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butchery; buterne; buti; butiful; butler; buton; buts; butt; butte; butted
  1. In one of your stories you made him want to meet a millionaire and instead of going to his office you made him go to the Fifth Avenue home and fool the butlers and flunkeys.

  2. Leo, and then maried a proper gentlewoman named Osburga, which was his butlers daughter.

  3. Apprentices, journeymen, and servants, even of the higher class, such as butlers of the Inns of Court, had their boxes.

  4. Your brave college-butlers Must stoop to the sutlers; There's ne'er a library Like to the cutlers'.

  5. In big houses, breakfast trays for women guests are usually carried to the bedroom floor by the butler (some butlers delegate this service to a footman) and are handed to the lady's maid who takes the tray into the room.

  6. Some butlers announce "Not at home" from force of habit even when no question is asked.

  7. Old-fashioned butlers sometimes carve in the pantry, but in the most modern service all carving is done by the cook.

  8. A cook equal to the Gildings' chef can be had to come in and cook your dinner at about the price of two charwomen; skilled butlers or waitresses are to be had in all cities of any size at comparatively reasonable fees.

  9. At length the three Butlers surrendered to the Earl on safe-conduct, the further consideration of their case being reserved until the Lord Deputy's pleasure should be known.

  10. In any case, he gave Fitzmaurice no help; and, the Butlers having submitted, the confederacy from which so much had been expected and feared fell to pieces of itself.

  11. The unnatural alliance between Butlers and Geraldines which made the insurrection formidable was in part at least caused by Sidney's harsh treatment of Sir Edmund Butler.

  12. Both Butlers continued their lawless practices; indeed, Lady Dunboyne, who was a chief sufferer, declared that Edward was 'but a patch to Sir Edmund in extortion and spoil.

  13. The Butlers having returned to their right mind, and Fitzmaurice being reduced to wandering with a few followers, Sidney busied himself chiefly with the affairs of the North.

  14. As between the Fitzpatricks and Butlers Fitzwilliam seems to have thought that there was not much to choose, and that both chiefs were loyal enough.

  15. Fitzwilliam, who was a strong partisan of Ormonde, wrote at the same time to complain that Sir John of Desmond would not come near the Judges of Assize, and that the Geraldines continued to spoil the Butlers with impunity.

  16. Desmond was intriguing among such of the Butlers as were inclined to oppose the head of their House.

  17. Sidenote: The Geraldines and Butlers continue their feud.

  18. The Butlers were an ungrateful crew, and Gilbert would teach them, if he might, that they had more need of the Queen's mercy than she had of their service.

  19. Shortly before Sussex left Ireland Munster was disturbed by the chronic jealousy between Butlers and Geraldines.

  20. Somehow, the guests seemed to forget that maids or butlers were necessary at all.

  21. And those who serve as butlers and maids and valets must also know the little rules of good conduct that govern their duties and responsibilities.

  22. In her moving pictures Kedzie had played the millionairess many a time, had driven up in state to mansions, and been admitted by moving-picture butlers with frozen faces and only three or four working joints.

  23. She wanted to live in the Dyckman palace and have a dozen maids and a pair of butlers to boss around, and valets, and a crest on her paper, and invitations pouring in from people whose pictures were in "the social world.

  24. As to butlers elsewhere, butlers in general, there is one thing about them that I do not at all understand.

  25. For the most part, the butlers observed by me have had a manner as correctly smooth and colourless as their very shirt-fronts.

  26. At the restoration of peace butlers will reappear among us as they were in 1915, and anon will be losing height and weight too, till they shall have become bright-eyed children, with pattering feet.

  27. I have seen, from time to time, butlers who had shed all semblance of grace, butlers whose whole demeanour was a manifesto of contempt for their calling and of devotion to the Spirit of the Age.

  28. That all Japanese butlers are lieutenants in the Japanese Navy and that they read and copy all letters received by the folks they work for.

  29. That English butlers always look down on their American employers, and frequently have to leave the room to keep from laughing out loud.

  30. I am not so afraid of butlers as I am of footmen.

  31. I have never met with an affable footman, but I have known one or two butlers who were quite fatherly.

  32. Why even shop-walkers, and butlers and parlour maids, though undoubtedly very important, should think of Bismarck and not be so dreadfully haughty!

  33. Elizabeth was related to the Butlers through her mother's family, and used to boast of the loyalty of the house of Ormonde.

  34. The Geraldines sided with the House of York, and the Butlers with the Lancastrians: hence members of both families fell on this fatal field on opposite sides.

  35. Three dozen of fair large Towells; whereof the Gentlemen Servers and Butlers of the House to have, every of them, one at meal times, during their attendance.

  36. The Butlers for Christmas must serve Wine; and the Butlers of the House, Beer and Ale &c.

  37. At Service time this Evening, the two youngest Butlers are to bear Torches in the Genealogia.

  38. And the chief of the Butlers was to give attendance on the highest Table in the Hall, with Wine, Ale, and Beer; and all the other Butlers to attend at the other Tables in like sort.

  39. To be sure, in England, butlers were seldom "coloured," but in Cherry vale one had to make some concessions.

  40. I wish they had butlers in Cherryvale," she observed, incautious again.

  41. Butlers as a class seem to grow less and less like anything human in proportion to the magnificence of their surroundings.

  42. What the devil do you waste time talking to butlers for?

  43. In other places the English were less successful, the Butlers being beaten by the O'Carrolls in 1318, and Richard de Clare falling about the same time in the decisive battle of Dysert O'Dea.

  44. The Butlers returned to their allegiance, but continued to oppose Carew, and great atrocities were committed on both sides.

  45. It was as much a war of Butlers against Geraldines as of loyal subjects against rebels, and Ormonde did his work only too well.

  46. He added milk and cream, eggs and country-fed pork to his stores, contenting himself whilst other retired butlers were vending spirits in public houses, by dealing in the simplest country produce.

  47. A Parliament was next convoked in his name, in which the Butlers and citizens of Waterford were proscribed as traitors.

  48. To make good his reputation as a Bard, the Earl summoned his allies, the Butlers and Berminghams, while le Poer obtained the aid of his maternal relatives, the de Burghs, and several desperate conflicts took place between them.

  49. Noblemen and butlers and all that sort aren't anything particular to me.

  50. They sat at a table that was bent like a bow, with their faces towards the entrance, and Pharaoh was in the centre of the table with his fan-bearers and butlers behind him.

  51. The Butlers bore the arms of De Glanville, a family of Glanville, near Caen.

  52. Hereditary butlers of the Earls of Leicester and Mellent.

  53. The Butlers of Kentucky are thoroughly Anglo-Norman in their fighting instincts.

  54. The Bellets were hereditary butlers to the King.

  55. She comes of a good Cork family--the Butlers of Scrouthea.

  56. Some friends of mine were very intimate with the Butlers at that time, and I heard the whole history of his abominable conduct.

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