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  1. Bowie county and the town of Bowie in Montague county, Texas, perpetuate his name.

  2. Bowie was ill, but he fought like a hero, as did each of the others, to sell his life as dearly as possible.

  3. Among the Americans were thirteen backwoods hunters like David Crockett and Colonel James Bowie, the inventor of the famous Bowie knife then much used in frontier fighting.

  4. John intimated that he must have a day to practise before he sent the missive, and this was acceded to as prudent, but bowie knives were recommended by his friend as much the safest and sure means of killing.

  5. Fearing some hostile demonstration when the straps were unfastened, we took occasion to cut them with a long bowie knife.

  6. In 1819 James Bowie had landed, in just such a company, near Galveston; and although the company was driven out he chose Texas for his home.

  7. The "Bowie Mine," of the old Amalgres workings in the dangerous San Saba country remained unopened, for the secret of it perished with Jim Bowie himself.

  8. Twenty-five warriors escorted him back to San Antonio, and he joined the Bowie excursion to the San Saba.

  9. Stephen Bowie had heard and had hastened in; was forming a company to set out and avenge Jim, Rezin and the rest.

  10. Rezin Bowie had no thought of dropping him, but eight of the Indians were hot after, with tomahawks.

  11. I reckon we'd best stay here awhile, just the same," Captain Jim Bowie counseled.

  12. Although he ranked as only a slave, they were free to admit that whatever his color he had done well; and Marse Jim Bowie was proud of his faithful servant boy.

  13. Rezin Bowie was like him in manner, but of slightly heavier build.

  14. Among the early Americans to make their homes in Texas were the Bowie brothers: James, Rezin and Stephen.

  15. These were not times in which the Bowie brothers or any other true man would search for a mere mine.

  16. In a belt across his shoulder, slung Kentucky fashion, were two great seven shooters; and across his waist behind was a great bowie knife, with handle ready to grasp.

  17. I handed Don Bernardino his own dagger and took the bowie knife myself.

  18. The foregoing resolutions, presented by the committee appointed for the purpose, were unanimously passed by the John Bowie Strange Camp of Confederate Veterans at Charlottesville, Virginia.

  19. Both men stripped to the skin; around their left arms they wrapped blankets to serve as shields; and in their right hands, they grasped long, sharp Bowie knives, whose blades glittered in the brilliant light of the many candles.

  20. In the breast of his coat he carried a huge Bowie knife, with which to defend himself in case any attempt should be made to arrest him.

  21. Finding me still obstinate, he drew a bowie knife, and swore a terrible oath, that unless I would do as he wished, he would kill me!

  22. The captain's bowie knife and the jack knife.

  23. Still this deplorable practice is not so bad as the bowie knife, and the revolver, and their pretext of self-defence--thirsting for blood.

  24. Madison sometimes had the bowie knife, and sometimes Ben had it.

  25. In this body of fearless men were the eccentric Davy Crockett, formerly congressman from Tennessee; the Bowie brothers, one of whom was the inventor of the Bowie knife; Colonel Travis, and others as dauntless as they.

  26. Walter Bowie Tyler, followed him, but not for long, as he had consumption, as tuberculosis was called in those days.

  27. Of course, before Stoddert (Q) Street was cut through, the Bowie house adjoined the property of Tudor Place, and they were on a level.

  28. In the fort with Travis were 180 men under Bowie and Crockett.

  29. Bowie was bayoneted on the cot where he lay.

  30. Bowie had been a popular leader of the Texans, and had already defeated a large Mexican force.

  31. The Colonel stood alone in an angle of the fort, the barrel of his broken rifle in his right hand, and in his left a huge Bowie knife dripping blood.

  32. Accordingly, under his direction James Bowie was elected full colonel, and when Travis reached the garrison he found Bowie in full command.

  33. Seguin had no horse of his own, so he went to Colonel Bowie and borrowed his equipment, though the latter was so ill that he scarcely recognized the man who made the request.

  34. The possible conflict of authority between Colonel Bowie and Colonel Travis was prevented by the fact that the former had been stricken with pneumonia and was lying in the hospital, a very sick man.

  35. Now, suppose, such a thing in Congress, or suppose some feller skiverd the speaker with a bowie knife as happened to Arkansaw, if I was to paint it, it would be beautiful.

  36. He was a-whetting his bowie on his boot--so I let it pass.

  37. And the young California emigrant who was stabbed with a bowie knife by a drunken comrade: I saw the red life gush from his breast.

  38. First one blanket was thrown away, and then another; now and then a good pair of pants, old boots and shoes, Sunday hats, pistols and Bowie knives strewed the road.

  39. They are Americans, and carry revolvers and bowie knives by the dozen.

  40. Following this advice, however, did not prevent us from examining our revolvers and rifles, and also bringing the handles of our bowie knives to a better position.

  41. Luckily my Bowie knife hasn't left me, and I can still see well enough to put it to use.

  42. Author's Note: A Bowie knife is a wide-bladed dagger that Americans are forever carrying around.

  43. My wife took a club in one hand, and her child in the other, while I rushed forth with my bowie knife in hand, to fight off the savage wolves.

  44. While the other four were looking around through the city for a purchaser, Dan was guarding me with his bowie knife and pistols.

  45. Before we started, I managed to get hold of a suit of clothes the Deacon possessed, with his gun, ammunition and bowie knife.

  46. I had no weapon of defence but a long bowie knife which I had slipped from the Deacon.

  47. I left him with two pistols and a bowie knife in his belt and a rifle in each hand.

  48. He found two rifles and a bowie knife which he passed through the door to the guard outside.

  49. The mother's terror-stricken eyes saw that each man was armed with two revolvers, a bowie knife and cutlass.

  50. Every man carries his bowie knife, and when two fall out, they set to work hacking and thrusting at each other, more like savages than civilized and enlightened beings.

  51. Governor Bowie raised a long string of famous race horses that became known throughout the country.

  52. Governor Bowie was always identified with the Democratic Party.

  53. He said that the slaves at Bowie mostly lived in cabins made of slabs running up and down and crudely furnished.

  54. In 1791, when Captain William Bowie died, his son Robert inherited "Mattaponi".

  55. They had but one daughter, whose name was Kitty Bean Duckett, and she married in 1800 William Bowie of Walter.

  56. Governor Bowie died on his plantation in 1894 and is buried in the family burying ground there.

  57. Travers Gladwin had found the bowie knife and slipped it into his trousers pocket.

  58. Gladwin went, determined this time that he must arm himself with some weapon, even if it were one of the rusted old bowie knives of his grandfather that ornamented the wall of his den.

  59. Returning to the boys, who had looked on puzzled at his action, he planted himself solidly and took the bowie by the blade.

  60. And just then a bowie knife whizzed through the air and sliced its head from its body.

  61. While they waited for him to speak, he drew from its sheath a long double-edged bowie knife and fingered it thoughtfully.

  62. He placed the point of his bowie at the brigand's throat, and held it there while the boys removed the gag.

  63. Waiting only to recover his bowie and slash the bonds of the Chinaman, who lay there more dead than alive, he led the way.

  64. He drew out his bowie knife and felt its edge, while the prisoner looked on with a growing terror in his eyes.

  65. I feel as if I ked drive the blade o' my bowie inter ye through them steel fixin's an' all.

  66. It was here that Bowie fought one of the first battles with the Mexican forces, and it has not since been inhabited.

  67. I fastened my horse, giving him the whole length of the lasso, to allow him to browse upon the young leaves of the canes, and with my bowie knife and rifle entered the swamp, following the trail of the dogs.

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