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Example sentences for "farmed"

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farinha; faris; farita; farm; farme; farmer; farmers; farmes; farmhand; farmhands
  1. My father farmed a piece of about forty to fifty acres, an' had a small shop where he done odd times small jobs of tinkerin' fer the neighbors when the' was anythin' to do.

  2. The land was all farmed out on shares, an' his farmers mostly bamboozled him the hull time.

  3. After the Civil War, Pierce farmed a small place near Snow Hill and saw many raids of the Klu Klux Klan.

  4. After Tom was freed, he farmed both for himself and for others in the vicinity of his old home.

  5. We settled down here at Gonzeles, on Peach Creek, and he farmed one year there.

  6. Toby has farmed in Madisonville, Texas, since 1869, and still supports himself, though his age makes it hard for him to work.

  7. I's farmed and makin' a livin' is 'bout all.

  8. I got married and raised a family of children, and I farmed and preached.

  9. The land's wasted for good, and all because it can't be farmed again once it's been cut up.

  10. In these early times only two or three cities existed, small villages making up the remaining social centers, while peasants farmed limited portions of the outlying country where the water supply sufficed to maintain crops.

  11. When his crops were harvested, the farmer paid his tax; if the land was farmed out, the owner paid the tax and the tenant paid his rent.

  12. When this is done the return in lands that are badly cultivated is fiftyfold, while in those that are well farmed it is a hundredfold.

  13. He farmed till he started sawmilling for Chappman Dewy at Marked Tree.

  14. Last place I farmed was at what they call the Nichol place.

  15. I lived over there and farmed till 'bout fifty year ago.

  16. I never had no luck farmin'--ever' time I farmed river overflowed.

  17. I farmed all my life 'ceptin' 'bout ten years I worked on the section.

  18. When I had my mules and rented I made most and next to that when I farmed for a fourth.

  19. We farmed for a while and later I went to Little Rock.

  20. Like the present, it was a time of depression generally, and in this particular case the former tenant had lived high and farmed bad.

  21. The tenants who farmed the glebe land threatened to quit unless their rents were materially reduced, and unless a considerable sum was expended upon improvements.

  22. Whether they farmed large or small acres, all worked personally.

  23. The censors levied all the taxes, and farmed them out to the Roman knights.

  24. She married Nelson Payne when she was twenty-five, and they farmed in Marshall for fifty-two years.

  25. He farmed all his life, until old age forced him to stop work.

  26. My husband and me farmed round for times, and then I done housework and cookin' for many years.

  27. For fifty years he has farmed in the Sabine River bottom, about twenty-five miles southeast of Marshall, Texas.

  28. The small squires and yeomen who farmed their own land had neither the intelligence of the large farmers nor the money to spend on improvements, and both classes virtually disappeared.

  29. Such districts, called Encomiendas, [97] were then farmed out to Encomenderos, who exercised little scruple in their rigorous exactions from the natives.

  30. Beautifully farmed is all this Lowland country, well fenced, clear of weeds, and evidently in the hands of intelligent, industrious, scientific cultivators.

  31. Belgium is more genial and more fertile, but I have rarely seen a tract of country better farmed than that stretching westward from Edinburgh to Glasgow (48 miles) and thence down the Clyde to Greenock, some 22 miles further.

  32. The right of building and running the cock-pits of each province is farmed out to Chinese or Chinese half-breeds, and no combats may take place except in these places.

  33. But most land was still farmed in common and worked in strips without enclosure.

  34. Farmland surrounded the villages and was farmed by the community as a whole under the direction of a lord.

  35. Farmers with only small acreages in bread grains or who farmed rough or hilly soil could not effectively use the reapers and harvester of the middle 19th century.

  36. Farmers could use the savings in time brought by better implements and new machines to increase the amount of land farmed and the number of animals cared for.

  37. In 1888, a never-farmed field of native prairie grasses was converted into test plots.

  38. If, when we farmed trees, we removed only the wood and left the leaves and bark on the site, we would be removing next to nothing from the soil.

  39. Long before the Punic Wars the Carthaginians had farmed Sicily on capitalistic principles; that is to say, they had stocked domains with slaves, and had traded on the basis of large sales and narrow profits.

  40. Regulus farmed his field with a single slave and a hired servant, and there was, in truth, nothing extraordinary in the famous meeting with Cincinnatus at the plough, although such simplicity astonished a contemporary of Augustus.

  41. The crown was deeply in debt; the exchequer was bare of supplies, and the revenues both of England and Gascony were farmed by greedy and unpopular companies of Italian bankers, such as the Frescobaldi of Florence, the king's chief creditors.

  42. It was even harder for lords, who farmed their own demesne, to provide themselves with the necessary labour.

  43. At Fort Resolution a few acres of land are farmed every year with good results by the Hudson’s Bay Company.

  44. The land north of Cormorant lake he found to be of good clay loam, and capable of being farmed successfully on a small scale after being cleared.

  45. Approaching Reed lake the soil is a clay loam which could be farmed if drained.

  46. The tenant came to his work with capital and ripe experience, farmed well, and, I am assured on the best authority, fared well, getting a handsome return for his capital.

  47. For seven years he has farmed at Lough Mask, acting also as Lord Erne's agent.

  48. He has farmed for some considerable time about thirty-three acres of good land, and must have worked hard, for during that time he has had a large family to maintain.

  49. These were made into packages and farmed out to the money needing girls.

  50. I wouldn't say a word if they farmed the land, but such a lazy, lousy outfit!

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