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Example sentences for "dissembling"

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dissemble; dissembled; dissembler; dissemblers; dissembles; disseminate; disseminated; disseminating; dissemination; disseminator
  1. Pen's old cheating dissembling tricks, he being as false a fellow as ever was born.

  2. Pen, who at my entreaty did write a most obliging letter to Harman to use him civilly, but the dissembling of the rogue is such, that it do not oblige me at all.

  3. How now, Marina," said the dissembling Dionysia, "do you weep alone?

  4. And the latter may be either dissembling or unconscious, either with or without knowledge.

  5. In the ende before the houshold dissembling hir passion which mooued hir sense, she tooke her Daughter a side, whom very sharply she rebuked, for that she was the cause of the losse of so notable and perfect a Knight as Dom Diego was.

  6. What secret becks in banquets with her youths, With privy signs, and talk dissembling truths?

  7. If I praise any, thy poor hairs thou tearest; If blame, dissembling of my fault thou fearest.

  8. That dissembling abominable varlet, Diomed, has got that same scurvy doting foolish young knave's sleeve of Troy there in his helm.

  9. I would fain see them meet, that that same young Troyan ass that loves the whore there might send that Greekish whoremasterly villain with the sleeve back to the dissembling luxurious drab of a sleeve-less errand.

  10. David also little thought his act of adultery would have led him to have spilt the blood of Uriah, and afterwards to have covered all with dissembling lips and a lying tongue (2 Sam 11).

  11. What do you mean by feigning and dissembling in this work?

  12. A judgment of God upon them, no doubt, for their dissembling in that matter (Gen 34:1).

  13. All manner of lying and dissembling is dreadful, but to make God and religion a disguise, therewith to blind thy dissimulation from others' eyes, is highly provoking to the Divine majesty.

  14. They are strangers to lying and dissembling lips; wherefore we cannot, if thus we be disguised, by them at all be discerned; our lies shall go for true sayings, and our dissimulations for upright dealings.

  15. David knew what he did by all this; he knew that his making the worst of his case, was the way to speedy help, and that a feigning and dissembling the matter with God, was the next way to a demur as to his forgiveness.

  16. Some ease for my bragging, braving, flattering, threatening, dissembling tongue.

  17. For the preventing of temptation, that by the misunderstanding of this may seize thy heart, when there is a secret love to that very thing which thou with thy dissembling lips dost ask for strength against.

  18. And dost thou not clearly make it appear, that thou art a cursed hypocrite, by condemning that with thy daily practice, which thou pretendest in thy praying with thy dissembling tongue?

  19. If Catharine was not dissembling even in her most confidential letters to her daughter, it was in some such frame of mind that she recommended Isabella to pray to God for protection against the misfortunes that had befallen her mother.

  20. This was pretty fair dissembling even for the smooth tongue of the arch-persecutor of the Huguenots.

  21. For his adulteries, and dissembling with God and man.

  22. He felt, as a painful burden, the obligation of dissembling towards them.

  23. According to some he had not avowed his departure until the very day of his embarkation; and he had deceived everybody by means of false and dissembling proclamations.

  24. He was not fighting as one that beateth the air, not making a rhetorical flourish, or a parade of some favourite doctrine of his own; he appealed from Peter dissembling to Peter faithful and consistent.

  25. Solitary amid the circle of opposing or dissembling Jews, Paul "withstood" the chief of the Apostles of Jesus "to the face.

  26. For Alice, with true sisterly feeling, was trying his endurance to the utmost, dissembling all her admiration of his fine fresh “uniform.

  27. Dissembling her sense of all this, she sat by the fire, and waited for him.

  28. Noble as the bulwark is, there is no dissembling the fact, that its efficiency has been greatly impaired by the progress of steam, rendering it extremely difficult, in case of a war, effectually to guard our long line of coast.

  29. The community in general, there is no dissembling the fact, look upon soldiers as a degraded class, and upon the recruit as a man consigned to evil company, to idleness and the alehouse, and perhaps to the ignominy of the lash.

  30. Dissembling harlot, thou art false in all; And art confederate with a damned pack, To make a loathsome abject scorn of me: But with these nails I'll pluck out these false eyes That would behold in me this shameful sport.

  31. These final minutes of necessary waiting and dissembling were the most unendurable of all--this damming back of a madman's thirst for vengeance.

  32. If she were dissembling he would dissemble, too, but to a better end.

  33. O cursed hag and false dissembling wretch, That slay'st me with thy harsh and hellish tale!

  34. Dissembling harlot, thou art false in all, And art confederate with a damned pack To make a loathsome abject scorn of me; But with these nails I'll pluck out these false eyes That would behold in me this shameful sport.

  35. Ramiro looked at it a moment, and his attempt at dissembling bewilderment was a ludicrous thing to witness.

  36. I looked at him now without dissembling my scorn.

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