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Example sentences for "blackberries"

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  1. Line a serving-dish with slices of sponge cake dipped in cream and fill with alternate layers of cakes and blackberries crushed and sweetened.

  2. With the ancient Greeks Blackberries were a popular remedy for gout.

  3. As soon as blackberries are over-ripe, they become quite indigestible.

  4. After the 31st of October [or after Halloween] the blackberries are not fit to eat, for the pixies have then been over them' (cf.

  5. On November Eve it is not right to gather or eat blackberries or sloes, nor after that time as long as they last.

  6. Fresh blackberries are one of the most effectual cures for diarrhoea known.

  7. Mr. Broadbent records the case of a child who was cured by eating an abundance of blackberries after five doctors had tried all the known remedies in vain.

  8. I am going to old Mrs. Dawes; and if there are any blackberries ripe I shall take her some.

  9. Behind her, for a wonder and a benediction, hung the great luminous shield of the harvest moon, and the scattered blackberries lay among the leaves and stubble, like a sacrifice to joys unfathomed.

  10. Yet she was in no haste to return home, but loitered along the road, picking a few blackberries as she went.

  11. It is an enormous bearer of such fruit that it commands thirty cents per quart, when other blackberries sell for ten.

  12. Blackberries make the best vinegar for table use, and a wine that retains the peculiar flavor, and of a beautiful color.

  13. Tempting pink salmon, mealy new potatoes, blackberries with cream and sugar, and a dainty pie which Patty's eyes spied through the half-open pantry door.

  14. This time the driver, uncle Dave, lifted out a huge basket of big fresh blackberries and a large newly caught salmon.

  15. It was a marvel to see how the blackberries grew in this deserted quarry; how large the fruit swelled, how thick they were--like mulberries.

  16. About the blackberries hovered spotted white and yellow and black moths, beautiful as butterflies.

  17. For one thing, the blackberries that Billie had purchased of the mountain girl had never come to the table, although the girls kept looking for them to appear in the form of a cobbler or a roly-poly pudding.

  18. From being a barefooted girl selling blackberries on the mountain to being a noble lady with a retinue of servants.

  19. Yes," answered the voice, and Billie then recognized the mountain girl who had sold them the blackberries that Mrs. Lupo had pitched out.

  20. They were so intent upon her that they hardly noticed the blackberries and vegetables in the back of the cart.

  21. The Canadian blackberries are not so sweet, I am told, my lady, as those at home, though they are very rich and nice tasted, neither do they grow so high.

  22. There are blackberries also, Lady Mary, and some people call them thimble berries.

  23. Yet my early consignments of blackberries sold for twenty-five cents a quart, and the whole crop averaged fourteen.

  24. As the season for the blackberries closed, all the stray fruit was gathered and converted into an admirable wine.

  25. I had never before heard of blackberries being sent by mail; but the whole thing was recommended by men in whose standing all confidence could be placed, and who, as far as could be discovered, had no plants to sell.

  26. It would be unreasonable to look for blackberries for less!

  27. We raised nothing of value among the blackberries this year.

  28. When they discovered it was blackberries I was planting, some of them laughed outright.

  29. Even in the rows, between the roots, I planted corn, which grew well, and afforded a most beneficial shade to the young blackberries as they grew up.

  30. She used to come here selling blackberries when she was a kid--a little barefooted girl and as pert as you please even then.

  31. It was a lovely morning, bright and sunny, with a suspicion of crispness in the air: the trees were putting on their autumn colours, and shoals of blackberries were in the hedges.

  32. At North Crabb and South Crabb, and in the district round about, the name of Lease was as common as blackberries in a hedge; and if the different Leases had been cousins in the days gone by, the relationship was lost now.

  33. The wild blackberries are ready to bloom, the swamp roses are budded.

  34. On my way I turned down the side lane to see how the blackberries were coming on.

  35. Blackberries grew thick, and we made our way carefully among the briers, following the narrow and devious cow-paths.

  36. I do not love blackberries as I do birches; it was rather the practical than the contemplative part of me that protested that time, but it was with a lagging step that I went on, over the hill, to the berry patches.

  37. Blackberries are good when gathered in, but in the gathering process there is nothing restful or soothing.

  38. He also plucked the half-ripe blackberries and boiled them to make a sour drink, and one which, like the cider loved by our people, would grip his throat because he could not endure plain cold water.

  39. If we stay here long enough there will be nuts and blackberries and whortleberries.

  40. Several children, both black and white, had come from a farm-house, about a quarter of a mile distant, to gather blackberries along the margin of the ditch.

  41. Her first coming was to peddle blackberries in the summer.

  42. I cried and laughed with her, and I bought ten times as many blackberries as I wanted; and Mrs. O'Reilly and I were fast friends.

  43. Jamie trudged down the hill with a basket of blackberries which he had "picked all his ownself," as his scratched fingers and stained lips plainly testified.

  44. Mac and Rose were picking blackberries in the bushes beside the road when the soldiers passed without seeing them, and they witnessed a sight that was both pretty and comical.

  45. Let's follow and see what they are after," proposed Mac, who found sitting on the wall and being fed with blackberries luxurious but tiresome.

  46. The purpose was to live on blackberries that grow in some places along the coast, which they seek at a season they know full well, and although precarious, they promise a food that supports life.

  47. Instinctively she had carried her leaf full of blackberries--what would blackberries be to Cynthia now?

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