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  1. Fessenden truly remarks there are two independent properties of matter--gravity and inertia--and these give two ways of defining force and energy.

  2. The loop is here shown in a horizontal position at right angles to the direction of the magnetic field; the latter, as indicated by the even spacing of the vertical arrows representing the magnetic lines, is assumed to be uniform.

  3. It consists of a loop of wire A B C D, whose ends are attached to the ring F and shaft G, being arranged to revolve in a uniform magnetic field indicated by the vertical arrows which represent magnetic lines at equidistances.

  4. Moreover, it must be evident that the reverse conditions obtain for the third and fourth quarters of the revolution.

  5. One naturally also connects the effect with solubility and the tendency to form hydrates in solution, the zones of compression being zones of orientation and of electrochemical attraction.

  6. Within two or three years innumerable electrochemical reactions had been described, some of which, one might think, could have served as operating principles for electrical instruments.

  7. The radical theory, essentially dualistic in nature in view of its similarity to the electrochemical theory of Berzelius, was destined to succumb to a unitary theory.

  8. This attitude was due to his adherence to the "dualistic theory" of the structure of substances, which he deduced from electrochemical researches.

  9. Atomic number judged of from electrochemical equivalent, 851.

  10. The harmony which this theory of the definite evolution and the equivalent definite action of electricity introduces into the associated theories of definite proportions and electrochemical affinity, is very great.

  11. Wollaston on the identity of voltaic and common electricity as to chemical action, not only that I may facilitate the repetition of the experiments, but also lead to some new consequences respecting electrochemical decomposition (376.

  12. As, therefore, the substances evolved in cases of electrochemical decomposition may be made to appear against air (465.

  13. What may be considered as the general facts of electrochemical decomposition are agreed to by nearly all who have written on the subject.

  14. It will be noticed that when dE/dT is zero, that is, when the electromotive force of the cell does not change with temperature, the electromotive force is measured by the heat of reaction per unit of electrochemical change.

  15. Davy followed up his initial work with a long and brilliant series of electrochemical investigations described for the most part in the Phil.

  16. At the end of the 19th century electrochemical industries began to be developed which depended on the possession of cheap electric energy.

  17. It is then distributed for local lighting, street or railway traction, driving motors, and metallurgical or electrochemical applications.

  18. In this way the development of the electrochemical industry is in a marked degree altering the distribution of trade throughout the world.

  19. In fact, long previously to Faraday's electrochemical researches, Sir H.

  20. Electrochemical processes are often indirectly used, as for example in the Villon process (Elec.

  21. Thus, the thermal equivalent of the unit of resultant electrochemical change in Daniell's cell is 5.

  22. Similarly, the heat which accompanies the dissolution of one electrochemical unit of copper is 3.

  23. Hence for the electrochemical unit of zinc or 0.

  24. As the principle involved in the receiving operation was electrochemical decomposition, the paper tape upon which the incoming message was to be received was moistened with a chemical solution readily decomposable by the electric current.

  25. Edison's previous discovery of differential friction of surfaces through electrochemical decomposition was now adapted by him to produce motion at the end of a circuit without the intervention of an electromagnet.

  26. Mr. Lieb has since become President of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers and the Association of Edison Illuminating Companies, while Doctor Acheson has been President of the American Electrochemical Society.

  27. This brings us to the gist of the ingenious way in which Edison substituted the action of electrochemical decomposition for that of the electromagnet to operate a relay.

  28. The result was his automatic Roman letter system, the basis for which included the above-named general principles of perforated transmission tape and electrochemical decomposition.

  29. Edison's electromotograph comprised an ingeniously arranged apparatus in which two surfaces, normally in contact with each other, were caused to alternately adhere by friction or slip by reason of electrochemical decomposition.

  30. He refers to Davy's celebrated Bakerian Lecture, given in 1806, which he says 'is almost entirely occupied in the consideration of electrochemical decompositions.

  31. Thus we find the series of his researches on electrochemical decomposition interrupted by an inquiry into 'the power of metals and other solids, to induce the combination of gaseous bodies.

  32. Here,' he urges, 'the poles are entirely abandoned, but we have still electrochemical decomposition.

  33. We also owe to Berzelius a table of the elements showing their electrical qualities, an electrochemical theory, identifying chemical affinity with electric attraction, and a new nomenclature, besides a vast amount of descriptive chemistry.

  34. The action of a common dry cell is electrochemical and so is electroplating.

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