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Example sentences for "domino"

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dominio; dominion; dominions; dominis; dominium; dominoes; dominorum; dominos; dominum; dominus
  1. Indeed, I now recollect there was a woman in a dress of a shepherdess; and there was another aukward thing in a blue domino that plagued me a little, but I soon got rid of them.

  2. A domino soon accosted the lady, and had her away to the upper end of the farthest room on the right hand, where both the masques sat down; nor was it long before the he domino began to make very fervent love to the she.

  3. And I suppose you do not know the lady in the blue domino neither?

  4. Illustration: Booth between the blue domino and a Shepherdess.

  5. This grave physician may be pardoned, but not a domino who refuses to mask!

  6. Excuse me--I'll order a domino now, and also provide a few more El Reys for the evening.

  7. Masquers swept the streets gaily; if harlequin husband flirted with domino wife--why, so much the merrier!

  8. He passed his hands over the loose, open domino that cloaked him; he detected a scrap of paper pinned to it in the rear.

  9. Fell, discarding the mask, threw the domino about his shoulders, and the two men left the club in company.

  10. There was no time to get a domino of my own (Robert himself had a beautiful one made, and I am having it metamorphosed into a black silk gown for myself!

  11. Meanwhile Monty, unconscious that his mask had dropped during the encounter, was astonished to feel the little hand of the red domino on his arm and to hear a voice not at all unfamiliar in his ear: "Monty, you are a dear.

  12. Then every one puts on a domino and a mask, throws confetti at every one else, and there you are.

  13. Other varieties of the game not often played are the Bergen game, Sevastopol and Domino Loo.

  14. In course of time, the waiter having nothing to do, Melanie dismissed him and made Phrosine light the solitary gas burner in the corner where the domino players congregated.

  15. Phrosine screamed behind the counter as if she herself had received the blow; the domino players also entrenched themselves behind their table in fear lest the soldiers should draw their swords and massacre them.

  16. Fortunately the cafe was deserted, save that the domino players were having their afternoon game.

  17. The removal of the domino to let the gentleman see the masked face was, I observed, very common, yet it was not always that the little comedy ended, as they say, happily.

  18. Here, if I go among the company, I can wear a domino and remain unknown.

  19. While I was looking round the empty room, Madame herself came in dressed in white satin, and carrying her domino in her hand.

  20. You floss up to the tallest domino and give him a good time.

  21. The tall domino looked at the couple indicated.

  22. I don't understand you," replied the domino in a dignified way.

  23. But the provincial saloon is still essentially Spanish--a clean, light room with no reservations, the array of bottles on the shelves smiling down on the little green cloth-covered tables where the domino and card games go on.

  24. The men gamble at monte and pangingue, and over their domino games, their horses, and their game-cocks.

  25. Thiers will not have forgotten the reply made him at a masked ball, by a domino who gave his arm to M.

  26. The domino I mean danced once with you, (a waltz,) and afterwards walked with you through the rooms, in deep conversation.

  27. The black domino heeded not their mute wonderment, nor cared for the unfavourable impression he might leave upon the ribs and the minds of those he jostled.

  28. And that you overheard a part, but not the whole, of my conversation with the black domino in question?

  29. He was evidently looking for somebody, and however discouraging the task of seeking one particular black domino in a crowded masquerade, where there were two or three score of them, he persevered, in spite of repeated disappointments.

  30. Meanwhile the third domino watched the conservatory doors with a lynx-eyed vigilance worthy a pupil of the celebrated Vidocq.

  31. The domino I mean stood with you for more than ten minutes beside the fountain in the conservatory.

  32. The domino I mean was your companion early in the night.

  33. The domino I mean was my wife; and you, Baron Steinfeld, are a villain!

  34. With the suddenness and certainty of a well-broken pointer, he came to a dead stop at sight of a black satin domino leaning on the arm of an elegant Hungarian hussar.

  35. Jo peeped into his half-open eye, felt his little heart, and finding him stiff and cold, shook her head, and offered her domino box for a coffin.

  36. Mrs. March went out, after peeping here and there to see how matters went, also saying a word of comfort to Beth, who sat making a winding sheet, while the dear departed lay in state in the domino box.

  37. By him I was inducted into another haunt of intellect and daring, the domino room of the Café Royal.

  38. So it was [26] said in the next reign that "oinne illud quod mover cum eo quod occidit homines deodandum domino Regi erit, vel feodo clerici.

  39. And the pearl-gray domino disappeared with her companion.

  40. The memory of the pearl-gray domino had changed the color of Chamoureau's thoughts from black to rose; he rubbed his hands and reflected: "I am an ungrateful wretch to curse this costume.

  41. And the domino hurled her stick of candy at Chamoureau's legs and angrily turned her back on him.

  42. In the corridor on the first floor a domino stopped him, and Chamoureau shuddered as he recognized the shoe-stitcher's false light hair.

  43. The gray domino did not think it best to answer this question except by a slight shrug, which clearly signified: "Mon Dieu!

  44. Chamoureau voluntarily dropped Edmond's arm, to run after the person in a pink domino whom he had pointed out.

  45. When they reached the second floor the domino continued to ascend, saying: "Let us go up farther.

  46. They were near the other buffet at that moment; the pink domino and the shepherdess selected a stick of candy each, and they did not take the smallest.

  47. The heat was extreme, however; and from time to time his domino murmured: "I am stifling!

  48. As soon as his Majesty saw a domino similar to the one the femme de chambre had described, he pressed my arm and said, "Is that she?

  49. Why, that is very singular; for I saw at the ball last night a domino who had exactly your foot and boots.

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