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  1. In a house infected with scarlet fever, a temporary disinfection after apparent recovery may be made, so as to release from isolation the members of the household who have not had the disease.

  2. Disinfection by exposure to the fumes of a vaporized disinfectant.

  3. Prolonged isolation, disinfection of the discharges, cremation of plague victims, destruction of rats, and preventive inoculation of healthy persons with sterilized cultures of the bacillus pestis.

  4. When a patient has recovered from diphtheria, thorough disinfection is a most important measure.

  5. This experience explains the necessity of disinfection in all its details, and also illustrates the tenacious character of the germ which produces this disease.

  6. Where the direct sunlight strikes, more or less complete disinfection results in the course of a few hours, the effect being produced by the chemical or violet rays, and not by the heat or red rays of the spectrum.

  7. The disinfection of rooms and stables cannot be so readily accomplished.

  8. The latter are preferable for room disinfection when their use is permissible, for the gas penetrates to every part of the space, even into the cracks.

  9. The disinfection of all types of dairy apparatus and utensils can be accomplished by thorough cleansing, and by the use of steam or boiling water.

  10. White wash is one of the most effective agents that can be used in the disinfection of barns, milkrooms, etc.

  11. Disinfection of the premises is another essential factor in the treatment of this disease, and undiluted Crude Carbolic Acid is a disinfectant that we can rely upon at all times.

  12. Disinfection involves little time or expense, but is invaluable.

  13. Systematic official measures of disinfection are not widely practised.

  14. Many feel that the additional disinfection which boiling insures, is an element of cleanness not to be disregarded, while others insist that boiling yellows the clothes.

  15. All such cloths should form part of the weekly wash and receive all the disinfection possible, with soap, hot water and long drying in the sunshine and open air.

  16. Scalding or pouring boiling water over the clothes is not so effectual for their disinfection as boiling, because the temperature is so quickly lowered.

  17. If necessary, the disinfection of the building should be repeated several times a year, particularly during general epidemics of influenza or pneumonia.

  18. In connection with the sanitary inspection, a thorough disinfection by sulphur, or better with formaldehyde gas, should be carried out by the health authorities.

  19. Illustration: The upper picture shows the stables where millions of flies were bred; the lower picture, the disinfection of manure so as to prevent the breeding of flies.

  20. In disinfecting the room should be tightly closed to prevent the escape of the gas used, as the object of the disinfection is to kill all the disease germs left in the room.

  21. Questions of disinfection and ventilation appertain to the most serious problems of common life and hygiene.

  22. The disinfection chamber is hermetically closed by the double cover, R, to the lower plate of which hooks for hanging the sacks are fastened.

  23. In country towns or villages, or even in cities, whose architectural arrangements permit, the portable disinfector can easily be drawn by one man into the courtyard or garden of any house, and the process of disinfection conducted on the spot.

  24. The home visitor was a part of the plan of antisepsis, a method of destroying the bacteria through disinfection and sterilization of the premises and of the patient's linen.

  25. In any case the less there is in the room the easier the disinfection will be.

  26. A detailed description of the disinfection in diphtheria is given in the chapter on Infectious Diseases in Schools.

  27. As to the disinfection of the room and its contents: the irritation of diphtheria causes a large quantity of saliva to flow from the patient's mouth; this infected saliva runs down upon the pillows and soaks into them.

  28. They cover the entire person, even the shoes, and they make unnecessary the changing of clothing and the disinfection of the exposed parts of the body.

  29. We may take a smallpox case as a typical contagious disease in which the priest is to give the last Sacraments; and the disinfection and other precautions observed in such a visit will serve for any other very contagious disease.

  30. This preparation is specially made for the disinfection and purification of old beer barrels, wine casks, and the like.

  31. The necessity of thorough ventilation of the patient's apartment, together with the methods of disinfection of the bodily discharges, the linen, &c.

  32. If disinfection is needed in addition to the scrubbing, she must use conscientiously whatever solution the doctor orders.

  33. Modern knowledge requires concurrent disinfection, or the destruction of germs from the moment when symptoms are first noticed; all the time, day and night, this disinfection must go on with unremitting care.

  34. If these substances are used, disinfection is considered complete at the end of an hour, and the contents of the bedpan may then be emptied into the toilet with safety.

  35. It is for the benefit of the living that he should require destruction or disinfection and long disuse of all domestic articles that were employed upon or about the patient.

  36. Yet the practice of local disinfection is warmly advocated by Fritsch, Schüller, Langenbuch, and Schroeder as a prophylactic against puerperal affections.

  37. Disinfection must be enforced by the authorities at regular intervals.

  38. It will, however, be seen that with proper disinfection during and immediately after labor, the occasions for late intra-uterine injections are extremely rare.

  39. I should not feel confident as to the thorough disinfection by sulphurous acid of the hold of an infected ship unless the fumes had been applied for sixty hours.

  40. The complete disinfection of all clothing and other articles used in the service of the sick is to be included among measures of prophylaxis.

  41. No less imperative should be the perfect disinfection of all stables, harness, and other objects with which glandered animals have come in contact.

  42. The disinfection is complete and prolonged.

  43. The disinfection or burning of the kennels where rabid dogs have been is a natural corollary of the above.

  44. Slight epistaxis indicates the possibility of rapid absorption through the blood-vessels; but here, too, the final result depends on whether the disinfection be equally rapid and thorough.

  45. The writer saw, not long ago, a chicken yard where the inspector of a health department had undertaken to secure disinfection by a generous sprinkling of white lime powder around the yard.

  46. To prevent the disease being transmitted after apparent recovery, thorough disinfection should be practiced.

  47. While this action undoubtedly exists, it is not positive enough to depend upon, and disinfection by the use of chemicals should always be practiced.

  48. The sick room was thoroughly disinfected, but the careful housewife, fearing damage to her blankets, had taken them to the attic before disinfection began.

  49. Therefore, with the body, chemical means for disinfection must be employed.

  50. It rarely happens that a health officer of a country community concerns himself with seeing that a case of scarlet fever, for example, is prevented from spreading by a thorough disinfection of the rooms.

  51. Disinfection and other means of modern sanitation were little if at all thought of in those days; nor, up to the present, close upon half a century since the event, has the malady extended to me.

  52. The term disinfection signifies the removal and destruction, or destruction and subsequent removal of the products of destruction, of all matters actually being or containing products of disease capable of reproducing disease in other animals.

  53. But for the disinfection of surfaces of things and places no better or more suitable agent than chloride of lime is at present known to science.

  54. V] For the disinfection of railway trucks and cattle ships, see Special Memorandum.

  55. Cattle markets and fairs are suspended until further orders, and extraordinary measures for disinfection are applied upon steamboats and railways.

  56. Disinfection of parts of dead or killed animals.

  57. There can be little doubt that the discharges are here also the active media of the conveyance of the disease, and their complete disinfection is a matter of the highest importance.

  58. Chloride of lime and lime were used at Stettin without any good result, and, on the whole, it may be said that the so-called disinfection of the discharges of cholera does not seem to have been attended with very marked results.

  59. In most towns provision is made by the Board of Guardians, and under the directions of the medical officer of health, for the disinfection process to be efficiently carried out.

  60. The infected materials, as well as the truck containing them, are then heated to the necessary point, disinfection being assisted by sulphurous acid gas, or some other material adapted for the purpose.

  61. The disinfection of articles of food is accomplished by thorough cooking, boiling in the case of milk, boiling and filtration in the case of water, and complete roasting, stewing, and frying of meat.

  62. Disinfections of the apartment by fumigations must be postponed until it is vacated; as before such a time thorough disinfection is impossible.

  63. Disinfection is sometimes effective in this class of diseases in preventing new cases.

  64. This idea led to many erroneous practices in sanitation and disinfection which even to this day are not eliminated.

  65. In practical disinfection it is a good plan always to proceed as though spores were present even if the organism is known.

  66. The original idea of disinfection was the destruction of "infective" organisms, that is, organisms producing disease in man or animals.

  67. All plate and tube cultures of pathogenic organisms when done with, must be placed for immediate disinfection in the boxes provided for the purpose.

  68. The use of superheated steam should be restricted almost entirely to the disinfection of such contaminated articles, old cultivations, etc.

  69. Disinfectants (for the disinfection of glass and metal apparatus and of morbid tissues).

  70. The disinfection of plague-infected premises by stripping them and washing them out thoroughly with a kerosene emulsion.

  71. Other guinea-pigs placed in plague houses on Calle Cabildo and Calle San Fernando, after disinfection of the premises, failed to acquire plague.

  72. There are four inspectors in charge of the scavenging work, one for the disinfection stations in Victoria and old Kowloon, one for the cemeteries and two for general duty.

  73. Disinfection was delayed for a few hours and the guinea-pigs were left in the house for one day.

  74. One can assume with great probability that the first partial disinfection drove the fleas away from the primary source of infection, and that they traveled as far as possible.

  75. Alonso a similar condition existed, but here the two cases which occurred may have been synchronously infected, or nearly so, previous to disinfection of the premises.

  76. The destruction of infected fleas in plague houses is of course the primary object of the disinfection by spraying, which is thoroughly carried out in every house where a case of human plague or rat plague appears.

  77. When I took charge of the cases, I ordered the discontinuance of water from the Gardner well and the disinfection of the stools, and no new cases are now reported.

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