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  1. To do this a weak cocain or alypin solution should be used.

  2. The hypodermic needle injections are simple and should be accomplished even on a very nervous patient without troubling to infiltrate with cocain or alypin.

  3. A tablet containing six tenths of a grain of alypin or cocain is sufficient for a dram solution.

  4. This solution is made by the addition of the cocain or alypin tablets to one or two drams of boiled water.

  5. If the patients are nervous a preliminary injection of a one per cent solution of cocain or alypin into the inguinal canal is not contraindicated.

  6. They also found that the cocain was not present in a colloidal form.

  7. It belongs to the procain rather than to the cocain type, that is, it belongs to that type which, while effective for injection anesthesia (especially when combined with epinephrin) is relatively inefficient when applied to mucous membranes.

  8. The claim would lead the physician to think that Apothesine had the same anesthetic potency as cocain in solution of equal strength.

  9. This method, however, probably would not distinguish between cocain and basic decomposition products, but would include all as cocain in the amount found.

  10. When applied to mucous membranes Apothesine is far inferior to cocain and to some other local anesthetics, yet the claim obviously suggests that Apothesine is an efficient substitute for any local anesthetic.

  11. Throughout the book, also, the state of Kansas is held up as an example of the harm done by prohibition, and the theme is developed that insanity and the use of cocain and other habit-forming drugs follows in the wake of prohibition.

  12. In fact, the English manufacturers concede that it is not an “absolute colloid” and that the declaration with regard to the percentage of cocain is incorrect.

  13. The following report was submitted and its adoption by the Council recommended by the committee: “Collosol Cocaine” is said to be a colloidal form of cocain and is alleged to possess a remarkably low toxicity.

  14. If the cocain habit can be formed as unconsciously as this, there should be little difficulty in treating it.

  15. I have seen cocain fiends who have tried many remedies and many physicians completely cured in five or six weeks without serious trouble.

  16. It was not until he had forty-eight hours of nervous symptoms and craving that he realized that he had created a need for stimulation of his nervous system by the mere taking of cocain by application on his gums.

  17. Small doses of cocain were suggested, and the painting of the back of the throat with cocain.

  18. When the druggist refused any longer to supply the cocain solution without a prescription he was quite indignant.

  19. If further anesthetization of the bronchial mucosa is required, cocain may be applied in the same manner through the bronchoscope.

  20. In cases in which cocain is deemed contraindicated morphin alone is used.

  21. Cocain poisoning may occur in those having an idiosyncrasy to the drug.

  22. Cocain should never be used with children, and is of little use in esophagoscopy in adults.

  23. If given in sufficient dosage cocain can be altogether dispensed with in any case.

  24. Cocain in children is dangerous, and its application more annoying than the examination.

  25. The laryngoscope is now introduced and if found necessary a 20 per cent cocain solution is applied to the interior of the larynx and subglottic region, by means of gauze swabs fastened to the sponge carriers.

  26. The larynx and trachea may be painted with cocain solution if it is found necessary for bronchoscopy.

  27. If now we apply cocain to the tongue in just the right strength, it takes away for the moment all sense of pain, while it leaves the sense of taste as before, and the sense of touch.

  28. But if we make the cocain a little stronger, then when the pain goes, the taste goes with it.

  29. The treatment consists in removing the growth by means of laryngeal forceps or the snare, under cocain and adrenalin anæsthesia.

  30. The pain may be relieved to some extent by cocain or orthoform, but as a rule the free administration of morphin is called for.

  31. Pain may be allayed by repeated instillations of cocain and carbolic acid (5 grains of each to a dram of glycerine).

  32. Its soft consistence and the fact that it becomes smaller when painted with cocain differentiate it from true hypertrophy of the mucous membrane.

  33. This may be due to a scratch of the mucous membrane, or to spasm, in which case the swallowing of a few drops of cocain solution will cause the sensation to disappear.

  34. As, judging by the experiments hitherto made, cocain seems to consist of two atoms in juxta-position, there is reason to conjecture that it is destined to be the source of a large number of products of transformation.

  35. Cocain completely neutralizes acids, although most of the resulting salts seem to crystallize with difficulty, and to remain for a considerable time in an amorphous state.

  36. It is highly probable, as Woehler has remarked, that cocain may yet be artificially made by a mixture of hygrin with Benzoic acid, or rather with one of the substances forming part of the Benzoyle group.

  37. It was reserved for one of the assistants of the chemical laboratory, named Albert Niemann, to discover in the leaves a peculiar crystallized organic base, to which, following the usual custom in such cases, the name Cocain has been given.

  38. Cocain exposed in chlorine is followed by such a development of heat that the former is fused.

  39. An anesthetic solution of cocain or novocain may be applied to the metacarpal or metatarsal nerves and an entirely satisfactory examination is then possible.

  40. This may be done by making use of cocain in solution for the production of local anesthesia as in lameness of the phalanges.

  41. When it is not desired to put the patient to sleep but merely to render insensible a particular place, as when a tooth is to be pulled, cocain may be used.

  42. Cocain is obtained from the leaves of the South American coca tree, but can be made artificially from coal-tar products.

  43. Whether or not the bottles are labeled with the amount of cocain makes little difference.

  44. Naturally these owners and exploiters of these mixtures claim that the small amount of cocain contained is harmless.

  45. A decent druggist will not sell cocain as such, steadily, to any customer, except on prescription, but most druggists find salve for their consciences in the fact that the subtle and terrible drug is in the form of somebody's sure cure.

  46. Cocain is now considered to be the most valuable addition to modern medicine.

  47. Chicago long ago settled this cocain matter in the only logical way.

  48. To-day the Illinois druggist who sells cocain in this form is liable to arrest.

  49. More than two years ago analyses were made by the chemists of the department which showed dangerous quantities of cocain in a number of catarrh powders.

  50. There is need to say nothing of the effects of cocain other than that it is destructive to mind and body alike, and appalling in its breaking down of all moral restraint.

  51. With opium and cocain the case is different.

  52. The cocain slaves, which are increasing alarmingly in this country, usually take it by snuffing, or in an atomizer.

  53. Sidenote: Cocain in patent medicines] There are a number of different medicines which depend for their action wholly upon the cocain they contain.

  54. The cocain fiend, like the opium slave, develops an insatiable desire for the drug, and suffers extreme mental and physical pain when deprived of the usual allowance.

  55. Cocain is derived from the leaves of the cocoa plant which grows in the Andes of Peru.

  56. They affect primarily the nervous system, and may cause freedom from pain, or that abnormal state of exhilaration of which the cocain addict is a typical representative.

  57. Sidenote: Uses and effects of cocain] Owing to its hydrochloric-acid salt, the effects of cocain differ somewhat from those of opium.

  58. Mayhan, mollified now in a measure by the man's fortitude, used the cocain that he had denied him at first and proceeded with the dressing.

  59. The relief from the cocain was instantaneous, but Scripps's manner showed no change.

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