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  1. It transfixed them with the terrible thorns, which were now seen to be armed with needlepoints and to possess barbs like fish-hooks.

  2. And all the while from the smothering sky, more and more fiercely at every blast, came the pelting, pitiless arrows, winged with murky white, and pointed with the barbs of frost.

  3. The sting has tiny barbs on its tip, and these cause it to remain in the wound.

  4. Friends, the Sanusian bee is the supreme creature on its planet; it is superior to all the other insects, all the birds, all the animals; and its supremacy is due solely and entirely to the fact that there are no barbs on its sting!

  5. If the poison is virulent enough, the barbs wouldn't be necessary, would they?

  6. These barbs hook back like shark's teeth, and are about as keen-pointed.

  7. For fish spears the Yahgan lashed two or three of the bird harpoon heads to a shaft in such a manner that the points were spread out; the harpoon heads formed a V or a tripod, as the case might be, and the barbs were all on the inside.

  8. Machaon passed into the middle of the ring and at once drew the arrow from the belt, bending its barbs back through the force with which he pulled it out.

  9. When King Agamemnon saw the blood flowing from the wound he was afraid, and so was brave Menelaus himself till he saw that the barbs of the arrow and the thread that bound the arrow-head to the shaft were still outside the wound.

  10. They are so abundant and so easily caught that the natives break off the barbs from their fish-hooks in order to facilitate their operations.

  11. Long barbs with projections, short barbs with projections, and long and short barbs without projections.

  12. As usual with shaft weapons, hooks were added with which a horseman might be dismounted from his charger, and barbs were occasionally added to give effect to side blows.

  13. There was another blast of the trumpets, the signal for the banderilleros whose office it is to plant barbs in the neck of the bull--a delicate operation, for the banderillero must face the bull, and should he trip he is dead.

  14. He had indeed accomplished a certain amount of destruction, but his attacks were more perfunctory than angered, and it was not until he had been irritated by the colored barbs that he displayed any lively sense of resentment.

  15. This ceremony is seldom performed until the bull shows signs of weariness; then the barbs act like a tonic.

  16. Silently obeying the order, the three harpooneers now stood with the detached iron part of their harpoons, some three feet long, held, barbs up, before him.

  17. In a ship I belonged to, a small cub Sperm Whale was once bodily hoisted to the deck for his poke or bag, to make sheaths for the barbs of the harpoons, and for the heads of the lances.

  18. Three punctures were made in the heathen flesh, and the White Whale's barbs were then tempered.

  19. Here are my razors--the best of steel; here, and make the barbs sharp as the needle-sleet of the Icy Sea.

  20. The barbs of the radii of a feather; barbules.

  21. The barbs of the feather are interlocked.

  22. Their hands still frame A thunderbolt unfinished, such as Jove Rains thickly from his armouries above, Tipt with twelve barbs and never known to fail.

  23. Light barbs they fling, from pliant thongs of hide, A leathern target o'er the left is strung, And short, curved daggers the close fight decide.

  24. Tiny glistening white barbs projected from the petals pink-tipped now with his blood.

  25. When she was satisfied Brion gently drew the barbs from her flesh and drank again.

  26. The barbs were not strong enough to pierce the tough fabric of the gas bag, as a spear or arrow would have done, but there was more danger from them to our friends who were on deck.

  27. This wire armed with barbs at regular intervals passes on through a guide, where it is met by a second strand wire--a plain wire without barbs.

  28. In this way the strand wires are loosely twisted into a 2-ply strand, armed with barbs projecting at right angles in every direction.

  29. Yet, if well-characterised Carriers and Barbs (see figs.

  30. Mr. Tegetmeier informs me that, in twenty Barbs in Mr. P.

  31. But in carriers, runts, and barbs the singular reflexion of the upper margin of the middle part of the lower jaw (see woodcut No.

  32. I crossed black barbs (of two excellent strains) with purely-bred, snow-white fantails.

  33. With Carriers, the wattle, both on the beak and round the eyes, and with Barbs that round the eyes, goes on increasing with age.

  34. I crossed two male black barbs with two female red spots.

  35. In Gallus sonneratii the barbs and barbules blend together, and form thin horny plates of the same nature with the shaft: in this variety of the goose, the shaft divides into filaments which acquire barbules, and thus resemble true barbs.

  36. Notwithstanding statements to the contrary, it seems to me impossible to recognise the barb in Aldrovandi's descriptions and figures; four breeds, however, existed in the year 1600 which were evidently allied both to Barbs and Carriers.

  37. The points of the hooks were fetched up with a file, and the barbs well backened, and the whole dressed over with whale-oil.

  38. But you aren't Barbs now; you are my confessor.

  39. And you know, Barbs dear, I'm not eligible yet.

  40. For all her confessions to him, and for all her promises of amendment, here was his darling Barbs unable to resist the temptation of hurting him again.

  41. These seem to be barbs for fish spears such as were found in the Thompson River region,[60] among both ancient and modern specimens.

  42. Only ten specimens from the whole region can be identified as clearly intended for the points or barbs of arrows, harpoon heads or spears.

  43. It is larger and the barbs are not so deep.

  44. Bone points and barbs were used in the Nez Perce region to the east, where three types of spears with bone points were known, two of them at least being similar to those found in the Thompson River region to the north.

  45. The fish bones which were found, as mentioned under resources, tend to corroborate the theory that the notched, grooved and perforated pebbles were net sinkers and that the bone barbs were for harpoons used in fishing.

  46. His position as leader made him manager of the Sigma Alpha combination of fraternities and barbs which for six years had dominated the Washington and Jefferson Literary Society.

  47. The fraternities are in this somewhere," the barbs decided.

  48. The barbs had always voted humbly with the aristocratic Sigma Alphas; so Pierson's political leadership apparently had no onerous duties attached to it--and he was not the man to make work for himself.

  49. A delegation of the religious among his faithful fellow barbs called upon him to pray and to exhort.

  50. He sat amid silence; when a few barbs nervously applauded, the fraternity men of both factions, recovering themselves, raised a succession of ironical cheers.

  51. Why, even the barbs have no use for each other and look up to us.

  52. I saw no continuing of it in the sense that they threw barbs at each other later.

  53. I did see them trade barbs or comments and in that sense the answer was "yes" to your question of did they seem willing or out to hurt one another.

  54. Fixing a blade, barbs uppermost in the vise, this tubing is driven lightly into position, the filed edges of the beveled end permitting the blade to be held between the sides of the tubing.

  55. The little notches fashioned to hold the sinew binding below the barbs he shaped with a smaller piece of bone, while the arrowhead was held on the ball of his thumb.

  56. One by one he laid the feathers in position, binding down the last two inches of stem and the wet barbs together.

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