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Example sentences for "carbuncles"

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  1. The chaplet had twelve great carbuncles in the centre, and went off by gradations into smaller garnets by the thousand.

  2. The carbuncles gathered from those mines look like rubies, so full of fire are they, and of enormous size.

  3. Boils and carbuncles are occasional symptoms; although usually late in occurrence, the former are said to be sometimes the first symptoms recognized.

  4. The carbuncles are firm, hot, tender swellings, which later become cool and painless and undergo mortification.

  5. The anthrax carbuncles and swellings differ from the blackleg swellings in not containing gas, in being hard and solid, and in causing death less rapidly.

  6. When infection of the blood takes place from the intestines the carbuncles may be absent.

  7. The edemas and carbuncles may also appear in the mouth, pharynx, larynx, in the tongue, and in the rectum.

  8. In addition to these characteristic signs, the carbuncles and swellings under the skin, already described, will aid in determining the true nature of the disease.

  9. Over the gable were "two golden apples, in which were two carbuncles," so that the gold might shine by day and the carbuncles by night.

  10. And a later Author, the Diligent and Judicious Johannes de Laet in his Chapter of Carbuncles and of Rubies, has this passage.

  11. Whereas on the other side there are very Learn'd Men, who (plausibly enough) deny that there are any Carbuncles or shining Stones at all.

  12. When the carbuncles or buboes appeared to 186 have a blackish rim round their base, the case of that patient was desperate, and invariably fatal.

  13. Mine host was somewhat pale withal; but sundry carbuncles illuminated his countenance, and gave an air of jollity to a face whose expression was not otherwise very amiable.

  14. On his breast he wore a brooch of gold bronze; carbuncles and precious stones were set in the bronze, and it was carved all over with many spiral devices.

  15. Can blazing carbuncles with her compare.

  16. A disease of horses and cattle accompanied by carbuncles in the mouth and on the tongue.

  17. Yet that is the assumption behind theories of history which exclude the carbuncles of Marx from their referents--that is to say, every theory of history with which I am familiar.

  18. In this species of the plague, I never saw perfect carbuncles and exanthemata; but buboes come out quickly after the attack, and are seen considerably elevated and livid in the dead bodies.

  19. Some died suddenly, or in the space of twenty-four hours, before the buboes and carbuncles had time to come out; but the greatest number died on the third or fourth day.

  20. The sick, as well as the dead bodies, exhibited large purple spots and vibices; in many there were carbuncles and buboes.

  21. Livid spots, buboes, and carbuncles are found upon the dead bodies.

  22. The buboes and carbuncles generally come out on the second or third day, seldom on the fourth.

  23. At this time buboes and carbuncles were more frequent than they had been in July.

  24. They are so common in the beginning of the plague, that scarcely any one dies without them; though buboes and carbuncles are not observable.

  25. They feel an itching or pain in those parts of the body where buboes and carbuncles are about to appear.

  26. Don't you remember her eyes, brown and with a flame in them like to the carbuncles in the bracelet that I gave her?

  27. Twice, now, she had smiled into his eyes and sold him for some piece of trumpery--a bracelet of carbuncles or a kiss from Quinton Edge's lips.

  28. In its common form the disease showed itself in swellings and carbuncles under the arm and in the groin.

  29. According to him, when swellings or carbuncles appeared on any part of the body all hope of saving the life of the patient was abandoned.

  30. The light of the moon is nothing compared with the light which the least of the carbuncles could shed.

  31. The damsel hastened until she came into the palace, with head uncovered and face unveiled; and the radiance of her beauty lighted the palace more brightly than four carbuncles would have done.

  32. Her neck and arms were covered with carbuncles more brilliant than the sun.

  33. The carbuncles may appear in any part of the body, being preceded or accompanied by fever.

  34. In the external or localized form, marked by the formation of carbuncles before general infection takes place, death may not occur for several days.

  35. Defn: A disease of horses and cattle accompanied by carbuncles in the mouth and on the tongue.

  36. Those carbuncles the Indians will scoop, so as to hold above a pint.

  37. Lanterns they have, and carbuncles enough, That all night long and very clearly burn.

  38. But most commonly carbuncles did not exceed the breadth of three or four fingers.

  39. The apostemata and pustuli were indeed the buboes, boils and carbuncles of the plague, correctly named; but what was the lepra of the Scots?

  40. The Gothland mariner still avers that on certain clear nights he can see the great carbuncles of St. Nicholas' Church gleaming from out the deep.

  41. And albeit that the carbuncles give light right enough, natheles, at all times burneth a vessel of crystal full of balm, for to give good smell and odour to the emperor, and to void away all wicked airs and corruptions.

  42. And above the chief tower of the palace be two round pommels of gold, and in everych of them be two carbuncles great and large, that shine full bright upon the night.

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