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Example sentences for "chocks"

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  1. If the helmsmen could not be seen from the sea, the canoas aimed to row in upon the vessel's quarters, where they could wedge up the rudder with wooden chocks or wedges.

  2. The great ship carried three boats, which were stowed on chocks in the waist, just forward of the main-mast, one inside the other when not in use.

  3. He also kept his command well caulked, and saw the chocks and skids secure when his boat was hoisted to the deck.

  4. In the absence of side chocks in the bearing all the oiling usually proceeds from the top, save perhaps that an oil groove may be provided in the crown of the bottom brass.

  5. In some cases two of such chocks and set-screws, one on each side of the journal, are employed.

  6. In some designs the top and bottom parts of the bearing are free to move in the line of the thrust, and the side chocks or blocks alone are relied on to resist the thrust.

  7. But when wedges are used to set up the side chocks the nuts operating those wedges may be an easy fit without fear of their becoming loosened (as set-screws in the line of thrust are apt to do).

  8. On the other hand when the side chocks are used the wear in the line of the thrust may be taken up as it proceeds.

  9. Those that knocked the chocks out from under that heap of logs?

  10. This hedge had also hidden from the observation of the party across the stream the villains who must have deliberately knocked out the chocks which held the high pile of timbers from skidding down the slope.

  11. An eight-foot tender rested on chocks atop the main cabin.

  12. So presently the Adventurer's tender was lifted off the chocks and put overboard and after hasty toilets the boys piled into it and the two dingeys, each loaded to the limit, set off for the Follow Me.

  13. Two housing-chocks for lower deck |Placed before the front trucks guns | when the gun is run in for housing.

  14. Takes off sight-covers and hands them to 22, who lays them clear of circle; removes rail-chocks and assists in casting loose.

  15. When there are no housing-chocks the ordinary chocking-quoins may be used as such.

  16. The Loader and Sponger place the housing-chocks before the front trucks.

  17. The chocks with rollers at the stem and stern posts of launches, are arranged to be removed when the gun is used.

  18. Pip came all foaming up to the chocks of the boat, remorselessly dragged there by the line, which had taken several turns around his chest and neck.

  19. The long-boat, also, which is almost invariably stowed on top of the main hatch, was gone, not even the chocks remaining to show where she had been.

  20. The bilge chocks is both pulled off; look you, they're gone away astern.

  21. The bilge chocks were gone, and thus all chance of a hand grip was lost.

  22. Go to work on your runners and chocks (for inside of runners) with draw-knife and key-hole saw.

  23. Bolt the rudder to the rudder-post, screw the irons to the runners, the chocks to the under side of the runner plank, and then to the runners.

  24. She canted clear of the groove in the chocks as they swung the forward davit out and the Captain stepped abaft the men who hauled.

  25. The third mate on the bridge rang for steam and made a lee for the lowering of the lifeboat, the hands put a strain on the tackles, and the carpenter and bo'sun went to work to knock out the chocks on which she rested.

  26. Over them the bottom plates of the Burdock made a great sloping roof; her rolling chocks stood out like galleries.

  27. This barrel is made to revolve rapidly, nearly in contact with two chocks of wood.

  28. The helpers stood at the wings, ready to take out the chocks when the motors had warmed; the mechanics took their places at the props.

  29. On this account, therefore, it would be advisable to lash or pin on the top of each of the main beams either a smaller one to increase its height, or short pieces at intervals, as chocks on which to lay the cross-beams.

  30. For additional security, we put a couple of chocks under to raise it; but there was no necessity for securing it by cleats or lashings; still we have drawn them to show how they might be applied, if requisite.

  31. A larger cask mounted on the after wheels of a waggon, and fitted with chocks on a frame lying on the axle is useful.

  32. Solly ran her up, eased off, waved his hand to the two men standing holding the long cords of the chocks at her wheels.

  33. He waved his hand to right and left, and the waiting men jerked the chocks clear of his wheels; and five other hands waved and five other pairs of chocks jerked clear.

  34. The securing chocks were removed, the falls manned, and the davits swung outboard.

  35. Then, grudgingly, it rumbled over the puncheon floor until Cooper set the four chocks back under the wheels.

  36. The gun jumped right over the chocks set behind its wheels and flew back about six feet.

  37. Frank, Cooper and two more men kicked the chocks out from under the cannon's four wooden wheels.

  38. Overboard with everything now, for beaching, capstan, chocks and all--the swell will wash them in.

  39. They stood above their knees in the warm water and handed him the chocks before they got on board.

  40. As I launch her, take the chocks from behind and put them in front," he said in a low voice.

  41. These, twenty-four in number, were securely covered and lashed down to their chocks on the upper deck, and if launched would hold five hundred people.

  42. Ends are alike so that Chocks may be arranged to operate from either side.

  43. He glanced at the wheels, to see that the chocks were in front of them, then scrambled into the cabin and touched the starter.

  44. As the attendant pulled the chocks from the wheels, Jimmy glanced at the wind-sock on his hangar.

  45. Max deftly removed the chocks from the wheels, and this new type of desert steed dashed off across the sands, and leapt into the air, amid the cheers of the astonished Bedouins.

  46. The lifeboats were stowed on hinged wood chocks on the boat deck, by groups of three at the forward and four at the after ends.

  47. Built steel chocks were also fitted to prevent movement fore and aft.

  48. Moreover, every boat was in its chocks or under its own davits.

  49. All hatches were ripped off, and our three boats were carried away from their chocks on the house.

  50. A quarter of an hour later the party had gained the deck of the yacht, and the pinnace was once more reposing in her chocks on the bridge deck.

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