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Example sentences for "emulsions"

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  1. In the photographic dark-room a deep red light is safe for all emulsions excepting the panchromatic, and lamps of this character are standard products.

  2. However, many photographic emulsions of this character are not very sensitive to green rays, so a green light has been used for this purpose.

  3. Graham-Smith (1910) "carried out experiments with large numbers of flies kept in gauze cages and fed for eight hours on emulsions of B.

  4. Finally, to make the conditions as favorable as possible, the emulsions prepared from these flies were injected without previous filtering, since filtration often causes a weakening of the virus.

  5. To extract from Seeds and Kernels, by Trituration, the matter of Emulsions 392 CHAP.

  6. Emulsions first begin to spoil, as they grow old, not by turning rancid and acrimonious like the Fat Oils drawn by expression, but by turning sour; which is owing to the great quantity of mucilage they contain.

  7. All the matters, from which a Fat Oil is obtainable by expression, produce Emulsions when triturated with water.

  8. The neutralization need not be so thorough as for light chrome uppers, as dyeing is not practised and trouble does not arise with emulsions made from sulphonated oils.

  9. For this purpose three emulsions were prepared according to the following formulae: No.

  10. The emulsions prepared according to formulae 1 and 2 transmit blue light, which, however, is much brighter than that exhibited by gelatino-bromide emulsion.

  11. Already a spread of emulsions on the wings had been found to reduce the ice danger.

  12. Despite oil emulsions on the wings, up here in this terrible cold, ice formed with deadly quickness on every part of the machine.

  13. Emulsions containing the oil in mixture with other substances were put on the market and served a useful purpose.

  14. Emulsions containing the oil in mixture with other substances were exploited, and doubtless served a useful purpose.

  15. Sugar-coated pills, gelatine capsules and cod liver oil emulsions make the remedy much less disagreeable to take, and very ingenious and effective machines have been devised for putting up remedies in such forms.

  16. Emulsions and improvements in Dry Plate Photography by Russell and Sayce.

  17. Volatile oils are more readily made into emulsions if mixed with an equal volume of some simple fixed oil, before proceeding to operate on them.

  18. Emulsions of wax, spermaceti, oil of turpentine, and balsam of copaiba, are the most readily and completely formed with yolk of egg.

  19. Oleaginous and resinous substances are made into emulsions before being employed for enemas.

  20. The addition of these substances to emulsions should be therefore avoided as much as possible.

  21. In the medical treatment of the evils of old age, testicular emulsions or spermine have not been so favoured as general hygienic measures.

  22. Brown-Séquard laid stress on the efficacy of emulsions of testis as opposed to chemical substances prepared from the gland.

  23. All these emulsions artificial as well as natural, can be employed as expanding mediums and give better results for marbling than petroleum or naptha.

  24. Natural emulsions are milk, the yolk of egg, and the milky saps of plants.

  25. The solubility of greasy substances in ammonia, which proceeds from the formation both of emulsions and soaps, explains its use in extracting grease spots.

  26. There are, however, solutions which approach very near to emulsions in the facility with which the substance dissolved separates from them.

  27. Pure lecithin is white, but the commercial preparations are yellowish-brown wax-like solids, which are not soluble in water but form milky emulsions which exhibit the myeline figures under the microscope.

  28. Ascertain whether the cover-slips from the nine emulsions in the stock dish include all the varieties represented in the cover-slip film preparation made from the original mixture before plating.

  29. Mix the two emulsions and wash into a tared 2-litre flask with 600 c.

  30. From soaps proper we now pass to those compounds used as substitutes for soap, which are classed together under one general title as above, for the reason that all cosmetiques herein embraced have the property of forming emulsions with water.

  31. All these emulsions possess great chemical interest on account of their rapid decomposition, and the products emanating from their fermentation, especially that made with sweet almonds and pistachios (Pistachia vera).

  32. The milky appearance of these emulsions is due to the minute mechanical division of the oil derived from the nuts being diffused through the water.

  33. In the manufacture of various milks for sale, careful manipulation is of the utmost importance, otherwise these emulsions "will not keep;" hence more loss than profit.

  34. Emulsions are aqueous preparations in which oils or resins are suspended by means of mucilaginous substances.

  35. For the official emulsions see under the names of the respective oils and resins.

  36. It is undoubtedly our best fluid medium, and in it may not only be kept pure cultures of bacteria which it is desired to retain for a length of time, but in it also emulsions and mixtures may be placed preparatory to further operations.

  37. The combination of arsenate of calcium with kerosene emulsions is not a desirable one, since an insoluble calcium soap is formed, thereby releasing some free kerosene.

  38. Even this test is, of course, not entirely conclusive; one would have to be quite sure that the emulsions were identical; but it confirms the writer's impression that extreme cold slows the film.

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