  1. On rising about 6 o'clock, he was descending to his wife's room, when he was horrified to see his wife suspended by the neck from the balusters on the third story.

  2. Girls' heads were popped out of upper widows at the swinging of the gate, and, as the door opened, more heads appeared looking over the balusters from the hall above.

  3. The second-table-ites were always hanging over the balusters to receive them, and when to the demand, "What did you have for dinner?

  4. Peering over the balusters they saw two troopers pass out of the guardroom, and cross the hall to the door.

  5. So muffled was the sound that Crispin guessed how matters stood even before he had looked over the balusters into the hall beneath.

  6. At the right of the entrance is the staircase, showing the spiral newel post and carved balusters of the early period.

  7. It has treads of solid mahogany, with simple but substantial balusters on either side, topped with mahogany rails.

  8. The balusters and stairs are of mahogany and the furniture is Windsor.

  9. The staircase cannot fail to attract notice, with its twisted newel post and balusters and the molded mahogany railing.

  10. It is interesting to note the twisted portion of the three balusters on each stair, each differing, although the tops and bottoms are alike.

  11. The balusters are carved in three different designs, while the newel-post is a combination of the three, one carved within the other.

  12. The finely turned balusters of regularly varying style, together with the exquisitely wrought carvings and delicate panels running along the side of the staircase, are expressive of the taste and skill which went into its building.

  13. The balusters are hand-carved, the newel post being plain.

  14. The colonial staircase with its fine, hand-carved newel-post and balusters is at the left of the hallway.

  15. Each of the three balusters has a different design.

  16. The balusters were usually beautifully carved and hand turned, with newel posts of graceful design; and sometimes even the risers showed carved effects.

  17. A rail about two inches thick, wrought over the foot-space rail, and in which there is a groove to steady the heel of the balusters of the galleries.

  18. The rail that terminates the foot of the balcony, in which the balusters step, if there be no pedestal rail.

  19. I had slidden down the balusters when I was a boy, and thought nothing of it, but to slide down the balusters in a railway-train is a thing to make one's flesh creep.

  20. Almost exactly like it, but round and with balusters instead of columns, is the pulpit in the church of Nossa Senhora dos Olivaes at Thomar.

  21. These were usually six or seven feet broad, with about six wide easy steps and then a landing, and the carving on the balusters was often very elaborate and sometimes very beautiful--a ladder raised to the nth power.

  22. Many of the early chairs had three carved splats or balusters in the back, and a feature which added greatly to comfort was the slight curve the backs were given instead of the perfectly straight backs of Jacobean days.

  23. The balusters can be simply square pieces nailed into place.

  24. The rail and balusters can, however, be obtained in a great variety of forms at a wood-working mill, if you prefer to buy them.

  25. I venture up the stone staircase, although most of the finely carved balusters are gone, and the arch-stones have so slipped out of place that they seem to cling together by the will of Providence rather than by any physical law.

  26. Ay, this summer-house which shelters us, and those noble balusters which protect the northern termination of the terrace, how many thoughts do they conjure up in the mind!

  27. Picture: Fountain at Pryor’s Bank] These balusters belonged to the main staircase of Winchester House.

  28. The balusters are now painted blue, their original colour, found under successive coats of more recent paint.

  29. The stone balusters were occasionally of very meagre proportion, and used with too sparing a hand, but at Rushton this is not felt to be the case.

  30. Sometimes, instead of balusters there was a series of arches springing from small columns and following the upward rake of the stairs; as at Ockwells Manor House (Figs.

  31. At the neighbouring parsonage of Great Snoring, which resembles East Barsham in general treatment, some of the ornament is more decidedly Italian, with the characteristic balusters and foliage.

  32. Jacobean balusters of elegant contour surmount panels treated in the Gothic manner and finished at the top with cusping and foliated spandrils.

  33. In the less important houses the work was fairly plain: the newels were unornamented, except for a shaped top; the string was moulded at the top and bottom; the balusters were merely stout turned bars.

  34. The rest of the servants were dismissed, and Genevieve signalled over the balusters for me to wait.

  35. With his concluding words, Stodger pointed up to the landing, through whose balusters I could see a hand and a part of a motionless human form stretched out at full length upon the floor.

  36. From the point where it now leaned against the balusters back to the lateral corridor or hall, there were many little details to arrest and stimulate my curiosity.

  37. He proceeded to the north-east angle of the balustrade, where he crouched around the corner and followed through the balusters the uncertain issues of the fight.

  38. And Michelagnolo designed and caused to be built the very beautiful quadrangular staircase, with balusters of peperino-stone, which is there at the present day.

  39. When we looked over the balusters and saw it was nurse, we ran down to the first landing towards her.

  40. I got out of bed very softly in the darkness and crept to the landing, where the balusters run round, and listened.

  41. Mrs. Cleghorne was already in the hall, and over the balusters of each landing faces could be seen peering down.

  42. When he began to laugh, he laughed so uncontrollably that he had to hold on to the rail of the balusters until they rattled like ribs.

  43. No broken steps, no missing balusters there!

  44. One day when she was going wearily and reluctantly up stairs, she was arrested by a call from Lionel, who was creeping up outside the balusters in a fashion which had no recommendation but its extreme difficulty and danger.

  45. Ever and anon he looked for the stealthy shadow of which he had dreamed, climbing in the moonbeams along the balusters of the stairway.

  46. The turned balusters are representative of the late Seventeenth or early Eighteenth Century.

  47. It is not at all necessary to have the stairs carpeted, if the treads are broad enough, and turned balusters painted white with a mahogany hand rail are in scheme.

  48. The balusters were draped with green muslin.

  49. Molly kept getting stuck--wedged in between the balusters and the wall, and of course she did it just when we heard Aunt Kezia's key in the front door.

  50. In the hall he paused for a moment, holding on to the balusters and re-reading his directions.

  51. He did not say another word, but immediately walked downstairs, tramping heavily and shaking the wood balusters violently at every step he took.

  52. Mr. Hatchard, supping on bread and cheese, more than once left that wholesome meal to lean over the balusters and smell the hot meats going into Mr. Sadler.

  53. He held the candle forward and showed where the balusters had broken away.

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