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  1. On the other hand, if death were caused by falling from a cart or a horse at rest, the law made the chattel a deodand if the person killed were an adult, but not if he were below the years of discretion.

  2. One of the most curious incidents of the tenure is the right of the lord, on the death of a tenant, to seize the tenant's best beast, horse, or other chattel under the name of a heriot.

  3. And it would seem that in analogy to this purely feudal custom, the lords of manors usually expected that the best beast or other chattel of each tenant, whether he were a freeman or a villein, should on his death be left to them.

  4. The dark blood in him seemed nothing now, compared with the thought of having to become the chattel of this wild, desert chief.

  5. To be changed from a chattel to a human being, is no light matter, though the process with myself practically was very simple.

  6. The swift running steamer started that afternoon on her voyage, which soon wafted my body beyond the tyrannical limits of chattel slavery.

  7. A man who is without capital, and who, by prohibitions upon banking, is practically forbidden to hire any, is in a condition elevated but one degree above that of a chattel slave.

  8. Social relations then were simple and crude, such as those of chattel slavery.

  9. Domestic slavery, where wife or child serves the father of the family, or chattel slavery, where the vanquished toils for the victor, are all but universal in early communities.

  10. But as conditions changed with industrial development, chattel slavery became a hindrance to progress, a disadvantage to higher industry.

  11. It is not so clear where slavery exists and the master looks in the same way upon the services of his cattle, of his chattel slaves, and of his land.

  12. Sidenote: Chattel slavery] Slavery is distribution by legalized force, but the force is not legalized by the consent of the victims.

  13. Any head of a family not the owner of a homestead may hold exempt from levy and sale real or personal property not exceeding five hundred dollars in value in addition to the chattel property otherwise by law exempted.

  14. I learned that most of my poor pay or slow pay patrons were always ready to borrow money, and that they could generally secure me with chattel mortgages, or get good men to sign their notes.

  15. How is it to be determined who shall become a human chattel and who the owner of said chattel?

  16. These laws, horrible as they appear, are entirely consistent with chattel slavery.

  17. As to the terms used in the directions, we have seen that they do not apply properly to slaves; and the directions themselves afford proof that they were given to persons who were not chattel slaves.

  18. The idea of chattel slavery cannot be associated with the word buy or bought, as used in the sacred writings, without doing great violence to their meaning.

  19. From these examples of the use of the word it is clear that the idea of chattel slavery is not found in it.

  20. We have good reasons for believing that chattel slavery had no existence in the world at the time the patriarchs referred to, flourished.

  21. But if the idea of property in man was carefully excluded from the Constitution, then it is clear that chattel slavery is not in form recognized, much less established by that instrument.

  22. They maintained their nationality, preserved their family relations, owned property, and were not distributed throughout the country, as chattel slaves are.

  23. One chattel slave could not bring his master such enormous returns.

  24. In the days of chattel slavery labor was not so cheap.

  25. For this reason their virtues are cried up to the usurers, as the favorable qualities of the chattel were presented in the slave marts.

  26. There must be an expenditure to secure the service of a chattel slave.

  27. Since the abolition of chattel slavery this has been indefeasible except for crime.

  28. That he has bought the service of the borrower as another bought the service of the horse or chattel slave is untrue.

  29. Not only does financial slavery exact more labor for the amount invested, but it is more heartless than chattel bondage.

  30. An indolent, dissipated and vicious chattel slave would not find a purchaser in the market.

  31. The decrepit old chattel slave had hope of a home until the end, and a decent burial, but the debtor has nothing, not even an honorable name.

  32. The overthrow of chattel slavery is complete and the human rights of the inferior peoples are recognized.

  33. Without him, the chattel principle is a lifeless abstraction.

  34. Was it while washing the disciples' feet, that our Savior authorized one man to make a chattel of another?

  35. The slave being considered a personal chattel may be sold or pledged, or leased at the will of his master.

  36. How accurately the description applies to those who are crushed under the chattel principle!

  37. Nor can I yield to those feelings so prominent in southern breasts,--I cannot disclaim her rights, leave her the mere chattel subject of brute force, and then ask forgiveness of heaven!

  38. The paramount question-whether they are hereafter to be chattel slaves, or human beings with inalienable rights-must be submitted to the decision of a judicial tribunal.

  39. It would be absurd to talk of treating a chattel with justice.

  40. He had done what a chattel or an implement might be expected to do, if endued with life and intelligence.

  41. This case goes to show that in Rhode Island Negro slaves were rated, at law, as chattel property, and could be taken in execution to satisfy debts as other personal property.

  42. The entire slave population of this Province was regarded as chattel property, absolutely.

  43. He was a soldier in the hour of danger, but a chattel in time of peace.

  44. Negroes were rated as chattel property by both armies and both governments during the entire war.

  45. Public sentiment had been formulated into law: the law contemplated "servants and slaves" as chattel property; and the political economists of the Province saw in this species of property rich gains for the government.

  46. If we don't have a good season this summer we will be unable to pay off the chattel mortgage next winter, and will lose the boats.

  47. They owed so much at the stores at the Forge; and the principal and interest on the chattel mortgage must be found before New Year or they would lose their fleet of boats.

  48. Slave codes and auction blocks, chains and fetters and blood-hounds, are things of the past, and the chattel stands forth a man, with the rights and the powers of the freemen.

  49. In this cave the woman was the chattel of man; he had seized her by force and ruled by force.

  50. Second, it arises from a conflict between the institution of marriage which still carries with it the chattel idea--that woman is property--and a generation of women that does not accept this.

  51. He commanded the abolition of both chattel and economic slavery, and ever since, the progress toward emancipation has been a ferment in all parts of the world.

  52. Even a wrongful possessor of a [242] chattel may have full damages for its conversion by a stranger to the title, or a return of the specific thing.

  53. If the chattel could be returned in specie, detinue afforded no satisfaction for damage which it might have suffered through the bailee's neglect.

  54. In one instance, where, against the opinion of Brian, the bailor was allowed to sue for damage to the chattel by a stranger, the action seems to have been case.

  55. But the question whether the defendant has subsequently paid over the proceeds of the sale of a chattel to a third person, cannot affect the rights of the true owner of the [99] chattel.

  56. Bracton says that one may sue for his chattel as stolen, by the testimony of good men, and that it does not matter whether the thing thus taken was his own property or another's, provided it was in his custody.

  57. Cross, /3/ Lord Ellenborough ruled at nisi prius that a lender could maintain trespass for damage done to a chattel in the hands of a borrower, and that the case is often cited as authority without remark.

  58. At common law one who could not impose a personal liability on the owner could not bind a particular chattel to answer for a wrong of which it had been the instrument.

  59. Chattels, however, are entitled to no trial at all; and if a chattel be lost or stolen, the owner may retake it wherever he finds it, provided he commits no breach of the peace.

  60. While here, Brown was appealed to by a slave, Jim Daniels, the chattel of one James Lawrence, of Missouri.

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