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Example sentences for "dearie"

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dear; deare; dearely; dearer; dearest; dearling; dearly; dearness; dears; dearth
  1. Let the little dearie turn in and get her night's rest ondisturbed by any anxiety on your account.

  2. I gave unto my dearie A lock of my gowden hair, His sword I buckled cheerie, And kiss’d his brow sae fair.

  3. Brave Mars, thou God of Battle, My heart now speaks to thee, When cannons loudly rattle, On my dearie keep thine e’e.

  4. Oh, seest not the dearie So fit for embracing, Her patience distressing, The bestial a-chasing, And she alone!

  5. And when the welcome simmer-shower Has cheer'd ilk drooping little flower, We'll to the breathing woodbine bower At sultry noon, my dearie O.

  6. God: my dearie Dubbleskey, for my dear God's sake.

  7. Dearie me, I must go and take a glass of cream to my honey-bird, for that between-meal snack that Tom Mayberry are so perticular about.

  8. Dearie me," said Mother Mayberry, as she paused in her busy manoeuvers to take in what Miss Wingate proudly declared to be the completed effect, "everybody will think they have walked into a flower show.

  9. Dearie me," said Mother anxiously, for the Pike teether had up to this time been the Doctor's prize patient.

  10. Dearie me, Tom had oughter known better than that about one of your spells," said Mother.

  11. Dearie me, you've put in the milk a little too liberal!

  12. Dearie me, if you ain't gone and made 'em both for the same leg!

  13. Dearie me," said Mother Mayberry with mild exasperation in her voice.

  14. Dearie me, but he was handsome and he spoke words of sense that the other gray-haired man seemed to have forgot!

  15. I told him--Dearie me, somebody's calling at the front gate!

  16. Dearie me," said Mother as she returned from guiding her guest down the front walk and into the shaded Road, "it do seem that Squire Tutt gets more rantankerous every day.

  17. Dearie me, it do beat all how some plans of life fall down in the oven," said the Doctor's mother, as she eyed Miss Wingate with her most quizzical smile quirking up the corners of her humorous mouth.

  18. Dearie me, could that shadow be a chicken-hawk?

  19. Dearie me," said the old woman, "as ef that mattered.

  20. Dearie me, child, that's no way to take misfortin.

  21. Oh dearie me, they do grow to be men before there's time a spider should build her web over the cradle where they was rocked.

  22. I could declare it had an a in it the way you showed it me, Master Reuben, oh dearie me, the letters all shaped out fair and plain.

  23. Think of your father, dearie and just play for him.

  24. He's a common fellow, not fit for my dearie to wipe her feet on.

  25. My dearie would have been more than human, if she could have resisted the pleading in his tone.

  26. My dearie stood straight up and the trembling left her.

  27. But I knew my dearie too well to be glad, and Mark Foster did, too, and I hated him for it.

  28. I'll say it for her, though, she had been good to Phillippa; but it was her doings that my dearie was to marry Mark Foster that day.

  29. My dearie would have been a beauty in a beggarmaid's rags.

  30. My dearie would never have taken Mark Foster else.

  31. Dearie me, dearie me; I kin see 'im now so plain!

  32. And angels came and kisst the dearie smiling In dreems while him hys moder ben beguiling With "lolly, lolly, lollyby!

  33. For me the braw warl' Its brichtness wad tyne, Should thy love e'er grow caul' O dearie o' mine!

  34. Dearie me, Mrs. Johnstone, but I sadly fear your niece winna get much to comfort her here.

  35. I think the pathway of dearie can be made more cheerful if she is remembered daily and not all in one chunk at Christmas time, and then let her wait for another twelve months.

  36. The one great consolation I have is that dearie is almost a strong, well woman, and that is worth all I have passed through and I would gladly undergo it again for her.

  37. Twas underneath the columbine, Where dearie said she would be mine, My heart rejoiced at that glad word, The sweetest one I ever heard.

  38. I must leave these three children and dearie and look for employment.

  39. How sad it is to kiss dearie and the others good bye and have the many cute sayings of a strongly attached baby ringing in your ears, not only through the dreary, lonesome days but long after the shadows fall.

  40. My Dearie a safety-pin man--in a dress suit--not much!

  41. For two solid weeks, every day Honey met Dearie after office hours and they practiced trotting the fox trot, stepping the one-step, and negotiating the tango and the hesitation.

  42. Dearie was shabby, and for the first time in his life he had realized the disadvantage of it.

  43. Honey put her arms about Dearie and smiled into the flames.

  44. Honey leaned her elbows on the table, rested her chin in the little basket formed by her interlacing fingers, and looked at Dearie in a way that she knew to be particularly engaging and effective.

  45. Honey had certain little obstinacies, one of which was a way of teasing Dearie by making him wait when he wanted to know a thing.

  46. Dearie had no idea of the cost of women's clothes!

  47. Dearie took out his little book containing the dress-suit account and read off the items to Honey.

  48. Ain't it up to me to look after my dearie now and then.

  49. That is the estate that my dearie brought to me.

  50. Ain't she beautiful, that dearie of mine?

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