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  1. Once a week each prisoner's blankets and clothes are passed through the disinfecting chamber and thoroughly sterilised.

  2. Two high-pressure steam disinfecting chambers serve the camp, and once a week all blankets are passed through them.

  3. Each camp is provided with a disinfecting furnace, linen and upper garments being sterilised once weekly.

  4. For disinfecting corrals, barns, clothing, hands and anything which the diseased animal might come in contact with, I would recommend Coal Tar products, diluted one part to fifty parts warm water.

  5. One of the frauds perpetrated on the public is the preparation and sale of the various appliances designed and regulated to produce a perpetual smell and claimed on that account to be either disinfecting or antiseptic agents.

  6. To be effective, the solution must be well stirred into the organic matter to be disinfected, since it is the chloride rather than the lime which is the disinfecting agent.

  7. When sulfur is burned, a gas is formed known as sulfurous acid, and until the last few years, it was the most common of all disinfecting agencies.

  8. All dishes and clothing of every sort should be boiled or steamed, and to be rendered harmless they should be soaked in a disinfecting solution before being taken from the sick room.

  9. When burned, however, the gas given off has a certain disinfecting property, although this is limited.

  10. The same precautions about disinfecting dishes, napkins, towels, handkerchiefs, and bedding should be observed here as already referred to.

  11. It is equally futile to pour carbolic acid into sewers or to stand it around on the mantelpiece for the purpose of disinfecting a room.

  12. The mere fact that it was once boiling water gives it, half an hour later, no disinfecting properties, and complete disinfection can be secured only by actually boiling the garments or articles for at least five minutes.

  13. It is, therefore, not a suitable material for disinfecting towels, because the action is on the towel as well as on the bacteria, differing in this respect from mercury, which does not hurt the fiber of clothes.

  14. Formaldehyde is the other gas which is commonly used for disinfecting the air of a room.

  15. There are certain preparations made from coal-tar which, either alone or combined with carbolic acid, have very strong disinfecting properties and which are the bases of most of the patented disinfecting solutions now sold.

  16. A disinfecting solution, to be successful in its action, must be reasonably proportioned in volume to the amount of material to be disinfected, whether this be a liquid or clothing or the air of a room.

  17. For the disinfecting power of verbena (myrtea verbena) see Pliny xv.

  18. At Mariveles there is a very large and complete disinfecting plant, and vessels may also be satisfactorily disinfected at CebĂș and Iloilo.

  19. Illustration: Russian Prisoners Coming Out of the Louse Disinfecting Place.

  20. Wash with disinfectants, burn sulphur candles, scrupulously destroy all bedding--use all the knowledge of antiseptic disinfecting that you have.

  21. Shows are a source of spreading the disease, though there is much less danger of this now than formerly for the veterinary inspection and proper disinfecting methods have improved conditions wonderfully.

  22. Another precaution which is of fundamental importance in preventing the spread of typhoid, is that of disinfecting all discharges from patients suffering with the disease.

  23. In disinfecting the room should be tightly closed to prevent the escape of the gas used, as the object of the disinfection is to kill all the disease germs left in the room.

  24. When burned in a formalin candle, it sets free an intensely pungent gas which is often used for disinfecting sick rooms after the patient has been removed.

  25. You will also save many lambs that have been snagged, dog or coyote bitten, by disinfecting them at once, or within a few hours, with either of these solutions.

  26. Safeguard yourself and the ewe, if convenient, by disinfecting your hands before and after doing this.

  27. Furthermore, the towels may be made to spread the infection, unless they too are thrown into some disinfecting solution after use, and unless a separate towel is appropriated to each patient.

  28. By pulling a plug dried earth, which is placed in a hopper above, enters the closet and falls upon the excreta, thus disinfecting and deodorising it.

  29. An ounce of it dissolved in a tumblerful of water furnishes a solution which is similar to Labarraque's disinfecting fluid.

  30. Sulphurous acid has not, however, been so generally employed for disinfecting purposes as one might from these circumstances have expected, on account of the difficulties and inconveniences which formerly attended its generation.

  31. Large vesicles on the face, when yellow, should be pricked with a needle that has been boiled, then wash them with a disinfecting lotion twice daily.

  32. All secretion from bowels and kidneys should fall in a vessel containing a disinfecting solution of Copperas, bichloride of mercury, etc.

  33. Burnett's Disinfecting Fluid into the wound, or cauterize the bite freely with lunar caustic, but not till the part has been well sucked with the mouth, or frequently washed and cupped.

  34. It is on this oxidizing property of charcoal, as well as on its absorbent power, that its efficacy as a deodorizing and disinfecting agent chiefly depends.

  35. Major Barron's cinematograph and Divisional Band made their reappearance, to the general pleasure; whilst all clothing received a much-needed disinfecting from a travelling thresher.

  36. I deposited at Carlton a considerable quantity of a disinfecting fluid frozen solid, and as highly garnished with pills as the exterior of that condiment known as a chancellor's pudding is resplendent with raisins.

  37. Baxter was the first to state that the disinfecting action depended more upon the nature of the pabulum than upon the specific organism present and this was confirmed later by Kuhn, Bucholtz, and Haberkorn.

  38. West, of the Torresdale Filtration Plant, shows the effect of disinfecting the filter effluents at Philadelphia.

  39. Langer[10] has also noted the effect of local concentration and found that the disinfecting action is increased by adding the bleach solution in fractions, a cumulative effect replacing that of concentration.

  40. This trouble can be prevented by the storage of tubs and paper in a clean dry place, or by a disinfecting treatment which will destroy the mold spores.

  41. To facilitate such removal, washing powders of various kinds are frequently employed; some of these possess considerable disinfecting action.

  42. The direct rays of the sun have a powerful disinfecting action, and light makes evident accumulations of dirt that in a darker room would be unnoticed.

  43. On exposure to the air, quick lime becomes air slaked, and then has no disinfecting action whatever.

  44. Quick lime or stone lime has a considerable disinfecting action.

  45. Davy always thought he caught the fever during an experiment for disinfecting Newgate Prison.

  46. In October Davy made his great discoveries,[29] and the last week of November he was laid low with fever, caught whilst disinfecting Newgate Prison.

  47. Nature, in the oxidizing influence of freely circulating atmospheric air, in the purifying effect of water, and in the powerful deodorizing properties of common earth, has provided the most potent ever-present and acting disinfecting media.

  48. Cleaning up and disinfecting premises where an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease has occurred.

  49. They should be freed from all foreign substances and washed with a disinfecting solution.

  50. Disinfecting boots and coats before leaving a farm where cattle have been inspected for foot-and-mouth disease.

  51. Nearly all of the States have laws which aim to stamp out the disease wherever found by killing all affected animals, and thoroughly disinfecting the stables, harness and everything which has been near the animal.

  52. It may be checked by quarantining the infected animals and scrubbing the stalls, stanchions and walls with a disinfecting solution.

  53. The same recommendations regarding the cleaning and disinfecting of the quarters described in the treatment of fowl cholera should be practised.

  54. It is necessary to wash or spray the fences, floors, walls, brushes and curry-combs with a disinfecting solution.

  55. If the cleaning and disinfecting have been thorough, we may safely turn young or healthy birds into the old quarters.

  56. This complication may be prevented by placing the saw or cutters in a disinfectant when not in use, and cleaning and disinfecting the wound very carefully for a few days after the operation.

  57. A frequent cleaning and disinfecting of the poultry house and surroundings, avoiding the feeding of spoiled feed, or allowing the drinking fountains and feeding places to become filthy, are effective preventive measures.

  58. Everyone is acquainted with the chloride of lime, a substance so generally used for household and disinfecting purposes, that I need only mention it; besides this, there are other salts with which chlorine enters into combination.

  59. Thou hast been purifying and disinfecting houses, they say, for the wealthy ones of the city?

  60. Sick birds should be removed and destroyed, but the time usually spent in doctoring sick birds and disinfecting houses can in this case be better employed in finding and remedying the cause of the disease.

  61. I was somewhat puzzled, as I could see no rational explanation of the relation between disinfecting incubator walls and the hatchability of the chick in its germ-proof cage.

  62. Its disinfecting action--A protection against infectious disease--Psychological effects of smoking.

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